Sad News - 2010 - 2015

December 7, 2015

SpartacusMAGSR is so sorry to report that Spartacus will continue his wait for a forever family at the rainbow bridge.

Spartacus was a favorite among the walkers at the kennel for his goofy puppy-like personality.

May Spartacus run free with all the other MAGSR dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. He touched a lot of peoples' hearts.

Run free, sweet boy.




November 8, 2015

LuckyWe are sad to report that our beloved Lucky (formerly India) left us on 11/8/15 to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We adopted her in December 2003 when she was just eight months old. We renamed her Lucky because we knew she was lucky for being rescued but we were even luckier to bring such a sweet dog into our lives. She had been with us for almost 12 years and was the perfect dog for us. She grew up as part of the family and was always one of the kids along with her human siblings (the youngest her same age). She was the perfect hiking and play partner but also enjoyed just hanging by our sides. Age slowed Lucky down and she began to have difficulty moving. Finally, old age took over and we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye. Our hearts, home, and lives are a bit emptier these days and we miss her wagging tail that greeted us every day. We have attached a picture of her when she was just a year old. This is how we picture her now, running in the tall grass and free of pain.

We thank you for providing us with our wonderful companion.

Jeffrey , Michele, Jared, Ryan and Marissa Ross



November, 2015

We must report the passing of Greta. She adopted our family back in 2005 after another MAGSR family adopted us. She had almost 10 years with us and she will be greatly missed and has left a huge whole in my heart. Please share her photo as a memorial on the page. Her hips and age caught up with her in the end, but never for moment did I doubt her heart and devotion. Thank you so much for all you do.

Paul Downey and family


October, 2015

RIP ChrisI just wanted to inform the MAGSR community that my beloved Chris' health rapidly declined due to his cancer, we made the painful decision to put Chris down this evening. Although I didn't have Chris for that long, he was The sweetest pup. I wish I could have had more time with him but he was very much loved by myself and my family during the time he was with us. I really hope more people consider the adoption of senior dogs, they are so wonderful. It's with a heavy heart that I write this but I would have never met Chris without MAGSR and I'm grateful for that. I've attached a couple of pics.

Take care,

RIP ChrisRIP Chris

July, 2015

When Iris came to live with us two months ago she was a physical wreck – kennel cough, tapeworms, emaciated, in heat and heartworm positive. Singularly these issues are challenging enough for any animal to overcome but combined they possess the potential to become the perfect deadly storm. She was desperate. Not being people who shy away from a challenge we were ready to fight for her as if she were our own. 

By the end of week two, after an initial course of antibiotics, her condition improved. She was eating regularly, gaining a few lbs and a spark of life shone in her eyes. Her intelligence and mischievous personality began to appear too. We were cautiously optimistic knowing that her greatest challenges were yet to come.

She left us for 10 days to be spayed and begin her heartworm treatment. When she returned to us she was happy to be "home" she cried with excitement. She was alert and engaged. We believed she might turn the corner and "make it".

Discarded. A beautiful creature that was left unattended. Like every creature she just wanted a chance to love and be loved.  …and her life had just begun. 

Losing her so suddenly is devastating. We ache for her and wish the outcome was different. Rest in peace our dear Iris. You will never be forgotten. 

Victoria & Andrew Housley.

RIP Iris
RIP IrisRIP Iris

July, 2015


I wanted to let you know our wonderful MAGSR rescue dog passed away.

He was known as Simon at the time (MAGSR tag #1048) but quickly became "Ripley" the rest of the way. We adopted him June 15, 2004 as a puppy and had 11 1/2 great years with him. (We are still listed on your adoption page).

He lived the kind of life all dogs should have the chance at. He enjoyed a big house, a big yard, a big family and lots of attention. His favorite season was Winter, and his favorite activity was hiking in fresh snow in David Force Park in Ellicott City. He had some setbacks in his lifetime (cancer and knee problems) but always bounced back after surgery. He was rarely alone and was given more love than he knew what to do with. He has left an enormous hole in our hearts and will never, ever be forgotten.

Mike and Amy Fingerhuth Ellicott City, Maryland

RIP Ripley

May 21, 2015

SargeWe adopted Sarge (previously known as Kamo) from MAGSR in January 2011.  Our beloved boy crossed the rainbow bridge on May 21, 2015. 

We were absolutely devastated to lose our sweet Sargey.  He was the best dog a family could ask for.  I can still remember meeting him for the first time.  He was shy but friendly and he immediately won over our hearts. 

He was a great friend and brother to our other GSD, Luke who misses him dearly and is still saddened by the loss of his best friend. 

Our Sargey had a lot of health issues such as chronic ear and skin infections but after countless trips to the the vet and specialists he was doing well with medication.  We started to notice some changes in our boy, the most noticeable being loss of appetite.  Our boy could eat!!  Seeing him walk away from a full food bowl was concerning. We thought he was having heart issues but a trip to the vet revealed his heart was doing fine.  He was on an upswing, eating and playing again until one day he laid down and couldn't get back up.  A trip to the emergency room revealed that he had tumors on his spleen and liver.  We were devastated to learn that he did not have time left and we had to make the best decision for our baby despite the heartbreak it caused us.  Sarge

My husband, our GSD Luke, and I spent some time saying goodbye to him and he peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge on a rainy May day.  We miss him so much and words cannot express the sadness we feel not having him with us.  We were looking forward to our fur babies meeting our human babies due to arrive in September. 

We still see Sargey in his favorite spots around the house, by the kitchen entrance, by the windows or in the hall.  My husband still misses Sargey waiting for him in our bedroom while he showered.  I miss him sitting in front of us demanding to be petted, most of all we miss hugging him and telling him what a good boy he was.  We were lucky to have him for four years, he brought so much joy to our lives.  We only hope that we made him happy and that he had a good life with us.   

The Korines Family



June 24, 2015


I have sad news to share that our MAGSR alum, Tristan, white shepherd, has passed away on June 24, 2015. He had a giant blood clot and was being treated by Annapolis Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates. He lived 5 months after his diagnosis so we are grateful for that time. We had only 3 short years with this beautiful boy. We got remarks whereever we went of his striking looks. We always told folks where he came from. This boy was so scared and shy when we got him he didn't want to meet anyone and really not even go outside too much. He became more confident and enjoyed the home of his Grandmom's immensely as he loved riding in the car. He loved to sit in the doorway and look around and guard. Until his illness he watched the news every night with his Mom and Dad until he wanted you to look at him instead and then would turn onto his back and put his paws over his eyes to see if you would look at him. He was cute, smart, endearing and needless to say, the center and love of our life. We will always be grateful for our time with him, for MAGSR and for the Nestlerod's, the couple who were fostering him three years ago. We called him Mr Manners, he was just naturally nice! We wanted to spoil this wonderful boy for many years. For three years he was safe and happy and spoiled and never had to be afraid again. We are heartbroken but wouldn't trade one moment. Picture below is on our happy adoption day Jan 14, 2012.

Norma Dobrowolski and Jim Lavrich


May 20, 2015


We adopted Misty on 8-31-03.Magsr described her as 2 to 4 years old.12 years with us plus 2-4 is 14 to 16 years of age. A good long life is some consolation.

Misty led a healthy, active, comfortable, and loving life during her 12 years with us.

On wednesday, May 20, at 5:45 pm Misty left us .Her eyesight had been fading but not a big problem .Her arthritis had been managable with medication. The doctor said; "her spinal degeneration had reached a point where nothing could be done." She could no longer get up, stand or walk. We gave her a forever home and she will be forever in our hearts and memories.

Now something is missing. I miss her greeting when I come home. I miss her when I mash potatoes, she would always walk up as I was finishing and look to have a taste. I miss looking around to see where she is.

Thank you Anntherese Carlozzo, Anne Funston, Denise, and MAGSR.

The Masterson family-Vincent,Ellen,Vincent jr.,Martha


May 28, 2015


Freeman was a very active playful puppy. He loved, loved, loved toys. He loved to run and play. He loved to go for walks and wiggled all over when he saw neighbors and other dogs.



January 24, 2015

I am writing this on behalf of my Mom and Dad, Margie and Bill. Their beloved baby girl crossed rainbow bridge on January 24 2015, just four days shy to the day, my parents brought her home as a foster, ten years earlier. My Dad officially adopted Allie on February 21, 2005 for my Mom’s birthday. (Thank you Denise and Pat for helping to surprise my Mom). Allie was a precious little girl who my Dad fondly nick named “Little Bit” because she was smaller than the other two male GSDs I grew up with. She loved her toys, treats, going for rides in the car to the park, going for walks and being covered up when she slept. She didn’t care much for her own species but loved being around her people. She loved talking on the phone, or should I say listening. My Mom would put the phone to her ear and I would talk to Allie. Allie would sit and listen to everything I was saying to her. She was a smart little girl too. My Mom would tell her to do something, not even thinking Allie understood what she said, but darn if she didn’t. Allie would do exactly what my Mom said. As my Mom would say “She marvels me”. She marveled my parents right up until the end. Allie collapsed and couldn’t walk. She was rushed to the Pet ER where we met them. Vet found a cancerous mass on her heart. Allie brought so much joy to my parents they couldn’t bear for her to suffer so they made that decision that is so hard to make. RIP Little Bit, we love you and miss you lots!!!

The Coburn Family

Zev (fka GIBSON)
January 25, 2015

Zev (fka Gibson)
Zev, the day he adopted us.

Our family was blessed with a sweet, mild-mannered 4 month old GSD originally named Gibson, who we named Zev (Hebrew for wolf, which he closely resembled).  Our children were born 4 and 6 years after we adoped this wonderful boy in 2006, and he welcomed each "brother" into our house with wet kisses and gentle guidance.  He guarded our home for us and welcomed us happily each and every day, right up until the end. 

Our sweet pup developed a splenic mass, internal bleeding and anemia and went from energetic (for a 9 year old dog) to lethargic and sad in a few short weeks.  He's now crossing the rainbow bridge, chasing a sweet, well-weathered tennis ball and wagging his tail. 

We have our 9 years of wonderful memories of him, and will not forget him ever.  We could hardly have wished for a more fantastic companion in our lives.

Thanks to MAGSR for all the wonderful work that you do.  

The Schwartz family

Zev (fka Gibson) Zev (fka Gibson)

Zev, a few days after he came home (left) and a few weeks before he left us.

December 24, 2014

RockyWe had the unfortunate experience of having to say ‘good-bye’ to our family member, Rocky. We adopted him 8 years ago and he proved to be the perfect fit for us. He was well mannered and a wonderful ambassador for the rescued GSD. Many neighbors thought fondly of Rocky and enjoyed giving him treats and doting on him. He welcomed a number of foster dogs into his home and enjoyed nightly freezer treats. I knew when he wanted to come in from outside, because he would give one hearty bark at the door – no need for excessive barking ;0) And to wake me in the morning, he would subtly stare at me until I sensed he was right there next to me… or he would reposition his sit until I ‘noticed’ him there. He seemed to know that he should be quiet, not to wake my husband up. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve, Rocky passed away from internal bleeding caused by a ruptured tumor in his spleen. Rocky was an incredible dog, and I am deeply saddened.

Here he is ‘crashing’ my daughter’s slumber party.







Rocky, enjoying a back scratch on a warm, summer day and ... Rocky loved his family

Jen Cox

December 22, 2014

rookieDear Heaven,

Kindly notify all your heavenly angels of this news and I will handle notification of the earthly angels.

Heavenly Angels:
Yesterday my furry son, Rookie, came to you. Thank you for accepting him. While he may require a considerable amount of effort and tolerance, he is worth every minute of it. I know he is in good hands with you. Watch your wings; he likes to nip at things that fly. Please be careful and enjoy all that he has to give. I appreciate your allowing me such a long time here to know him, love him and be loved by him. Hopefully I have prepared him well for whatever you have in store for him. I am quite sure that life with Rookie has well qualified me for whatever challenge life has in store for me next. Please let him know that just like I often had to do here, I will continue to love him from afar... with all my heart.

Angels on Earth:
Thank you for all the love and support that you have given to Rookie and I over the last 13 1/2 years. With your backing, Rookie and I accomplished something that many deemed impossible. Many of us questioned our sanity and judgement while dealing with him. Many of us had moments where we wanted to give up and quit. Instead, we all dug deep and found it within us to love and care. Everyone gave. Some of us time, some of us knowledge, some of us blood and sometimes just a smile or nod was enough. It was all meaningful and helpful and it got Rookie and I through to the end. Together, he and I accomplished a full and long life together. He was not a quitter. We all knew that. He's the toughest dog I've even known. It's what made life with Rookie so special. Every challenge made positive results a greater reward. It took everyone's help and we should all be proud. I know my life was fuller and richer for having him in it. Yesterday we got to the end of the game. We passed all our challenges and everyone gave their all to get there, just like Rookie. Now, as I adjust to a quieter and vastly different lifestyle, I'm doing my best to be the strong person Rookie thought I was. Once again, thank you all for being our angels. Rookie is at peace now and we should be too, knowing that together, we all accomplished an amazing feat.

With my deepest gratitude,
Jennifer Binder (Rookie's Mom)

November 29, 2014

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must announce the passing of our beloved Tasha. She was an incredibly sweet, gentle, kind, spunky and ornery soul. Tasha was a former abuse case and after that, was fostered by a gifted and kind gentleman named Ed. By the time my wife and I joined MAGSR, she had been fostered by him for about 6 months. Each weekend when I would come to the kennel, there was this quiet and inquisitive black and red shepherd there with him. She didn't have much to say. Yet she was curious about where her foster dad was and what he was doing. When Ed introduced her to me, she made her way over to me as cool as could be and sat at my feet as if to say "well, here I am, what do you think of me?". She had a cool, calm demeanor. Yet, she made me want to know more about her. I found myself looking for her each weekend when Ed would bring her to the kennel and I began to wonder why no one had adopted her. Quickly, we became kennel buddies and I started to wonder if she would fit into my home with our other GSD.

TashaEventually, we took our dog, Nikki to the kennel and our Nikki and Tasha seemed to be okay with each other. So we took it a step further and Ed and Denise (the current MAGSR pres. at the time) brought her to our house to see how it would go. We had no idea what the future would bring. They did well. But weren't best friends...yet. After careful consideration, we decided to adopt her. That was the best decision we ever made. However, soon after adopting her, Tasha looked as if she was unhappy. She would sulk and I found myself second guessing our decision (for her sake). She was missing her foster dad and didn't understand what had happened and why she had to start over. After a relatively short period of time, I began to see a pep in her step. I would see a tail wag here, a smile there and eventually she felt like she was "home". She became a family member that was so integral, loved and adored by all that entered our home, both two legged and four legged. She and Nikki had become pals.

Through the years, we had many foster dogs, many other adopted dogs and true to her loving and forgiving spirit, she accepted every single one of them as her own pack mates. Time after time, another foster dog would come through our home and she was the epitomy of what a well mannered and well balanced family member should be. This is not only a testament to Ed but to her the GSD breed as well. You had to know Tasha. She was such a gentle, loving soul that was fair to everyone she ever met. She loved playing frisbee, yet wasn't too keen on swimming in the pool. But she loved her stuffed plush toys and her canine buddies. Through the 11 years we were blessed to have her in our home, she faced many adversities. She suffered Lymes disease which triggered seizures, bloat (thankfully we were quickly to respond and managed to save her life), Vestibular disease, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease which most likely caused her to bloat) and in later years, aggressive fusing of the spine due to severe arthritis. Unfortunately, this debilitating condition took away her ability to walk. But she continued to thrive until we let her go in peace on 11/29/14. Though we don't know her exact age, she was estimated to be between 15 and 16 years old at the time we lost her.

TashaThe loss of Tasha has left us with an inconsolable amount of grief and the tears are endless. She asked for so little and yet brought so much joy to our lives. Her presence enriched our lives in more ways than we can fathom. She faced so many challenges in her life. But she was able to overcome them with such grace, determination and strength. She taught me a lot about life and the will to live. I will never been able to live up to the bar she has set.

Thank you to Ed and Denise for bringing Tashie Girl into our lives. We will forever be indebted. She was truly one of a kind and will be missed forever. No words could ever offer a testament worthy of what she meant to us.

The lyrics of a well known song say it all...

"One More Day"

Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me
It could be for anything
I didn't ask for money
Or a mansion in Malibu
I simply wished, for one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

First thing I'd do, is pray for time to crawl
Then I'd unplug the telephone
And keep the TV off
I'd hold you every second
Say a million I love you's
That's what I'd do, with one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

Monty & Sheri Moore

September 22, 2014

In September 2006, my family and I visited MAGSR to see a dog and somehow Layla (Lani) found her way into our lives. We only knew that Lani was found as a stray in Baltimore. The long scar on her snout and the lump on her ribs, which was later found to be scar tissue, only showed us that she was in desperate need f love and kindness. It took patience and time for Lani to accept and trust us; however, when that barrier came down, what a beautiful friendship and bond we shared. She was wonderfully patient to our two cats and two children. She loved to take rides in the car, play Frisbee, snow days, walks around the neighborhood, going to the beach, and just being a companion. It is with a broken heart that we tell you, on September 22, 2014 Lani passed away. My family and I are very thankful that Lani came into our lives. I personally will miss her greeting me at the door when I get home from work each day and the unconditional love she gave my family and me. Thank you MAGSR for bringing such a bright light into our lives. Sincerely, George Svejda

Lani (AKA Layla)   Lani

May 12, 2014

BJIt has taken me a while to write this. On 5/12/14, my big guy BJ, passed over the bridge. Our vet came to the house, BJ was in his favorite bed at home. BJ was a MAGSR alumnus, who had come to us from an existence as a chained, outside dog in rural W.Va.

A big, handsome GSD, BJ externally could have been a poster child for GSD's. Internally, skeletal-wise was a different story, soon after coming to us in 2006 @ approx. 3-4 yrs old BJ was having difficulty walking. We took him to an orthopedic specialist and BJ had both front elbows operated on. I was fostering BJ during his recovery along w/my 4 resident dogs.

I fell in love w/BJ & failed foster 101, which had happened to me before. When BJ was off of crate rest he assimilated very quickly w/my other dogs; he quickly became a very benevolent leader of his pack. BJ loved his daily walks around the neighborhood, he quickly became a neighborhood favorite to all the dog lovers. BJ loved to climb up on the sofa w/me, a 96 lb lap dog, very affectionate but when outside in his fenced yard very protective.

A few years ago BJ needed spinal surgery to decompress a few bulging disc's. During his recovery on a follow up visit to Dr. P, I was told that BJ had moderate hip dysplasia and could be suffering from early stages of DM. Dm is a progressive disease and over the past year I saw the increasingly debilitating effects of DM in BJ's activities. BJ was not the type of GSD that would tolerate being lifted or assisted w/the use of a sling and the DM was relentless until it seemed so sudden BJ could not support himself when he tried ever so valiantly to stand.

BJ was known & loved by many of the MAGSR volunteers who have been w/the rescue for awhile. All of us in the Myers dogdom loved him & will miss him.

RIP, Big Guy, we won't forget you. , Bill

May 31, 2014

DukeRIP beloved Duke, Nov. 18, 2002–May 31, 2014; adopted from MAGSR in February 2007. He was the epitome of “gentle giant”; all 107 pounds of him! When he joined our family, we were told he had separation issues and was anxious and barky. He always did love to anything and anyone...but he quickly settled into our household routine with no anxiety. He was much loved by our children, their friends, our neighbors, our extended family, and most especially by our 7-pound orange tabby cat, who slept in his crate with him and for whom he moved to share the chicken and rice in his bowl! He "paid forward" his second chance by becoming a 12-time blood donor and a nursing home visitor through the Anne Arundel County Pets on Wheels program. We love you, Duke, and thank you for the love you gave us. It’s good to know you are pain free, with legs that are strong and steady once again.

Till we meet at Rainbow Bridge....
Colleen, Mick, Jeanne Marie, Jimmy and Cheddar Yanchulis

May 1, 2014


Hello. I want to make you aware of the passing of a loving family member whom we adopted from MAGSR in June of 2004.

Missy was 4 or 5 years old at the time we adopted her and she was then with us for almost ten years! She was a part of the family through the births and early childhoods of three children, one move, lots of vacations (she loved car trips), and countless everydays. She was the friendliest dog we could have ever imagined. She was always happy to greet a new face, was sure all visitors came just to pet her, and loved to greet trick or treaters on Halloween.

Over the weekend, she started having horrible seizures and last night we were able to peacefully end her suffering.

We are grieving deeply but hold onto so many wonderful memories and the fact that she lived a long, loving life.

Thank you for bringing our lives together. I have attached a recent photo of Missy.

The Loiacono family
Pottstown, PA

April 14, 2014

Taken just last week

Good Afternoon,

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write to inform you of the passing of my beloved Falcor. Falcor was adopted from MAGSR December 18, 2006 and passed April 14, 2014. I am unsure of how long he was at the kennel facility, but he was given a send off by so many loving volunteers who had cared for him. There were happy tears everywhere we looked. When I adopted Falcor, he was approximately 5-6 years old and was a calm and docile dog. That is until he figured out there was an elementary school behind us. Almost daily for the first six months I had him, he would escape from a window, sometimes on the second floor, to go see the kids at recess. Often times the gym teacher would call me to notify me they brought Falcor home when recess was over. He was a fantastic breed ambassador: fierce in his looks but a loyal and loving soul. Everyone who met him adored him.

He was my loving companion through  three moves in two states and a divorce. Anywhere he was, felt like home. I can honestly say he has rescued me many more times then I could have repaid back.

He was preceded in death December 22 of 2013 by his longtime doggie companion, Omega (affectionately called Poodle). I find great comfort knowing Pood was waiting for him at the Rainbow bridge and they are together again.

Thanks for Falcor.

Ivy Alderton


Falcor Falcor Falcor
Coming home for the first time Poodle and Falcor New little brother Max and Falcor


There are certain dogs that you meet that will always have a special place in your heart. Teddy was one of those dogs for me. Teddy was a big boy w/a totally black mask and a beautiful almost white coat, to me Teddy had a stunning presence about him. His "almost" white coat always looked dirty, primarily because Teddy did not tolerate bathing. He loved chasing the water out of the end of a hose, would do that all day long, but he wanted nothing to do w/shampoo. Teddy, in the eyes of some in MAGSR @ the time, was one of MAGSR's "bad boys" & was on special handling. For some volunteers Teddy Boy was special. I used to take Teddy in the back of my vehicle to the local Burger King, he & I would share a couple of plain burgers. I could hold the burger in my mouth and Teddy would take a bite just as gentle as could be, He'd get up on a picnic table and put his head over my shoulder, just stand there to be hugged. We took Teddy to agility training class every week until he graduated. We including Moscow one of Teddy's fur friends were all in attendance for Teddy's graduation, we were all bursting w/pride as he came off the field. Teddy & Moscow were buddies and they walked away side by side. You'd have a difficult time finding more satisfying sight. Together Teddy & Moscow were two of the most imposing GSD's to pass thru MAGSR. Unfortunately both are gone "over the bridge" now.To Teddy & Moscow...NEVER FORGET--Your presence we miss---Your memories we treasure---Loving you both always------Forgetting you both never-----RIP Big Guys, you are loved


March 6, 2014

DixieDixie, affectionately know as Maggie by her foster family, never found an adoptive home of her own. That didn't keep her from wriggling her way into the hearts of her foster family of many years and the hearts of everyone in MAGSR who knew her.

She was a spunky girl who kept all the boys in her foster home in line. Her foster dad (now her adoptive dad) was the twinkle in Dixie's eye, she loved him very much.

Run free, sweet girl, your MAGSR family will never forget you.


I'm not exactly certain as to when Dixie came to Magsr; I do recall that all we knew of her background was that she had been used over years for breeding, had not lived a good life, and since her days as a breeding bitch were over she had no more use to her "owner" and was dumped @ a shelter. I first met Dixie @ a kennel we were using in Pa. Dixie was [to me] a beautiful "older lady of a certain age" w/a the longest, loveliest eyelashes I've ever seen on any dog. She also had an old scar right in the center of her forehead which perhaps explained the "feisty attitude"  we think she developed in her breeding days fighting off "amorous" males. I brought Dixie home from the kennel one Sunday to take to a foster's home, Dixie didn't like the resident male. It was too late to take Dixie back to the kennel so I brought her to my home to meet my 5 dogs, one of whom was another female named Dixie.  I  crated Dixie [the foster] and introduced my dogs one by one, no reaction, I let all my dogs free for a few hours to get their "sniffings"  done & when everyone seemed comfortable I took Dixie [who would be named Maggie, in the house] out on her leash, no reaction, so she came to live w/us and was loved & respected by all, she demanded it, even tho she was smaller in stature. I believe Dixie lived  w/us for about 5-6 years, a loving cuddler who, when she could, would get up on the sofa as close to you as possible. Dixie used to love her walks and running in the yard w/her pack, until one day she took a fall in the snow, damaging a couple of disc's in her spine. MAGSR paid for her spinal operation & we took her to water therapy which greatly helped her recovery but Dixie never was the same old girl. Still the loving, wonderful dog but very gradually physical activity became more diminished, the last 6-7 months Dixie it became more difficult for the old girl to control her bodily functions and Dixie had to be supported/assisted w/a sling to move about.  On Febuary 6, this year I took Dixie in to get updated on shots and a physical, the vets diagnosis was dire, I called a bod member to speak to the vet and the decision was made to allow Dixie to pass over the bridge.   I constantly assuage myself, having been w/so many of my own and our M AGSR dogs when they've passed over w/this "A Pet's Prayer".    "If it should be, that I grow frail and weak, and pain should keep me from my sleep, then, you must do what must be done, for this, the last battle can't be won.---You will be sad, I understand, don't let your grief then stay your hand, for this day more than the rest, your love and friendship stand the test.------We've had so many happy years, what is to come can hold no fears, you'd want me not to suffer, so. when the time comes, please let me go.-----Take where my needs they'll tend, Only, stay with me to the end, and hold me firm and speak to me, until my eyes no longer see.-----I know, in time you will see, it is a kindness you do to me, although my tail its last has waved, from pain and suffering, I've been saved. ----Don't grieve it should be you, who decides this thing to do, We've so close, we two, for years, don't let your heart hold any tears.----Smile, for we walked together, For a little while.-----In Loving Memory of our Old Girl Dixie

March 16, 2014

LouiseWith grieving hearts, we wanted to thank MAGSR for bringing a very special girl into our lives, Louise.  Thelma and Louise were rescued by MAGSR in Fall of 2005.  And while Thelma was quickly placed in her forever home, you kindly kept Louise, providing surgery for her dysplasia so that when we first traveled to the eastern shore to meet her, she was still shaved and running on three legs.  However, we knew immediately that we were her people and she came to our house in November of 2005.  She and our golden retriever mix, Cory, bonded quickly and were soon like Mutt and Jeff. Louise was tall and lanky and Cory, short and round. 

Louise was my ever faithful companion through the years, spending each day with me in my home office, seeing our children off to the bus when they went to kindergarten and then off to middle school.  She was extraordinarily sweet, always gentle and well behaved.  The most naughty thing she ever did involved a briefly unattended pork chop on the kitchen table.

She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2012 and we opted for surgery and while it was pretty rough initially, she quickly healed and adapted to having lost the majority of her upper jaw.  She was still adorable with her somewhat droopy nose, looking a little bit like Alf.  So, having thought we beat cancer, we were very sad when she was diagnosed with lymphoma at the end of 2013.  She achieved a brief remission, but as it often does, the cancer spread to her internal organs.  She let us know when she was ready and so we let her go peacefully.  She was our beloved, a special girl, and is sorely missed.

But again, thank you MAGSR for helping us find each other and for the eight wonderful years we had together.  Rest in peace, Lou-Lou.

Lee & Tim Marshall


March 11, 2014

Beautiful Carter was a stray on the streets of Baltimore. She was taken to animal control who found a large tumor on her paw. The tumor was removed and sent for biopsy. Carter was in the loving home of a foster family and during a vet check it was discovered she had a large lesion on the roof of her mouth. This was checked by a specialist, biopsied and we all waited for results. Sadly, Carter was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma. The tumor inside her mouth was very large and surgery was not an option for her. Carter was monitored weekly by her primary veterinarian and underwent chemotherapy treatment. Carter was running and playing like any other active 3 yo GSD and loving life in her foster home until recently. The cancer was taking over and her quality of life was diminishing. On March 11, 2014, Carter passed over the bridge in the loving arms of her foster dad. Run free with love, Carter.

Carter Carter


January 7, 2014

Just wanted to update you on a dog we adopted from you named Tucker in November 1, 2010. On January 7, 2014 we had to send him to doggie heaven due to cancer. Tucker was one loved and loveable spoiled dog. We could not have ask for a better dog then him. We had him cremated and is in a urn on our table in the living room. He is greatly missed. I want to thank you for letting us adopted him and have that time with him.

Joe and Crystal Gerst






October 30, 2012



A little over 2 years ago, we adopted Beau, an older GSD, whose owners had passed away several months before.  He was very determined to have his own way so much of the time, but we always came to a mutual agreement when his way was not ours!  He was fun, and had his own slant on how to live his life!

Beau was a very special member of our family, and yesterday we had today goodbye to him for the last time.  He had been failing for some time, and we could not watch him suffer any longer.

God bless you, Dear Beau.  You are no longer in pain, and, we hope happy in 'Doggie Heaven'.

We will miss you more than we can say!



Lynne and Martin Tew and Family


Blue Gem
January 5, 2014

Blue Gem

Sweet Blue Gem passed away today and made his way to the rainbow bridge. Blue was a very sweet loving boy who our volunteers adored. Rest in peace sweet boy and run free with love! You will be missed.

Gone but not forgotten.
December 2, 2013


It is with the greatest regret that I have to write to inform you that Colleen (see attached picture) passed away today. We adopted her into her forever home 5-6 years ago and then adopted Yukon a year or so later. She passed from cancer and, fortunately, went quickly. She was a fantastic and loving dog and will be greatly missed by me, my wife, and, of course, Yukon.

Harry and Theresa Heim

October 10, 2013


SassyWe adopted "Sassy" from MAGSR in August 2008 and she died unexpectedly a week ago at the age of nine.  We want to post the last picture taken of Sassy with our first grandchild (a 9-month granddaughter) who thought Sassy was fascinating, but most of all GENTLE.  Our granddaughter, Esme, had no fear of Sassy and would stroke her and play with her abundant tailJ

We are heartbroken because we didn't see it coming and neither did the vet. Sassy had stopped eating and I knew that was a serious issue so many calls were made to the vet.  A testimony to the greatness of German Shepherds is that she was in pain for the usual hip dysplasia but every night, we would say goodnight to her when she was in her favorite chair downstairs.  Both Rick and I would say goodnight to her and say she could come upstairs IF she wanted to and every night by 2:00 am she would make her way upstairs to our bedroom and check on her pack by nudging her cold nose on my arm and Rick's arm (while we were in bed) and then settle down with us until the morning.  On the last night, I never felt her cold nose.  We found her just outside our OPEN bedroom door, having passed on to dog heaven.  To the end, she wanted to check on her pack, but couldn't make it to us.

We love MAGSR, but more than that, we loved Sassy.  Thanks for letting us be her forever home. I think we made her happy.  She certainly made us happy.

Rick and Deb Kahley

October 11, 2013


Apache crossed the rainbow bridge with two volunteers at his side. Run Free with Love Apache!

October 11, 2013


lexi I have sad news to report. Tonight we lost Lexi. In the last couple of days we had noticed she was having problems wetting herself. We were not sure if it was the weather or something else so we were keeping a close watch on her (She hates to go out in the rain to go potty). Well tonight she started having problems walking. Her hind legs would give out. I was worried and called the vet they told me to bring her in but Mike asked to wait just a bit longer to see how she was because she was laying on the floor by the bed, normal for her. She has arthritis so he thought that could be the issue. After about an hour we noticed she would not eat. Mike tried to give her some of his steak, chicken and shrimp but nothing. He went and got some cheese, which she loves, Nothing. At that point we called back the vet and took her right in. They checked her over and found that she was going. They believe a cyst ruptured and they found blood in her tummy. She was weak. We had to carry her to the car and they needed a stretcher to get her in the office. She could not walk.

The option was to let her go so she would not be in pain. Mike and sat with her the whole time petting her and giving her love. We told her to go run and play with Duchess and Daisy (my mom’s 2 dogs that have passed on. Daisy was another MASGR rescue) and with Lacey and Boots (our 2 cats that Lexi loved). We promised to take care of her babies (the kittens at home). She was at peace. We will miss her greatly. I was so sad to come home and not find her waiting at the door.

I just wanted to let you know since we adopted her from you (2004). We loved her so much. And miss her even more.

Joanne Saukas

October 9, 2013


Sweet Kingston passed over the rainbow bridge this evening.  Kingston had multiple chronic health issues which would not allow him to have a good quality of life.  It was recommended by his vet to let him be at peace.  He passed over the bridge with a MAGSR volunteer holding him and letting him know he was loved by everyone at MAGSR. 

Run Free with love Kingston! 

September 9, 2013


Bandit It is with incredible sadness to report that we lost our beloved Bandit on 9/9/13.

Recently, Bandit had began having difficulty eating and showed signs of discomfort. After many tests and an ultrasound, it was determined that he had gallbladder disease (aka Gallbladder Mucocele). We made the decision to have his gallbladder removed because had we not done so, it would surely have ruptured emptying it's contents into his abdominal cavity. After having his gallbladder removed, he healed medically. But he never returned to being completely comfortable. Unfortunately, we never found out why. On top of this, he had Degenerative Myelopathy which complicated his ability to be independent and Bandit was not a dog who was content being so dependent on his family for simple things such as going outside to go potty, sitting up to eat, drink, etc.

After months of testing, attempting to get him to eat and make him comfortable with everyday life, it was clear that he no longer had a good quality of life. Ultimately, after a long, brave fight, he gave us that look that we dreaded. But we knew it was time. It was only fair to let him go in peace. He was 13 years old and he passed away in our arms with grace and dignity, all the while knowing how much we loved him.

Prior to this, he came to the rescue as a result of living in an environment where his safety and welfare was being threatened by some not-so-nice people. So his former family thought it best to give him up before something drastic occurred. He was at the kennel for a couple months and we decided it was time for us to find a new dog to foster. While there, we met Bandit (fka VanDam at the time) and we decided to see what this exuberant boy was all about. He was so friendly and well balanced. We couldn't believe no one had adopted him yet and we decided he was the one to bring home as our foster. After a couple weeks, we failed fostering when we decided that he made such a great addition to our family that we couldn't bear to give him up. He never left our home. Luckily for us, we met him that fateful day. He was such a loveable, gentle soul. Everyone that came to our home fell
in love with him and vice-versa. He loved to be petted. He also loved to be brushed and he would sit or lie there while we brushed him. Whenever we took in another foster, he was always so excited to see who the new kid on the block was. You could always
count on him to be wagging his tail and show his social, welcoming side. This helped our fosters to feel comfortable in his home. Every dog that ever came through our home, whether they stayed or not became a pal of Bandit's. Our girl, Snowy really benefitted from being around Bandit. She came to us fearful of people and almost feral. But she saw how Bandit loved people and they really bonded. It was obvious to see how a dog can help another dog more than any human ever could. Bandit loved to patrol the perimeter of the yard and he would cruise the fence line to sniff out what wildlife may have been there.

Bandit had many wonderful qualities and was a dog who was easy to fall in love with. But most importantly, Bandit was all about being wherever Sheri was. He loved Monty, too and Monty loved him. But he and Sheri shared a deeper bond and to see the two together, it was one of those extra special bonds between a human and a dog. His world revolved around Sheri their time spent together was always quality time no matter how much or how little was going on.

Bandiboy, you left us with many very special memories and you left our world too soon. Our home is incomplete without you here. We love you, buddy and there will never be another boy like you. Run free without pain. Give a kiss to Nikki, Roxy and Raven and we will see you at the bridge.

Sheri & Monty

July 6, 2013

DonnaDear MAGSR,

We can't express how thankful and lucky we were to have Donna in our lives. Although the 2 years was very short and we are absolutely devastated , sickened , and heartbroken that she is no longer under foot, there wasn't a day that went by that she did not make us laugh out loud .

My Dad is so lonely and we both can't keep it together; she changed the whole atmosphere of this house and made it a home. She slept with my Dad every night and woke me up every morning. She went everywhere with us up the VA, at dad's appointments and  to township meetings, the Vietnam vets club , picnics , and parties , to work with me a couple of times  and to relatives houses; she was never alone. She was always outside  playing and running up and down the property checking for "chippies". She loved when we would have fires and even when we just went out to burn the paper in the burn barrel she was connected to my Dad by the hip . She even rides on the tractor with him if he is using it and stays there the whole time. She even jumps up on it when it is just parked in the garage. Everybody loved her and she brought us happiness and laughter always. She was our little cuddle bug and my yuppy puppy.  

She had such a full life and she filled ours with love and we miss her so so much. It does not feel real and the house is so silent without her we admit we did spoil her but she deserved every bit of it she was our baby and we love her ....and miss our "shadow with a tail"        

Jennifer Daley

June 7, 2013



We are heartbroken to tell you that Thunder, adopted Sept. 13, 2005 (tag #1116), has passed away. We put him to rest Friday, June 7. Years of advancing arthritis and hip dysplasia and recent multiple vestibular disease attacks had taken a devastating toll on his body. He was our first dog as a couple, adopted a year after we got married, and adjusting to life without him is hard. We miss him, but know he is no longer in pain. Thank you for allowing us to take care of him, and him of us.

Scott and Stephanie Hinderer






June 6, 2013



I am crying as I write this and have been unable to pass on an update for Murtaugh. ln May 2000, we adopted Murtaugh at Pasadena Petsmart Adoption event. Our husky picked him as her playmate. We had a learning curve and retraining to go through, but it was so worth it. We added a couple of children
to the family and Murtaugh loved to be with them. He was the calm one and seemed to be an old soul even though he was only a year and half when we got him. ln 2002 we found out he had Lyme's and had for quite a while. We treated symptoms and pain as we could but movement continued to worsen
and falls happened more and more. Then last year we lost our husky to cancer and Murtaugh declined even more rapidly. Last month he had several bad falls within 2 days and we realized we could no longer allow him to suffer just because we were selfish. On June 8th, 2013 he passed over the bridge.
Thank you for bringing him to us.


Lisa Cary



July 6, 2013



It is with deep regret to announce that we lost Raven on 7/6/13. She crashed as a result of an undetected mass on her spleen that caused her spleen to rupture. She deteriorated very quickly and although the Pet ER told us they could perform surgery, the chances of survival were very minimal and even if she did survive surgery, the outlook was very bleak. So the decision was made to let her go in peace.

Prior to this occurring, she was 15 years old, had Degenerative Myelopathy and had lost all rear limb use. She was down for approximately a year and we had to move he her around with her Help 'Em Up harness. Recently, she began to lose front limb mobility over the last month or so. We gave her the best life we could and we loved her dearly. We just had her floating in the pool last weekend and she fell asleep with both of us standing on each side of her raft. She was a great dog and was so good with all of our fosters. Though it took a lot of extra effort because of her inability to walk, having to provide in that way took our relationship with her to a deeper level. It's hard to explain unless you go through it yourself. We had her as our permanent foster for approximately 4 years and we would do it all again if given the chance.

Raven was such a sweet, gentle, ornery soul. It's still hard to put into words how her loss has impacted us. What has really struck me since her passing is the fact that we no longer are providing for her in the way that we did whether it be moving her about with her harness, bringing her food/water to her, keeping her clean after going potty, playing ball with her, administering meds, brushing her teeth, clipping her nails, brushing her beautiful coat, "mushing" that pretty face, giving her kisses or simply lying on the floor or bed with her in our down time and sharing some tender moments. Her absence has left a huge hole in our hearts and our lives. Whenever I was not home, my mind wandered to Raven and wondered how her day was, if she was okay and that I couldn't wait to get home to see her even if I came home to find that she had soiled her bed. It was all part of the routine and Raven had a way of looking at you as if to say "thank you for taking care of me". Now, somehow, the fact that we don't have her to take care of anymore just doesn't seem right.


I first met Ravey when she was returned after several years in her first adoptive home. She had gotten into a fight with the resident Jack Russell and no one knew what started it as they were not around to witness it. But because of her size, the JRT was on the losing end (but was okay) and the adopters had contacted authorities to have Raven taken away and euthanized the following day. Then after cooler heads prevailed, they contacted MAGSR and I was asked to go assess the situation and pick her up. The adopters described her as a food aggressive and stranger aggressive dog. What I found was that she was vocal with strangers but nothing more. Twenty minutes later, I was on one knee and lovin' on her. Later that night, I took her from her home and she went to the kennel where she resided for a while until a lady adopted her. She was returned later when her second adopter became very ill. After she was back, other volunteers and I resumed walking her at the kennel. Everyone loved the spunky, older girl. At one point, I was doing some work during the nights after closing time; fixing gates, fixing chainlink, etc. Each night I saw how lonely the existence was for our dogs when there was no commotion of walkers and/or passerby dogs. Each dog laid in their bed alone with no family or pack of their own. I found myself repeatedly coming back to Raven's run. My wife and I had some discussions about Rave and one day I said to myself enough is enough. I packed up Rave in my truck and headed home and told my wife we have dog introductions to do when I get home. From there, we never looked back. Raven was a perfect foster. She never started a fight, never picked on a foster (though she kept them in line from time to time) and was always cordial to visitors. She did bark at strangers but that was it. Once they met her, they loved her. She also became the official resident potato chip taste tester. But more importantly, she loved her pack. She loved just being wherever we were. Now, all of the events that occur that once included her don't seem near complete and it will take some time to move on. There is a certain bond that forms when you are so in tune with a dog that requires so extra special attention. And each day, as we took care of her in so many "personal" ways, that bond grew. I always felt a certain connection to her from the time I picked her from her first adoptive home. I felt like I would never let harm come to her. Then after she was returned the second time and I brought her home shortly thereafter, it seemed to me that we were meant to somehow be together.raven

We were home with her at the time she began having difficulty on Saturday and we were there with her as she took her last breath, all the while telling her how much we loved her. Heartwrenching? Yes. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat. In those four short years we had together, we loved a lifetime's worth.

We love you Raven-girl. Our home will never be the same without you. And even though you couldn't walk, you forever left indelible footprints on our hearts.

Monty and Sheri


Broder & Calder
July 8, 2013
Innocent lives taken too soon.


Broder & Calder

Calder (in front) Broder (in back) tilting their heads to my noises

With a very heavy heart and deep sadness I am letting everyone know that Broder & Calder peacefully crossed the bridge this afternoon. They went together by each others side.

Sadly Broder, the stronger of the two had started to decline rapidly. He was no longer able to stand as he once was, he kept falling over. He had been occasionally vomiting but over the last 2 days he was vomiting multiple times a day. Last night and today he refused to eat or drink even when being hand fed. He could barely lift his head from his bed. Calder was a fighter, he tried his hardest to get around but with much difficulty. Despite eating 6 to 7 meals a day both Broder and Calder had lost a lot of weight over the last week and were growing weaker. The tremor's had taken a toll on their little bodies and there was nothing that could be done. The very difficult and heart wrenching decision was made to let them be at peace, which the Vet agreed was the right thing to do.




Having cared for these sweeties, spending most every waking hour with them is something I will never forget and it was worth every second. There were many ups and downs, many tears shed and hours spent trying to figure out what was the right thing to do for my boys. Today both Broder and Calder let me know that they were tired and did not have anything left in them to continue the fight.

My home feels empty without them, without their whines, whimpers and barks. My heart is filled with great sadness that there was nothing more that I could do for them. They deserved so much more. The only peace I have is knowing that they did not die in a cruel manner alone in a shelter and that they got to know love and that they passed away knowing they were loved with me by their side.





Calder Calder & Broder

Thank you MAGSR for giving them a chance at life and for letting them know true love. Thank you Tammy for your support and for being with us as they passed over the bridge.

Walk, run and play like puppies should and until we meet again know how much I truly loved and cared for you.


June 10, 2013




Thank you for the support you shared with me and my family in our struggle with Simba being diagnosed with neurological myelopathy.  As you know, it is very debilitating, and Simba had such difficulty. It progressed so quickly in such a short amount of time.  I am thankful for the years that my children and I had with him, he will always be in our hearts.  








June 6, 2013

I just wanted to tell you what became of a terrific girl my wife and I adopted from MAGSR in 2001. Her name was Megan. She was thought to be about 2 years old when we adopted her. Megan was a little nervous when she first arrived, didn't bark or make any sounds at all, really, for a couple of weeks. We thought she was perhaps incapable of barking. At a certain point, however, we discovered that really wasn't the case. She was capable of making a joyful noise, and -- if the situation called for it-- even making a threatening sound, too. In fact, she could make a whole range of wonderful sounds, which we learned, over the years, to interpret.

Anyway-- we had the joy of living with Megan from Fall 2001 until Fall of 2012. Megan died last Fall after a long illness, an increasing paralysis that eventually cost her the use of all of her limbs. Towards the end, I was carrying her up and down the stairs, and everywhere she went, and we were bringing her to the vet once a week for laser treatments, which seemed to slow but not stop her decline.

Megan was a generous, patient, joyful soul with a big personality and an occasional taste for doggie mischief. While she was not always excessively obedient, she brought much love into our lives. My wife and I can still remember the first time we both realized, simultaneously, the Megan was smiling at us from the back seat of our car! We hadn't realized before then that dogs even could smile. (I am not sure now whether other dogs smile much, but Megan used to smile at us a lot. We smiled back...)

But we cried when she left us last Fall (even the vet was crying!), and we haven't fully recovered yet from her loss. My wife and I miss Megan still and talk about her -- one way or another -- every day.

The MAGSR volunteer with whom we dealt in 2001 was named Candy. We think Megan had a long, happy life with us, we are grateful for the opportunity, and we would like Candy to know that.
Thanks, MAGSR.
Michael McShane

May 15, 2013

Dallas was adopted out may years ago from us and lived a happy life filled with love. Unfortunately her owner became ill and could no longer care for her, so she came back to MAGSR. Dallas was a very sweet, calm and gentle girl that got along well with everybody, cats and dogs. She had some health challenges, but was well-loved and cared for by MAGSR. She ultimately found her furever home just before we had to say goodbye to her - so we will let her "Adopted" tag remain. She will be missed...Adopted


May 7, 2013

CheyenneIt is with tear-filled eyes and a near-broken heart that I let you know that Cheyenne (FKA: Breeze), my beautiful, sweet-hearted White German Shepherd that I adopted from you with my dear Dakota (FKA; Fabio) in August 2004 has finally crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Dakota.

Cheyenne's overall health was great over the last few years, given her age. Over the past year, however, she developed increased loss of hearing to the point she was nearly deaf - although certain things still got her attention - like the sound of my truck, the opening of the refrigerator, and the sound of fresh running water for her bowl. That just meant she got a little extra attention from me and my friends, and her fur-brother Dallas (FKA: Quil). Her ability to move around had also deteriorated due to some muscle degeneration in her hips and legs, so she just rested more on her comfy doggie pillows and the thick cool grass.


Chey & Dallas

Yesterday, a short, unexpected fall resulted in a severely broken rear leg. She did not appear to be in pain, but rather kept trying to get up from the fall. She did not cry or whimper, and she did not moan. But, due to her advanced age and muscle and mobility deterioration, there was no other option but to let her go.

I knew that we were in her twilight, and that 2013 would most likely be her last year with me, so I tried to make every day count. She enjoyed making puppy snowCheyenne angels during our last snow, even though she knew her thick coat would get wet and she would take forever to dry. And she loved sitting outside in the back yard, on the upper hill, letting the cool breeze blow her thick white coat all over the place. From the very beginning in October 2010, she nurtured and mothered Dallas, and he made sure to keep a watchful, helpful eye on her. She especially enjoyed the last few days of beautiful weather resting outside as she watched me plant and work on the front landscaping.

With one last ride in the truck, she got to see everything she enjoyed about the neighborhood, and she even let me carry her into the veterinary hospital to see her favorite doctors and staff one last time. She passed quickly, and is now with Dakota again.

Thank you for bringing these wonderful dogs into my life... first Cheyenne and Dakota, and now Dallas. I love them dearly -- no matter where they physically are - as they are always in my heart. Now -- I just have to watch he doesn't get too depressed without Cheyenne.





April 26, 2013

NickNick came to MAGSR from West Virginia in 2004 as Theo, one of the three Chipmunk Puppies (Theodore, Simon and Alvin).  Adopted as a puppy and renamed Ben, he lived with his new family until he was nearly 2, when they had to return him.

After losing our beloved Bogie eight years earlier, we were finally ready for a furry family member, got approved by MAGSR and were in the process of meeting puppies to find the right one.  We got a call from our MAGSR puppy mentor: “Your dog came in last night, he’s at the kennel and someone else wants to meet him.” We left right away.

Upon arriving, we saw a number of dogs in the outdoor run.  One of them was jumping from a standing start to about 8’ up the 10’ fence.  Not jumping against it, just sort of bouncing up and down. We were introduced to Ben (the bouncer), who was very friendly and affectionate, took him for a walk and decided to take him home as a foster before adopting.

NickIt became clear on the way home that Ben had already made up his mind about us and had also made up his mind to make up our minds too. The next day started an adventure that lasted 7 years, 2 months and 25 days; the mere blink of an eye.

Playful and full of mischief, Nick loved his advanced obedience classes until they got too easy and boring, so moved on to agility and the place he really had fun, rally.  He loved to chase his ball, which was a blessing since an hour of that was the minimum needed to burn off some of his enormous energy, and he loved to go for walks, runs, bike rides or any other activity that got him moving. From Spring through Fall, we could count on having a wet dog in the house. In warm(ish) weather, any excuse for a swim would do. When I say in the house, I really mean all over the house and the car too since, wherever you went, Nick had to go, so as to be sure he wasn’t missing anything.

He was unremittingly friendly and curious and had to meet everyone on the walk, in the store, on the beach or wherever we were. He used his dashing good looks shamelessly, recognizing cries of “oh, what a handsome boy” as his cue to move in for the snuggle. He also knew when it was time to get serious and was a great protector of his pack (family, friends and fosters).

NickHe was also a wonderful ambassador for MAGSR and adoption. At adoption events we were constantly fending off questions of “Is he available?”  Nick converted many to thinking about adoption and convinced many more of its rightness. And for some reason, his new admirers just couldn’t keep themselves from stuffing his donation vest full of contributions for MAGSR.

But what marked Nick more than any of that was his loving and generous nature.  He was always delighted to meet anyone and made them feel as though they had both just made a new best friend. He shared his home with 51 foster dogs for MAGSR and other rescues and, as testimony to his extreme patience and kindness, most of those were puppies. When one nosed in on his food or mistook his nose for a chew toy, he would offer a gentle correction and set them headed in the right direction.

NickOne of them, Poppy (fka Gwynn), stayed and turned into what any other Shepherd would consider the world’s most annoying little sister.  Not Nick, he took her faults and all, taught her about serious play, put up with her incessant snuggling (ick), let her push him out of bed, steal his ball, and generally pester him, all without complaint. She came to think she was the boss, but when something frightened her, who would she hide behind? Big Nick.

There is so much more to tell. I have to stop somewhere.

Our darling angel left us after a brief illness.

He was our golden boy who never left anyone he met without a smile on their face or a wag in their tail.

There is a 75 pound hole in our home and in our hearts, though it seems so much larger. We will never be able to fill it, nor would we ever want to.  That’s Nicky’s place.

Ian, Amy, Poppy & Max

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and memories of Nick. We will cherish them.

We put together a memorial tribute to our golden boy that can be viewed at

April 23, 2013

MojoTwelve years ago I adopted Mojo from the MAGSR. His rescue tag reads #199.

I was told that little was known about "Mojo" as he was a stray on the Eastern shore and was caught in a trap because he was killing chickens.

Well, Mojo has been a wonderful dog, pet, family member and companion.

I write this email today with sad news. Mojo's hips had gotten really bad over the past few months and I had to do the hardest thing a pet owner every has to do. My wife and I decided that Mojo shouldn't live in pain. It is with regret that I inform you that "Mojo" Lewis (MAGSR #199) is no longer with us.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful friend. 



April 6, 2013


It is with great sadness and a shattered heart that I write this letter. We have lost our best friend, Lance. We adopted Lance in 2003 from MAGSR. He was the most amazing pup I have ever had in all my life. He was a part of our family, our son, my daughter's big brother. He was our life.

Yesterday, Lance was running in the yard with his Sissy, chasing his ball and enjoying the beautiful sun. Today he woke not moving, nothing. We rushed him to the vet, the doctor immediately knew something was wrong. Lance was limp, pale, eyes sunken. They did an X-ray and we found the most devastating images. Lance had a tumor that was pushing against his spleen causing it to rupture. His poor belly was fully of blood. There was nothing we could do., The doctor said he would pass in only a few hours.

Lance was the most protective animal I have ever seen. You could not come near us, without him stepping between us and you. You could not get in our house without him barking and being the best home security system ever. He was amazing and our hearts are shattered!!! Today when he was limp showing no emotions, I screamed at the news and he raised his head, looking at me, wanting me. The poor thing was still protecting his Momma on his very last breath.

Thank you MAGSR for giving him to us.

With great sadness,
Tod, Michelle and Maddie Dahlberg

January 19, 2013



Smoocher was lost to MAGSR after a brief, sudden illness.

An active, engaging boy with a wonderful personality, he was turned in to a shelter along with his 5 yr old Boxer sister when their owner could not longer care for them.

Although he was only with MAGSR for a short time, he made an impression on everyone he met as an affectionate, happy guy.

Smoocher was dearly loved by his foster family, who adopted him.


January 22, 2013

shaneDear Friends of MAGSR,

It’s taken me a long two months to send this note; it hasn’t been an easy time for us. Very simply our beloved Shane (fka Bach) took his walk over the rainbow on January 22, 2013, after a long and valiant fight against multiple odds.

Shane was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen, I was head over heels in love! He was fiercely dedicated and loyal to his ‘mommy’ right from the start; he was my constant companion and shadow. Where ever I was, he was, he never lost sight of me, and he loved sitting on my lap! He is my dog soul mate.  He loved to play with his little GSD sister Danica Marie (fka Danica Patrick) and taking long walks & snuggling with his Big Daddy.

Shane was known around the emergency vet circles as the ‘miracle dog’ having survived two emergency bloat surgeries within months of each other (12/2011 & 01/2012). We’d like to thank Dr. “K” from the Emergency Vet Clinic in Catonsville for saving his life not once but twice and to Dr. Austin at Dogs and Cats in Bowie for also saving his life for bloat round two.

We’d also like to thank his special dermatologist who treated his anal fistula disease successfully, Dr. Buerger, located next door to the EVC. Because of these dedicated doctors, Shane was with us for another eighteen unexpectedly happy months.They are truly a blessing to animals.

I will love you always, Shane, we will love you always Shane. And until we meet again over the rainbow, we know you're happily reunited with our doggie family in heaven - Asta, Rocky, and Bryndie. Thanks for coming to us in our dreams to let us know you're happy and waggin' and playing again!

Adrian, Renée and Danica Joseph-Wertz

shane shane

Shane Joseph-Wertz

May 12, 2001 – January 22, 2013

February 24, 2013

Mila was adopted from a shelter when she was 4 months old and sadly, she was returned to the shelter when she was 4 years old. Mila was very sick and unable to walk. All four of her limbs were full of fluid along with her joints making it very painful for her to walk. Mila would cry in pain with every step. Her front leg had broken open and fluid was draining. MAGSR took Mila into rescue hoping we could give her a chance at a life beyond 4 years. She was immediately taken to one of our veterinarian's for an exam. Mila was kept overnight for observation and treatment. Mila was released to a foster home while we waited for test results. Sweet Mila did her best to hang on but took a turn for the worse. She was no longer able to get up and was not allowing her foster mom to help her- which was not like Mila. With a heavy heart, MAGSR made the decision to end Mila's suffering. She went to the bridge on Sunday, February, 24, 2013, with her foster mom by her side. Run free with love, Mila.

February 2, 2013


It has been one month since your passing, and we still cannot believe that you are gone. For 7.5 amazing years, we had the truest friend anyone could ever hope for. You were our rock. You were our devoted companion; you were our best friend, our gentle giant, our son. You were kind, confident, stoic, and utterly devoted to us. Afraid of nothing, the protector of our family. You filled our lives with happiness and love that we will hold deep in our hearts forever, and we miss you dearly.

We miss your booming bark. We miss you sneaking into the pool for a quick dip. We miss you as the willing patient for Ayla as she played doctor on you. And we miss you always standing right at our side.

When I close my eyes, I see you, I hear you. I hear your moans of contentment when I nuzzle my head against yours. I even hear the quiet moan of happiness you spoke to me your last morning when we were cuddled up on the floor. I cherish all of the time we had together.

We love you Cos, now and forever.

Rich, Julie, Ayla, Ari & Chloe


February 13, 2013

Our angel grew her wings today ....









Thank you to all of you for your kind words and support during what is proving to be a very difficult time. Cheyenne will forever be an amazing dog - her strength is beyond anything I have experienced in my lifetime so far, which is in part, what made the final decision so hard. She proved to be a challenge in so many ways, both behaviorally and medically, but she was always a very easy dog to love. We had 6 years together, and I will forever have wanted more. I am so grateful for the time we had, and so grateful that Rebecca insisted on putting her in my car that winter day in 2007. She was sweet, intelligent, strong, dedicated, crazy, very crazy, exuberant, devoted, beautiful, vocal, predictable, anxious, perceptive, caring, soft, tough, playful, determined, loyal, and loving - very loving. Cheyenne loved nothing more than to fetch a ball (although she never learned how to return it without a fight), play with a toy (or shred it), eat, bark and charge at our visitors - but only for a pet, harass the neighborhood cats & dogs, boss every dog who came through this house, greet us when we returned home, eat, perform whatever trick we had taught her, go for a walk, sit by me as I prepared all of the k9 meals (just to make sure I was doing things right!), run in the backyard, swim at the stream, eat, wrestle with our fosters, be at this house (she loved being here), roll over on her back and spraw her legs like a frog to have her belly rubbed, enjoy a frosty paw, chase any light that she could find, play in the snow, jump in a pile of leaves for her ball, sit by me in the kitchen as I picked their bi-weekly turkeys, and just be with her family. Oh, and did I mentioned that she LOVED to eat?!
I miss her so much, more than words can even describe. I know in time that the tears will subside, and the huge void that I feel right now will be filled with all the many wonderful memories that we have. I loved her more than any human being probably should, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

- Jenn

February 11, 2013


CiscoIt brings me sad news to inform you that we put Cisco down today at 17:30. His hips decided to go about 7 months ago and we did everything we could to make his last 7 months the best he could have. We got him the wheel chair accessory to help too. Having moved from MAGSR into our home in Washington D.C. to Boston and then back to D.C. as part of our military family he has a lot of good miles on him. He’s been from Maine to Washington State. He has spent weekends hanging out in the man cave with my friends and I as throughout High School. He has spent countless weekends camping and fishing. The hardest was leaving him with my parents when I left for West Point around 9 months ago. He lived the last 7 years with us as happy as could be after adopting him in October 2006. He was always being pampered with raw hides and those nice Orvis beds. 2 years ago he got a new “brother” Marshall! Marshall is a rusty tan and black German shepherd. Handsome as can be, except for Cisco! Cisco’s records were uncertain of his age when we initially got him. You predicted him to be 2 or 3, but we think he made to at least 13! What a number for a shepherd. He has spent countless nights on our beds or patrolling the house. He loved his kennel or his “den” and would cry for it when we would go on trips. He had that happy look in his eye all the way to the end that said thank you and I love you. We will surely miss him and we can never replace such a wonderful dog. Thank you for everything you did to help us find Cisco and we are always looking on the website for a new GS to adopt and give a lovely home.

Very Respectfully,
Thomas Matty
Go Army
(February 11, 2013)

January 15, 2013

rileyMy Princess Riley the Rotten went to Heaven on Jan 15, 1013. She was my best friend and inspiration for all the MAGSR work I do. Riley was born in a back yard and no one wanted her, then she became ill. Her Aunt Pat, a MAGSR volunteer drove to Delaware and into MAGSR she came. She came to me August 16, 2005 as a medical foster, and then was diagnosed with Discospondylitis, an infection of her spine. She would walk a few steps then lie down and drag her body with her front legs, she would not eat much because of the pain she was in and at 9 months, my hands could span her waist. She spent 2 months incarcerated in a crate while her infection cleared up, only allowed out for potty trips, and boy did she have a lot to say about that and loudly!!!

She had 2 furry brothers and a furry sister. Her furry brother Duke showed me that dogs are capable of great compassion, he would stay by her crate and keep her company, even after she was set free. Anything he had that she wanted and let him know, he gave her, be it food or toy. Duke and Katie taught Riley the joys of chasing a ball. She soon became a ball "freak", 3-4 times, 45 minutes to an hour a day was needed to burn the energy my girl had. She was never an easy girl. They were inseparable, until his passing in September 2006 of DM; she mourned him greatly as we all did.

Riley & 3
Riley, Katie, Rhett, Duke

Riley, Katie and Rhett became a pack of 3. Riley soon excelled in jumping and catching anything thrown to her, and I have to say I loved to see her run. After barely walking when she first came, she could run like the wind. Riley attended many Petsmart meet & greets and events for MAGSR, she was an excellent example of what MAGSR does to help dogs in need. She then decided in 2007 she wanted to be alpha female and Riley and Katie then became upstairs and downstairs dogs. They shared Rhett, Riley having no issues with males. As I said she was not an easy girl, but she was my girl. We lost Rhett in 2008 and my girls were lonely. Riley got a wire basket muzzle so her and Katie could be together, she was not fond of her stainless steel bling but it worked, and we could all be together for most of the day.
Riley Riley

Riley one day decided she could roll my Halloween pumpkin since there was no ball to be seen, she played with that pumpkin for days, till the day came she bit it and it squished to goo. The look on her face was priceless and her spitting it out, I laughed till I cried. I found her a cut up piece of tree, a log, and it was love at first sight for her. My Crazy girl, she would roll her log and pick it up and carry it. We then added Max to the pack; he was a yard dog and needed a home, another temporary foster that never left. Max split his time between the girls and learned to also love chasing the ball. Riley one day started limping and off to the vet we went. In September 2009 we found out her spine was three-quarters of the way fused and her right hip was two sizes smaller than her left. I thought my heart was going to stop. So the Princess got pain killers, anti-inflammatories and was put on Dosaquin. She continued running and playing with her log.

In April of 2010 she lost her furry sister Katie. Although there was competition she mourned. So it was now Riley and Max. Max had a hard life till he came to us and is not the smartest but is one of the sweetest. Riley would have to find his ball for him sometimes. Max would give up, but Riley never ever came back without her ball or his.

rileyRiley was a very vocal girl and always had a lot to say. When doing calls for the rescue she was like a two year old - and very loud. Folks would ask if she is okay and I say yes, she just wants me off the phone. Riley made me feel the entire range of emotions, incredible happiness and another rage after she ate 7 left shoes, several bolts of red velvet, the living room rug, the couch and many other things as a freed pup, but always LOVE. She helped me foster many MAGSR furry kids, and taught me to never give up, regardless of pain and obstacles. Even with a painful spine and sore hip she still ran and played and loved life and her family.

Two days before Christmas 2012, she chewed her tail very badly; off to the ER we went. She lost half her tail. She left it alone till New Year’s Eve just one day till the stitches were supposed to come out so off to the ER again. After a recheck at her regular vet and new bandage she got it again. Riley went back in her stainless steel bling and still tried to get her tail. We discussed amputation but I wanted X-rays to see how her spine was. The worst news, the fusion had progressed up thru to her rib cage and nothing could be done, it took me 2 days to stop shaking. I brought her home, let those who knew and loved her to say goodbye, spoiled her more rotten and on Tuesday January 15, 9 days after her 8th birthday she went to heaven peacefully in my lap. It was the most peaceful I had ever seen my baby girl be. She was aptly named Princes Riley the Rotten, but she was my rotten princess, my constant shadow and her loss will be felt for the rest of my life. She is with her furry pack again and hopefully happy, running, jumping, leaping and rolling logs. As much as I would not trade a second of my life with her the good and bad, I hope someday there will be no more back-yard breeders, Riley's medical issues where from bad genetics, and I pray no one ever loses a part of their heart, like I had to over greed and bad genetic breeding. Responsible breeding is one thing, backyard breeding another. In Riley's memory please support, Save Maryland Pets Coalition

Tammy Shiprak & Max

August 2012

C JIn August, our beloved dog, CJ, passed on.  She was the most loyal companion and friend.  

We are so blessed to have had her in our lives for 10 wonderful years.  We will never forget the moment she became ours.  My husband and I were at CJ's foster mom's house, sitting on the floor.  CJ sat between us and rested her head on my husband's lap.  And that was it.  CJ was our child before we had a child.  

Last December, we had a baby boy and we were a little nervous about how CJ would adapt.  We needn't have worried. CJ was so patient and good with our son.  We thought that they would have years to get to know each other but it was not meant to be.  

CJ developed some kind of neurological disorder and her situation deteriorated rather quickly.  We made the difficult decision to free her from her pain and confusion.  It was the most difficult thing we've done, but it was our responsibility to our beloved girl.  

Thank you, MAGSR, for bringing her into our lives.  

We couldn't have asked for a better dog.

December 2012

JengaI am sad to report that our beloved Jenga died last month.  We adopted her in January, 2008.  She was diagnosed with DM in 2011 and spent the last 14 months of her life in a wheelchair.  Eventually her front end got so weak that she could no longer walk well even in wheels, could not lie down on her side (and once there, could not right herself again), could urinate only with help (a big push on her bladder), and had no control over her bowels.  But she remained completely pain-free, alert, and enthusiastic about life, and it broke our hearts to say goodbye.  

Maybe we'll see you soon again?  Our mutt Joey would love to have another sweet lady in his life….


December 6, 2012

rockyIt is with an extremely broken heart that I inform you of our handsome boy Rocky's passing on December 3, 2012. (Success Story page 10 and Adopted up to 2006 page 2). Luckily, he wasn't sick for very long--he started acting ill on Friday, November 30th. We took him to the Vet and they did some blood work. On Monday morning we found that he was anemic and took him for x-rays. Unfortunately, they showed an extremely large mass pushing everything from the right to the left. In a matter of hours he couldn't stand. Through many tears, we let him go. We thanked him for allowing us to be a part of his life and held him until the end.

We adopted Rocky, along with his sister Cookie, on October 9, 2003. We went to meet them at the foster (Jen Cox) home and took them with us that night. Our lives were never the same!! When we adopted them, our daughter Sara was 6. In September 2004, we had a little boy, Seth....he is now 8. Cookie and Rocky totally belong to he and Sara. They were/are my kids protectors, playmates, and cuddle buddies.

rocky For over 9 years we were extremely blessed to have Rocky in our lives. Not only do we have the opportunity to tell people about your wonderful organization, but we are able to educate people on the consequences of abuse and neglect that some animals endure. Being able to show off our wonderful GSD's while explaining their size, (Rocky never got above 50 lbs and Cookie has never gotten above 38 lbs.), skittishness, and history, touch many.Our family is devastated, as there were no warning signs, but in the end, there was never any pain either and for that, we are thankful. Seth and Sara can only hug Cookie and cry for the loss of Rocky. Cookie has lost her brother, companion, and playmate. She seems lost right now but we are doing the best we can.

We will one day adopt from MAGSR again--we thank you all for the work you do!!

The Hetherington's--Rich, Danielle, Sara, Seth, and Cookie


November 29, 2012


beautyToday we lost our beloved girl Beauty to complications from advanced arthritis and displasia.

We adopted Beauty in the Spring of 2002 and she brightened our lives for almost 11 short years. She was so much more than I had expected in a dog. She was sweet and affectionate, intelligent, and fiercely loyal to me and my wife. She was my closest friend and constant companion as she went with me to work everyday.

She wouldn't let me out of her sight for a minute. At home, I couldn't get up from TV to go to the kitchen or bathroom without her getting up and following me; no matter how soundly she was sleeping. In the evenings she would come to my bedside to say goodnight before settling down in the doorway, ready to protect us from any evil, including the cats!

beautyAnd then there was the way she would greet us at the door when we came in. She would be so happy she would hold her head up high and prance across the room!

I could go on and on but words don't really describe the incredible bond I had with this amazing animal. I don't expect to meet the likes of her again in this world; I surely hope we will meet again in the next.

Mike Miller





October, 2012

vegasSheila, our 2003 MAGSR "daughter" picked Vegas MAGSR in 2005 to come home with us and be a part of our family. They became best friends after a few scuffles and they each established her respective "job". Sheila was outside boss and Vegas was inside boss. They went swimming twice a week and on numerous off leash outings on APG base every weekend. In 2007 my daughter moved in with two kitties and a Boston terrier puppy. Vegas immediately nursed the sickly Bugz who had kennel cough. Vegas took on the job of grooming him and the kitties. She even tried to groom Sheila but Sheila prefered to remain our dirt covered 'Tom boy/girl" LOL. We had a happy critter family for many years. In 2011 we adopted a Boston mix from SPCA in Va,. whom we named Daisy, and she became Vegas's new baby. For two years we noticed that Vegas was limping a bit. The vet said it was arthrits so she began meds. By April 2012 the limping became worse and she lost use of her right back leg. She was finally diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. We took her to bi-weekly laser therapy and massage and weekly accupuncture treatment at the Animal Medical Center in Bel Air. By June Vegas was unable to walk so we had a custom brace for her, of course she hated it. In Jul. we purchased a wheelchair for her but she hated it even more than the brace. Vegas wanted to remain as independent as possible. She became quite sad because in Aug. she lost use of her left back leg and had to pull herself around by her front legs which were also arthritic. She wanted to play and chase the little ones as much as ever. She put up a good fight against Mother Nature. She shared so much love with us: her two legged and four legged family. She took care of the little ones until the very end. In Oct. Vegas went to Doggie Heaven surrounded by her doggie family. We miss her so much. Sheila has been lost and confused. We all seem to share in that same fog since she was the Hub of our family! - Alicia Feliberty



November 13, 2012

colbyIn January of 2008 we adopted Colby from MAGSR, or better yet he adopted us.  From the moment he walked into our house, he was a perfect fit.  This past Tuesday, we lost a family member when Colby passed away, suddenly. 

We had him for a little less than 5 years but he left his mark on all of us.  Our eight year old son says he will miss Colby’s “head butts for attention” the most.  For my wife and I, it’s all the little things we will miss about him. 

Colby wore many hats in our family, he was the first to greet you, team mascot, our backup alarm clock, vacuum cleaner, neighborhood diplomat, protector, and above all our best friend. 

colbyOur 75 pound wannabe lap dog was a true gentle giant and we will miss him terribly.

 Anil, Pam, Robert, and Hurley







November, 2012

About 2 1/2 years ago we adopted a 2 year old German Shepherd from MAGSR. His first 2 years were brutal and he came to MAGSR with heartworms and pneumonia. His foster Mom called him the gentle giant. It took us no time to figure out why. He was 75 pounds and afraid of his shadow, never barked, but loved who he loved unconditionally. There is not a soul who knows him that did not love him. Yesterday evening as he was let out into the back yard to run, his most favorite thing, he collapsed and was immediately gone. He was my best friend, my shadow and we loved him unconditionally. Our "Gentle Giant" is gone from us after a too short stay, and with him he takes our hearts. I could not let his passing go unnoticed and I pray that we gave him a happy 2 1/2 years . . . he certainly gave us Joy. We Love You Everett.

The Cassella Family


October 25, 2012


It's with a very very heavy heart that I inform you that Max passed Thursday, 10/25/2012. I was so very blessed to have had Max, a wonderful, smart, silly, loving dog as part of my life for two wonderful years. I met and adopted him at the kennel on Saturday, 10/2/2010. When driving up to the kennel to park, I saw him and just knew I was in love! He was such a joy to me and my family. MAGSR thank you, Max rescued me.

Forever in Love,
Tina Hampton





October 9, 2012

teddyYesterday morning Dannon was rushed to the vets office because she was in extreme pain. It was thought she may have bloated.  After having to be sedated for the pain and x-rayed, she was found to have significant spinal damage with multiple compromised discs. 

When Dannon first came to MAGSR, it was noted when he picked her up that she was obviously crated in a crate that was too small for her. We couldn't believe how she fit into it. She was around 1 and 1 1/2 years old. Dannon lived in this small crate in the basement of her owners home from a pup. The fact is we will never know what caused her spinal problems.

The BOD had to make the difficult decision to let her be at peace and free of pain. With deep sadness, we want everyone to know that Dannon made her way to the rainbow bridge. 

Run pain free with love, Dannon.

TEDDY 1999 - 2011
April 15, 2011


On April 15th, 2011 with great sorrow we buried our beloved GSD Teddy.  He came to our family from MAGSR as an 8 week old puppy.  Teddy had beauty, intelligence and a gentle disposition.  As he grew we discovered that he had hip dysplasia in both hips. This condition led to a total hip replacement at age 1.  Teddy recuperated and grew into a fine mature German Shepherd able to lead a happy active life.  He loved to go to the park with his family and his "sister" Suzi, a border collie mix we had adopted from the Howard County Animal Rescue.  Unfortunately at the age of 11 he somehow broke his good leg.  An examination by the surgeon reveled that the leg was shattered and could not be repaired.  We had two options: put Teddy to sleep or remove the entire leg. We decided to have the leg removed and give Teddy a chance. Teddy came through the surgery fine and recovered.  However, over time his pain grew as he had to rely on his remaining leg which was also affected by hip dysplasia. After a year we had to make the decision that no pet owner wants to make. We still miss Teddy and think of him practically every day. He was a dear and faithful friend.  Thank you, MAGSR, for bringing Teddy into our lives.

Dale and Kathleen Price










August 10, 2012


In Memory of Lady

Click on link for more information: PDF

Ms. Philippia Pullen



I wanted to let MAGSR know that our dear boy Argos (fka Max) passed away on 24 August. We adopted him from MAGSR on 21 August 2004; 8 years and 3 days later, we made the tough decision to let him go. Argos was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy early this year and his decline was very fast. We tried acupuncture, laser therapy, and stem cell therapy, all of which helped to delay the disease progression for a while but ultimately the DM prevailed. He nearly died in June when he suffered from bloat but pulled through for us one more time.

I want MAGSR to know that Argos was much loved by us, our family and friends, and our neighbors. The day before and the day of his passing, people stopped by to say their farewell to him. It was so touching to see how much he was loved by everyone, considering that he came to us scared of everyone and everything. We held him as he passed away in our home, his favorite place to be.

He enriched our lives so much and leaves us devastated. Despite the tremendous heartache, we would not change a thing and feel privileged to have had Argos as part of our family. We will miss seeing the black dot on the tip of his nose, his irrepressible desire to be with us even when he had difficulty walking, his early morning wake-up calls to get someone to play with him, his tendency to pretend that he needed to go outside only to lead us to the treat jar, his attempts to tiptoe his 90-pound body past us when he got into trouble, and his heart-stopping bark which jolted me every time I heard it for eight years.

I have attached one of my favorite pictures of him (in the middle) with his brothers Rolfie (left) and Moby (fka DJ, also a MAGSR dog).

Nicole McGraw

August 19, 2012

It is with deep sadness that I inform you that our wonderful MAGSR dog, Colin, passed away this weekend. We adopted Colin May 4, 2009 but it seemed like he was part of our family for much longer than that. He had a wonderful spirit and he took care of us, as much as we took care of him. We were very blessed to have him in our family and miss him terribily.

Karina Jackson and Storm (MAGSR alum)

May 31, 2012


It is with broken hearts that we share with you that Henry died this morning. He was truly the best dog ever. He was my walking/training partner for my first Avon Breast Cancer walk. We walked 12 miles together and when we returned home, he was ready to play fetch for another two hours. When we forgot to let him in the back door, he would walk around to the front and sit on the porch until we let him in - giving us a look that, I swear, said "You know, I don't have opposeable thumbs. Otherwise I would let myself in." He loved camping and hiking. He loved anyone who came to our house because he was sure they came to see just him. He had a feisty side too, teasing our neighbor's dogs and getting them riled up, then strutting away from the fence, leaving them in a frenzy while he went on with his business. It seems that everyone who met him became an instant Henry lover. He knew he wasn't supposed to be on the furniture, but he couldn't resist when we were away. I think that's why he taped our schedules next to his water dish. He was always ready for a game of fetch or a supervisory walk around the neighborhood. He was remarkable in so many ways and he will be missed by all who met him and loved him.

Cheryl, Alan, Bronwyn and Amelia



Graeson & Sarek

GraesonSince 1999 Jenn and I had two MAGSR dogs, Graeson and Sarek. Graeson had an excellent life living in southern Maryland with Jennifer on a 300 acre farm. He came with a built-in lust for exploring and he required a fair amount of training to stop his explorations.

Graeson was a great German shepherd. He had an easy-going personality, and he got along well with other dogs and the cats that Jenn had when she got Graeson from MAGSR. We both learned quite a lot from our time with Graeson.

Jenn first fostered Sarek because he required 24/7 care and rehabilitation for his left rear leg. Apparently the Anne Arundel County shelter found Sarek on the side of the road having been hit by a car and left. He under two years when he came into MAGSR and found a foster home with Jenn.

For the nest two years, it was back and forth to a local veterinarian hospital for orthopedic surgeries on Sarek’s leg. I think that Sarek had five surgeries on his leg, and ultimately they were successful. MAGSR paid for most of Sarek’s seemingly countless surgeries.

In 2003, we decided to split up the pack because Sarek, didn’t get along with her other dogs and the cats. It was obvious to us that Sarek needed a home where he was the only dog.

We soon decided that I should move Sarek up to Sparks. I could devote time to getting Sarek somewhat less aggressive than he was toward other dogs.

Sarek was my best friend as he was with me when my sister passed away in 2003, then through my illness in 2007, subsequent rehabilitation, and finally when I married Jenn. He became a very important part of my life from the start, and has been for the last 9 years.

SarekWhen Jenn and I married five years ago, she moved to Sparks with her three dogs: Kelsie, Maysie and Graeson. Our marriage and her subsequent move required numerous changes to the house, the least of which was dividing up Sarek’s back yard into two, adding two more dog doors, and a thirty-five foot ramp so that Jenn’s senior dogs could come and go without issue.

Things were fine until last fall. We lost Graeson suddenly to a ruptured splenic tumor in October…that in spite of routine vet visits. Graeson was fourteen years old when he passed.

Then three weeks ago, we lost Sarek (age 14) to cancer, specifically a fibro histiocytic sarcoma. Our veterinarian removed Sarek’s spleen in April and we attempted to stop the cancer with the LifeVax vaccine. Nothing worked.

Graeson and Sarek were an integral part of our “family” and both were loved immensely. I “see” Sarek and Graeson every place where they laid, but they’re not there.

When Sarek could no longer walk up the stairs to my bedroom, I moved a mattress downstairs and slept near him. Sarek always knew where I was.

Jenn and I realized that both dogs had reached a “senior dog” status. However losing both within 8 months was totally unexpected and I doubt that we’ll ever be the same.

This house, as well as both of us, have been forever changed by Sarek and Graeson. They may be gone, but their footprints are indelibly etched on our hearts.

Rick Bajackson

July 13, 2012


We wanted to let you know our beautiful Mattie passed yesterday, she apparently had a tumor on her heart that caused her to have a heart attack. She went very suddenly and the vet assured us she did not suffer. She was with us for the last 8 years, since we adopted her from your wonderful group.
Linda Hunt

July 7, 2012


Bristol was a sad case of neglect and improper care....not even being provided with the most basics as food and water until he was rescued by MAGSR.  Despite the love and care he received in the past few weeks from the vets, his fosters, and all the volunteers who loved him, we had to let him go today.  For a brief time, Bristol knew a life full of love and care and knew that he was wanted and loved. Thank you to all who loved Bristol and donated to his care.

Gussie Musser
June 4, 2012



I wanted you all to know that I had to take Gussie Musser over the Rainbow Bridge on June 4, 2012. Gussie had been gradually losing the use of his hind legs over the last few months until yesterday morning when he couldn't walk by himself. Gussie came to me in August 2009 as a foster and was very sick, tested Lyme positive and had a horrific yeast infection with weeping sores all over his body and in between his toes. The first three months he was with me he slept, ate, slept ate, took long walks in the park across the street, and finally was able to run! He was the most atypical German Shepherd Dog I have ever met. He didn't know a stranger and would let anyone into the house! Not so good....His BFF Frances took very good care of him and he adored his cats Butters and PC. He didn't take the steps to the second floor of the house and I will miss his smiling face greeting me every morning when I come down the steps. He truly was a gentle giant and went with the flow no matter what was asked of him or what we encountered. Everyone will miss him in my neighborhood; and, I will miss my "couch" buddy. But, I know that he is free from pain now and is with his pals Ben, Ruby Diamond Pearl, Bean and Baby. 

Thanks so much to Bill Myers for bringing Gussie Musser to me. The last three years with him have been so rewarding and I will have a difficult time getting used to his not being around. In time I will look to MAGSR to find another pal for Frances, Butters, and PC.

Thanks so much for taking care of the dogs until they can find their furever home.


Jan Shipley


May 22, 2012


Klondike was a beloved member of our family who was taken far too early. He battled Lyme disease and auto immune issues for the latter portion of his life but interacting with him, one would never know. No matter the circumstance, Klondike was extremely happy and loved life but more than anything he loved his family.

Klondike brought joy and happiness to all he was around, he was very people friendly and loved being around a petting hand. He will be greatly missed by my wife and me but even more so by our three children. He was like another one of the kids. Every night at dinner after the family was finished discussing the day they had, our youngest son always asked Klondike how his day was and then would proceed to speak for Klondike. He will be greatly missed.

We truly appreciate all the kind words from the members of MAGSR and all the help they provided through this difficult time.

TJ, Amy and kids, Brianna, Gaige and Joey

May 6, 2012

It is with a very heavy heart that I notify you that Caleb passed away earlier today. It was a shock to us all. My husband (Scott Fraley) is devastated. They were devoted to each other.

Caleb was doing great and was so excited about going to a ride in the truck. Caleb loved riding in the truck, chasing the cars as they drove past. They were going to get his nails clipped. The doctor said that as they were clipping his nails he started to have breathing problems. They called her in and she began CPR. But Caleb was gone. They believe that the there was more damage than expected to his heart and lungs from the heartworm he contracted before he was rescued.

We will never forget the love and joy he brought us, the laughter at his antics. We’ll miss the “jingle bells” of his collar that he had learned to touch when he wanted to go out in the morning. Or the way he learned to roll over and say please when he wanted his belly rubbed.

Thank you for the wonderful work you and for the joy you brought into our lives they last 3 years. Caleb will be missed, but he will not be forgotten.

April 19, 2012

February 22, 2012

Sad to relay this news. My sweet Amy died on February 22, 2012. We had been together since 2002. It was love at first sight. Her MAGSR foster had renamed her "Amie," and she was a truly wonderful friend. She is gone but not forgotten. Thank you MAGSR for putting us together!

March 7, 2012

Vance and his brother were thrown from a truck on a MD Hwy. Several good samartians contacted the local animal control and both boys were taken to safety. MAGSR stepped in and committed to take both boys. Vance was very sick and the shelter took him to the ER where he was diagnosed the pneumonia and put on medications. Once released from the shelter both boys were taken to MAGSR's vet for exams. Vance was not well. MAGSR took him to the ER where he was hospitalized. Vance was seen by internal specialists which determined Vance was extremely ill and there wasn't anything anyone could do to save him. With a very heavy heart, MAGSR decided to end Vance's suffering and he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with MAGSR volunteers by his side promising him we'd take good care of his brother. With everything Vance had been through, he was wagging his tail and giving kisses until the very end. Run free with love, Vance. We will never forget your courage and strength.

February 9, 2012

Dear Everyone @ Magsr,

I have sad news to report. Luna the Blue Heeler, who I adopted from MAGSR in 2004 along with Skye, the gentle giant GSD, has passed away. She had an episode of some sort two weeks ago, spent a night with our vet who thought initally perhaps Addison's Disease, but the blood tests ruled that out. She came home and seemed to be getting back to her old self, eating some special food and getting lots of gentle love and care, but last Thursday only about 10 minutes after I returned home around 6:00 p.m., I believe she had a heart attack and peacefully slipped away while lying in our front yard at the farm. I was by her side, holding her and talking softly to her. She is now running about with Skye and Niko on the Big Farm somewhere.

She was a great dog, so smart she could talk, and she will be sorely missed. Thank you to MAGSR for bringing Luna and Skye and Niko all into my life; I have been the better for knowing them all.

Anna Smith
Burnley Farm
King George, VA


December, 2011

Dear Magsr,

CaiusIt is with extreme sadness that I must report our beloved Caius was killed 2 weeks ago this evening. While walking him in a park near our home, he broke away from my wife to chase a rabbit and despite her calling him back, and his excelling at obedience training, his prey drive was too strong, and he chased the rabbit into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The driver, who had to have been speeding at the time, never stopped despite hitting an 85 pound dog with enough force to kill him instantly. It is difficult to understand God's plan for all of us, especially when we lose a loved one at such a young age. His personality was so unique, barking at the sound of a doorbell on the TV, howling with his big sister Bailey, (our other GSD) at the sound of a siren, always gently biting my hand to let me know he was happy to see me, and most notably the way he loved my family unconditionally. When he wanted attention, he would persistently lift your arm with his head until you gave in and petted him, usually resting his head under your arm while you scratched his neck. There was no safe place to escape his reach, because the bigger he got, the easier he could jump up on the bed, the couch or wherever he wanted to "join" you.

His favorite place was laying at the end of our bed with my wife and our other 4-legged child Bailey. We still grieve for our Caius, but can look to our mantle for the brown box containing his cremated remains, touch his picture and his collar, and think of how lucky we were to have had the time with him that we did. Rest in peace sweet boy, we will always love and remember you!

Your Humans,
The Hamiltons


Tasha (FKA Sandy)


It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that we lost our precious Tasha earlier this year.

We had adopted Tasha from MAGSR in 2003, just after she had come into the rescue as "Sandy".  She had been found wandering Rte 50 on the Eastern Shore, and very little was known about her at the time.  It was obvious from our first meeting that she was our pooch, so we made arrangements to adopt her.  She wasn't without challenges--as soon as we started training with Wesley, she bit him on the hand!  We stayed in training for months, and the change in Tasha was remarkable.  She went from an aggressive dog to a disciplined, happy dog.  Along the way, we adopted another dog, Stormy (also from MAGSR), and the two became inseparable.  16 months ago, we had another addition to the family, a human kid named Alina.

Along the way, though, Tasha started to get progressively worse arthritis in her back hips and knees.  Despite the medication and diet, it kept getting worse to the point where she could no longer walk, lie down, or sit without being in pain, and despite her stubborn nature, it was obvious that she was no longer enjoying her life.  We made the difficult decision to have her put to sleep before the pain got even worse.

She was never perfect, but she tried every day to be that way, and we loved her for it.  We enclosed a family photo from this summer.  Tasha's in the middle, Stormy's on the right.

We want to thank you for giving us the chance to have Tasha (and Stormy--he says hi) in our lives.  We now live in Buffalo, NY, but will always support MAGSR, wherever we live.

Warren, Ann, Alina, & Stormy Dabney


Ziva (FKA Pixie)
July 18, 2011

It is with sadness that I am informing you that Ziva passed away. Ziva was a wonderful girl. We adopted her in October 2010 and made her part of our family. She was hesitant at first as she had been abused, but she grew to love us and love her new environment.

The first few months were challenging. We had to purchase 3 crates for the escape artist that she was. Ziva had separation anxiety when she came to us. She also had a hard time trusting men, especially the tall, dark haired ones. She loved every women she met though. She bit my son Jeremie the first time she met him and she had a hard time trusting my husband Jim.

But, with training, a lot of love and patience, she enjoyed spending time with Jim and always welcomed Jeremie home when he stopped by. She also enjoyed being outside with us and followed me everywhere. She was very protective of her family and had adopted a little lamb as her own.

 She even learned to walk right in her crate and enjoyed that space. She knew we were coming back.

We are very sorry that we lost Ziva and we miss her dearly. We believe we made a difference in her life and that she was happy when she passed. Jim and I also want to thank you and all of the volunteers for the wonderful work that you do.

Suzie Maxon
(Suzie has not been able to send this until now. Suzie and Jim are still mourning the loss of Ziva.)

1 2


November 19, 2011

I  am writing with an incredibly heavy heart to report the passing of Roxy, our beloved sweet, girl who could never, ever be replaced.

Roxy was originally adopted out as a very young girl. Years later, her adopter contacted us indicating that they had to give her up because she was snatching food from their children's hands and they thougth it was a dominant, behavioral issue. Once we took her in as a foster, we began having conversations with out vet about her voracious appetite and her abnormal behavior. After some lengthy discussion, it was suggested that we have a TLI test done to test for EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) which turned out out to be positive. We found out that Roxy was passing most of the nutrients of her food her food through her bowel and she was literally starving to death. This was no fault of her former adopter as their veterinarian completely missed the signs. They fed and loved loved her but no one knew of her condition, which apparently is common in german shepherds. After finding out about her condition, we learned that by giving her a simple pancreatin supplement, we could provide for her the supplement she needed to breakdown and absorb the nutrients she needed to sustain life. It really was that simple. From there, life with Roxy became so easy and we began to see that her food snatching was a matter of her trying to survive. After a couple of weeks, Roxy's demeanor changed and she wasn't only about food but also about giving love. This was her most admireable trait. Roxy became the most well balanced, loving, affectionate, forgiving girl you could ever meet. She learned how to play frisbee and she hung out with her human and canine family, all the while being the peacemaker in our pack. She eventually earned her CGC certificate (Canine Good Citizen) and was a hit at public events. She literally loved everyone and everything she ever met. It didn't matter if it was a dog, cat, human, large or small, she had a grace and style and her every pore exuded friendliness and she welcomed every foster dog with open arms. She quickly became our "doggie barometer" and she was the first to meet every single foster dog that we took into our home. She let the new dogs know that her home was their home and they would never be threatened in any way. She had a way about her that no dog will replace. She was one of a kind. She also had a playful, goofy side and everyone that ever met her could not help but to love her. She really was all great things rolled into one.

Unfortunately, years later, she began to show signs of distress and we learned that she had kidney disease. We kept her on all the right medications and diet. Unfortunately, as with kidney disease, it was a progressive disease that ultimately took her life from her. Even on her last night entering this hospital, which proved to be her last doggie intro, she met Shelly, who is our most recent foster. Even then, feeling as bad as Roxy did, she still mustered enough energy to give a tail wag and kiss as she and Shelly accidentally met in the hospital. But true to her form and character, she found the strength and grace to say "dad and mom, this girl is okay in my book". In her own beautiful way, she passed on the torch to another dog desperately in need of rescuing.  She knew her job was to screen the newbies and she did it with an elegance that was of her own volition and never forced upon her. Roxy allowed many dogs into her pack and for that, many found safe harbor in our home. We will never, ever be able to replace or forget the many many wonderful years that she gave us although they went much too quickly. She was always a shining ray of light after a bad day at work, a positive glow when things seemed to be bad beyond comprehension, a foundation of hope for those who needed help and a pure and simple love for life. When her life slipped from our hands and she left this world, she knew love and expressed love and we are uttterly heartbroken that she had to leave us. Roxy, your mom and dad will never, ever forget you. You enriched the lives of every being you ever encountered. You are truly one of a kind and we are better for having known you and the love you possessed for life. You represented all that is good in this world.

Monty and Sheri Moore

Roxy and her sister, Snowy enjoying a laugh together ...........Roxy at the O's booth with her buddy, Millie Wieters
1 2

Roxy at the pool with her visor on ......................................................Roxy looking as sweet as ever
3 4

Ashmere (FKA Zack)
November 11, 2011

In March of 2000, my family adopted 4 month old Ashmere (fka Zack). He was full of energy, personality, and unconditional love. Though many people were intimidated by his size, Ashmere was a kind, gentle, and loving dog who didn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He was the leader of our little pack of 5 - brothers Bear (fka Kodi) and Timber whom we adopted from you in 2004, and Socks and Pepper who are non-MAGSR dogs.

Other than some arthritis in his legs, Ashmere was in good health for a dog his age. However, over the past few weeks, he would have a day here and there where he couldn't seem to stand or walk very well, but would be fine the next day. On the morning of November 11th he was taken to the vet, and it was discovered that Ashmere had tumors growing that were occasionally breaking his blood vessels. This is what was causing his weakness and inability to stand/walk on some days, due to the blood loss from the broken vessels. The vet said he could be operated on, but only if the tumors had not spread to his organs. Ashmere was sent home while we waited for results. That evening at around 7pm, Ashmere laid down on his bed, closed his eyes, and never woke up.

Though his passing was peaceful and free of suffering, it brings little comfort to our grieving family. He was a very special boy who will always hold a huge piece of our hearts. We miss him terribly, and always will. 

The Stone/Nicol Family

Ashmere Ashmere
Ashmere Ashmere

Schatten (FKA NINA)
September 22, 2011

I wanted to inform you that my beloved Schatten (formerly Nina) passed away yesterday from hemangiosarcoma.

She was approximately 10 years old and I adopted her from you in 2002.

She brightened my every day and the lives of all who met her. Her life was filled with joy but all too short. She was diagnosed only a week ago but her last days were good ones with walks, treats and lots of attention.

She passed away peacefully on her own terms in her home with her loving family and her favorite view of the backyard. Words cannot express my sorrow at her loss and only the unconditional love of her two "sisters" gives me comfort right now. We all miss her and wish her well in her new journey. She will always be the light of my life.

Thank You,
Art Mitchell

Schatten Schatten


September 22, 2011


It is with great sadness to report that Mercy (NKA Maxie) passed away today. She had been having irreversible health issues that were affecting her quality of life.

Before coming to MAGSR, Mercy had a rough life. But she went on to have a wonderful, loving, loyal home.  Through it all, she was always a very sweet, loveable girl.

Her life story was miraculous, her sweetness was infectious, her grace was unforgettable and she will always have a special place in our hearts.

She will be dearly missed.



August 28, 2011

I've started and restarted this message many times over the months to try and tell you that our beloved Freia (fka Willow) passed away Sept. 2010 of an abdominal tumor.  I can put it off no longer because now I have to tell you, too, that our beloved Odin (fka Grant) died this past Sunday (Aug, 28th) of lung cancer.

They both came to us 2001 and were the best of friends through the years.  We were so very lucky to have these very special GSD's in our lives.  They both had wonderful personalities and quickly became devoted members of our family. Freia was the energy, the life of the party and Odin was the down-to-earth kinda' guy who was so good natured that he was a blood donor for two years before he retired due to his age. (The blood bank staff loved him because he was so sweet and gentle.)  We miss them terribly.


Diane Stull
Jefferson, MD



August 22, 2011

We wanted to let you know we had to put down Hannah Hoey last night, August 22. She had Bloat and when they took the X-rays they also found she had a small heart, she had it so bad she would not make it though the surgery.

When we first got Hannah she was not the easiest dog to get along with, but with a lot of love and training we got along just fine. She started meeting more people in our family and our friends. At her daddy’s work they made her a badge to wear when she went to work at night with daddy. They would both walk around the building together, she knew the building very well.

She will be missed by everyone that knew her there at my husband’s job.

 We will always think of her as we go into the house and wait for her to come to us. 

We will miss and love you Miss Hannah Banana Hoey.

Thank you MAGSR for bringing Hannah into our lives.


Tami Hoey


July 27, 2011

I am writing with sad news. The wonderful and sweet GSD, Mike, whom we adopted from you about five years ago has passed away at the age of seven. In May he was diagnosed with a tumor in his spleen. An operation to remove the tumor and spleen was performed immediately  in hope of keeping the suspected cancer from spreading. A biopsy on the excised tumor proved positive for a form of cancer not unfamiliar in GSDs Mike's age and older. Unfortunately, ten weeks post-op, the cancer returned and our Vet informed us that Mike wouldn't live through the night. The only way to prevent him from suffering pain and distress was to let him pass peacefuly in my arms right then in Dr. Forrester's exam room. Dr. Forrester and the entire staff at Vinson's Animal Hospital at Towson were wonderful to Mike and us. I miss Mike so much. I'm just grateful that we had that extra two months with him that the surgery provided. We hoped and prayed that he would keep going on and we cherished each day we had with him just as we had from the first day we met him.

Tim von Eiff and Family




July 8, 2011

‘Max’ was lost to me this afternoon at 1:20PM due to Degenerative Myelopathy. An insidious disease of the nervous system that took away his ability to walk and do all those other things that gentle giant 8 year old puppies like to do!
To all who knew and loved Max…rest assured he is again chewing on a big deflated basketball and chasing squirrels!
As for me…I’ve heard it said before and now I firmly believe it to be true that the day I rescued Max…
he began to rescue me.

You will be truly missed, my best and loyal friend,





July 2, 2011

I am sad to inform you that on July 2, 2011, I lost my dear Chance. I can't tell you how empty the house seems. Chance filled every corner with love. The void is awful.

I adopted Chance from MAGSR in December 2003. He was known by many of my friends as the “Rosary Dog”. He attended our prayer group every Monday morning, greeting each lady individually (especially the ones who don’t like dogs). He then stretched out on the rug and slept.

Everyone loved him and he returned the love. Any person who entered my home had to be officially accepted by Chance, including workmen. He would always check to see if they needed his help. He examined their bags to make sure they had all their tools. He never had to send anyone back for more supplies. When all was under control he would sleep. After over 9yrs, he's left a huge void. I am very grateful I had him in my life. Thanks so much for Chance.

Harriet Maull




June 28, 2011


I am Jim Cherry and I adopted a German Shepherd from you in 2003 her name was Sasha, but when you had her it was Kendall. From my understanding when you found her it was on an interstate where she was abandoned. Sasha has been a part of my family for a wonderful 8 years. Yesterday I drove her up to Ohio State University to have prolapsed disc surgery and when they tested her there was nothing wrong with her disc but she had metastatic osteosarcoma. As a doctor am very aware of the pain that causes and she was living with over the last 4weeks prior to getting her in for surgery. I decided to put her down and wanted you all to know her fate. I loved her very very much and am very sad to see her leave. Sometimes the right decision is not always the easiest decision.

I just wanted to thank you all for bringing us together. Our family is very saddened. As time proceeds to heal we'll be back to adopt another new family member.

We love you all!

- Jim




June 4, 2011

Dear MAGSR,Daggett

In 2000, we adopted Daggett (fka Corey). It is with great sadness that we am writing to let you know he passed away on April 1st 2011.

He brought joy and humor into our life every day of the 11 wonderful years he lived with us.

He truly was the perfect dog.

Best of luck to your amazing organization!

Ann and Thomas Neuhaus  




April 17, 2011

NoelleDear MAGSR,

I just wanted you to know that on St. Patrick's Day...we had to say goodbye to Noelle. We, as well as her veterinarian, think she had a brain tumor that threw her into debilitating seizures. After a night of trying to keep her comfortable with Valium and Phenobarbital....I was called early in the morning and made aware she was not doing well. I immediately headed for the vet to be with her. I stayed with her and it was obvious she was not happy and wanted to be with her brother, to be without pain, and run free. I decided to give her that wish. I called Jim (he was in Colorado) for him to say goodbye, and we let her go. I just wanted to thank you for allowing her to come into our lives 11 years ago. We wanted to also thank you for all you and MAGSR do for the dogs. Please keep up the wonderful work you all do and you will be very glad to know Kip is doing just GREAT and the boys grow closer every day. I've attached the most recent picture of Noelle doing what she does best...hanging out in the snow. We miss her and think about her each day...and hope she had a good life because she brought nothing but joy and love to our lives.

Lauren Hutcheson  


April 18, 2011


Fabulous Greeter

Dear sweet Mae passed away Friday, April 15th. Mae was a loving smart German Shepherd. Adopted from MAGSR 8 years ago Mae was not well, had so much to learn, didn't even know what to do with a toy, and didn't wag her tail. She just needed a chance. About 6 years ago we discovered Mae had a disease - she could not digest her food - tough disease, but with medication, education, patience and love we triumphed and became feeling good. Mae was a fabulous greeter and really touched hearts. Mae was approximately 10-12 years old and passed away from liver cancer.





March 8, 2011

ToscaDear MAGSR,

We are saddened to write you with the news that our sweet Tosca (fka Penny) passed away last night after a battle with hemangiosarcoma.  We can never fully express how much her time with us meant.  Attach are some of our favorite photos and if you would like to know how Tosca lived out her days after MAGSR, you can find her story here:

We will always be grateful

-Jody and Logan
 and her MAGSR sister Toph (fka Lizzie), Cooper & the cats

Tosca Tosca
Tosca Tosca
Tosca you are so beautiful.
Tosca you are so loved.
Giacomo Puccini — Tosca

March 2, 2011

Our dear sweet Petra passed over the rainbow bridge on March 2, 2011.  Petra's seizures were increasing and medication was no longer able to help her maintain a good quality of life.   Run free with love, sweet Petra.   


February 19, 2011

roeyIt breaks my heart to tell you Karl crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

He had started to limp and we suspected another bulging disc similar to the one he had spinal surgery for a year ago. He was so stoic still wanting to play with Abby even when we tried to limit his activity but knew there was something wrong and got him to his specialist ASAP. The diagnosis that was returned was a shock and devastating as while he did have another damaged disc his knee was consumed with a cancerous growth which was also suspected of having spread to his spine. Surgery was not possible, he declined very rapidly and was suffering so along with his beloved green ball, wrapped in my arms and soaked in my tears he left this world for one where there will be no pain ever again.

Our dogs are never with us long enough but for Karl the time he spent in MAGSR totally changed his life. He came to us an anxious, detached,  60 pound fur covered skeleton who was in such bad physical condition the shelter was set to euthanize him the day they literally picked him up from a street in Baltimore as he was so weak he could not walk. In the year and a half Karl was with us he grew into a 100 pound striking handsome momma's boy. Each and every day he was with me his life was filled with the companionship of family/his fur siblings, fun filled romps in our country yard with his green ball always in his mouth, naps in the sun, good food, a comfy bed, love and hugs.  We were truly blessed that we were able to have this gentle giant share our live even for short period of time. We miss you Big K.


February 19, 2011

Manny, with Dad and brother Apache.

We said goodbye to Manny just before new years.

He had struggled with perianal fistula disease the past year and was also dealing with degenerative myelopathy. He was still really upbeat and happy but his body was just failing him and it just seemed like the best time. He never complained about the pain but I know it had to of been incredible at times.

Apache definitely misses his brother but is doing pretty well. He is adjusting to life without him but I know it is hard as they had not been separated since the day Manny came home with us.

I can't thank you all enough for picking him to come home with me that day. I was only ever intending on fostering him but I can't imagine these past years without him. He was my best friend and was just such a selfless companion.  The whole family misses him terribly but we are grateful to have known him and had him with us for so long. Like the vet told us, we really were on borrowed time with him and were lucky he was so healthy for so long.
Thank you again
Julie Blake

January 31, 2011


Shimmer, who came to us from your rescue, died peacefully tonight after over 12 truly wonderful years. She was a devoted family member and a true athlete, stoop ball being her main sport as you can see from the picture. We will miss her terribly.

Judy, Dan, Jesse & Josh


January 23, 2011

roeyI never believed I would be writing this message at this time. We said good-bye to our very special dog, Bear, yesterday.

In 2003 we came to MAGSR to adopt a dog. We went through the approval process with Bill Myer’s as our representative. We were approved and ready to meet some dogs. It just so happen Bill was picking up a dog from the Eastern shore that had been dumped at the local shelter by his “family”. Bill wanted us to meet him. We traveled to the kennel the next day and met Bear. He was a 2 year old, wild eyed, skinny and very friendly dog. It was happening so fast that we went home that day without Bear, but returned the next to pick him up. My husband said, “I want that dog”.

Bear came to us never having lived inside a house, never having a regular meal and never having love. That soon all changed. A couple of days after he came to us I couldn’t find him in the house. As I searched all the rooms I found him, in bed curled up with my 5 year old having an afternoon nap. He was home.

Bear was a home body. He didn’t like going for car rides, didn’t care much for being outside unless we were there and never left my side. Bear never showed aggression toward a single person and became a favorite with my son’s friends who didn’t have pets. He just wanted to be loved and petted and hugged. In Bear’s mind everyone who came to the house was there to see him and his big wet nose.

I don’t want to dwell on Bear’s illness. He hid it well and when we finally found it, it was the end. He was a love bug to the end and passed peacefully in our arms. His fur sister, Randi is a little quiet now but she will adjust. Thank you Bill and MAGSR for bringing us Bear. He was one of a kind and we miss him so much.

Anna, Mark and Justus Croyle, Randi too

October, 2010


I'm sad to let you know that Roey is no longer with us. For some time she's struggled with spinal problems. For most of her time with me her condition was in check and she led a good doggie life. Sadly, a week ago her situation worsened. She became paralyzed and treatment didn't work. Thursday night we said goodbye. Roey was a very special member of our family, she always gave us joy and love. She is missed. Dr. Prostredny continued to treat her, he was amazing. He is a gifted surgeon and so caring and helpful. I am grateful he was there with her until the end. And thank you both for taking her in and fostering her. Roey changed my life. I've never loved an animal like I did her. She gave me so much. I will always know I was blessed to have had her in my life these years.

September 28, 2010

On September 28th, Hennessey went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for his foster Mom, who adopted him, and all those who love and miss him. Hennessey

September 22, 2010


Our beloved Nick (FKA Dominick) went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, September 22, at the age of 11. We had 10 wonderful years with him. When he sauntered into our house that first day for a “trial visit,” he decided immediately that this was going to be his forever home. I’m not sure we had much say in the matter. We have always had two GSDs, and Nick was the big brother  – looking after the others and teaching them proper GSD behavior (where the treat jar is, which furniture is most comfy, how to remind us that dinner is to be served at 5:00 p.m. sharp). He had the sweetest personality that brought us so many moments of joy and laughter, and he was an incredibly smart and loving guy. Nick was diagnosed with Perianal Fistulas at age 1 ½  and together we fought this awful disease his entire life. It required daily care – cleaning, medications, special diet, frequent vet visits – and yet he patiently and lovingly put up with all of that and lived his life fully.  We battled torn ACLs in both knees, Lyme Disease, and hypothyroidism together.  Still he played and loved and guarded with hardly a complaint. And then his body finally failed him and we knew we had to let him go.  We thank God (and MAGSR) for bringing him into our lives and feel blessed that he was with us for so long. We miss him terribly.
Barb and John Ward
and Lobo too! 

Sept 10, 2010


It is with tears and a broken heart that I tell you that Rivkah crossed the rainbow bridge today. She came to us with perianal fistulas, a horrible autoimmune disease but one we were prepared to fight. She spent several weeks at Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital where she received the very best care possible and where she became the darling of the practice. Tracey and her family then opened up their home to her and she spent time with them being loved and pampered. What we did not know was that her colon, bowel and anal sphincter muscle were damaged beyond repair and that she was literally dying from the inside out. She took a turn for the worst last night and is a very sick girl. 
We were committed to helping her and everyone involved tried their best but her body failed her. To continue to let her suffer was something we could not do. Besides Tracey and her family who have adopted her, Dr. Hoffman and the vet techs were the ones she knew and loved so surrounded by all those who had cared for her at Olney and with her paw on the arm of her favorite tech Noelle who loved and cared for her as her own, she left this world for one where she will never be in pain again.  

Before she left us, I promised her that we will work harder than ever to help as many dogs as possible who have suffered abuse and neglect at the hand of other humans. The pain of your senseless death which could have been prevented if proper care had been provided two years ago coupled with the warmth of your sweetness will live in our hearts forever.

Sept 10, 2010


I had trouble walking, would stumble and fall, my paws were covered with sores from dragging them, I was 12 years old, over weight and deaf. The other dogs at the shelter would knock me down and trampled me getting to the arriving food. No one wanted me; no other rescues would take me...

That was over a year ago. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge at home today, in my own bed, held tightly in my mother's arms and although I am still damp from gallons of her tears tonight I am running free with Henry, Delia, Miss Saydee and Judd in heaven pain free and happy.

We know our lives would have had a very different ending long before if not for the very special people of MAGSR. We were all wanted, cared for and loved by you. Wanted by an organization that not only takes young, healthy German Shepherds but has a deep commitment to all shepherds including seniors, medical and special needs dogs and whose volunteer's worked diligently to find the extra funding and fosters for us. Cared for by my foster mom and watched over by Abby and Benny who were my constant companions when I lost the use of my back legs. Loved by MY OWN MOM (yes she adopted me this morning) as only she can love and cherish all her special ones.

Thank you MAGSR for your compassion and allowing me the extra time to experience what I had never known was possible from humans.  Thank you for saying yes to the pleas of my shelter friend Liz. Thank you for giving me a quiet county home in which to spend my remaining time, where I was included in everything everyone else did, even if it meant carrying my back end around so it could keep up with my front. Thank you for brightening my Sunday's by sending mom home covered with all those wonderful scents gotten at the kennel; I spent hours sniffling her and listening to the stories. Thank you for the encouraging emails, words and visits when my body started to fail me. Thank you for making an older girl's remaining time filled with peace and contentment so that I could cross over filled with love and caring.

With gratitude to all,



Aug 2, 2010



It feels like I am writing you again with sad news way to soon... Our little MacKenzie (Mac) passed yesterday.

When we adopted her from you with her foster sister Hailey (you knew her as Tinsel) she was 4 months old and named Sasha. She seemed to have a rough life, we think she was part cat for she seemed to have 9 lives, shortly after adopting her she was hit by a car in our driveway, after some recovery time she was good as new with the exception of a little arthritis in her knees. She then developed a number of rather serious urinary tract infections, and one so bad it almost took her from us. But despite all that she kept going, just like the tank she was, and yes her nickname was often "Tank". It seemed that she would just keep going.

About a month or two ago we noticed that she was having difficulty breathing and took her to our favorite local vet who sent us immediately to VCA (the local vet emergency hospital) where after an ultrasound and x-rays they found fluid in her chest that was keeping her heart from beating properly and took her lung capacity down to near 30%. After putting in a chest tube the vets there pulled 2.5 liters of fluid from her chest, and after testing determined that it was lymph fluid but they couldn't determine where it was coming from or why it was leaking into her chest. She was sent home on a strict diet and told to keep her activity level down, not hard for her usually but we do have a 10 month old puppy to keep her company since Hailey left us. We did the best we could and stuck to her new diet and gave her the new supplements that were required, she seemed to be improving. At her follow up with our local vet more fluid was found, and so another chest tap was scheduled for the next day. After taking her in and the vet removing the fluid from her chest again she was back to her usual Mac self! It wasn't until a week later things started to go down hill fast. My mom woke up on Saturday the 31st of July (her birthday) to Mac vomiting all over the house, at least 20 times. When the vet opened at 8:00 we were there with Mac in tow to find out what was wrong. The vet was stumped. It could have been an obstruction, a reaction between her dietary supplement and her antibiotics (for a recent ear infection) or something else. They tapped her chest and pulled 800cc of fluid out, after having a chest tap done just a week or so prior, gave her some anti-nausea medication and watched her. They later sent her home to be with the family for my Mom's birthday party with strict instructions that she have NO food or water that day, we obediently obliged and told all our guests what had happened and asked that they not giver her anything. She stayed mostly inside the house, which was unusual for her she loved to socialize at family functions but we figured she was just recovering from her trip to the vet. Sunday she was more her self and was keeping down the water she was allowed to have, in the evening we offered her dinner and she didn't even try, very unusual for her, but we thought it was the anti-nausea meds just taking her appetite away. We tucked her into bed like we do every night and went to sleep thinking that Monday would bring even more improvement. When I woke for work Monday morning I found my Mom awake and crying. I went to find out what was wrong and that is when I learned about Mac's turn for the worst. My Mom told me she was going to call our vet when they opened and take her in. I tried not to worry and went to say good by to her and the puppy like I do every morning before leaving for work. I found Mac laying on her favorite pillow unable to lift her head or even wag her tail. It was then I knew that this would be the last time I saw the wonderful dog that grew up from that little tent eared puppy. I gave her a hug and kiss, and told her everything was going to be ok, the vet would take the pain away. My Mom called me at work and said that she was taking Mac to the vet at noon. It was just after one when my boyfriend called, he went with my Mom to the vet for support and to help carry Mac in since she could no longer walk, and said that Mac was no longer suffering. Our vet thinks that she may have been bleeding internally somewhere, she was too weak for surgery, and already too far gone. So it is with a heavy heart we say our Good-byes to our lovely girl and know that we will see her again at the Rainbow Bridge...

Thank you for allowing us to adopt both Mac and Hailey together from the same foster home at the same time.

The Clem Family (Karen, Michael, Paul, Megan, & Justin)




It is with great sadness I am sending this to you.  Sting has made his way to the Rainbow Bridge.  Sting had 10 great years living in his forever home.  Our lives are better because he in every sense of the word adopted us.  It seems like yesterday we went to an open house at the kennels.  That is where he found us.  So for the last 10 years he has been a protector, companion, and our son.

Sting has had troubles with the muscles in his back legs for about a year.  The muscles kept getting weaker and weaker.  Finally he did not want to get up to go outside or do anything else.  Sting brought us so much love and joy while while he was with us.

Thank you so much for bringing Sting into our lives.

Sting we love you.  Now you can run and jump again.  

Jerry and Peggy Calabrese



April 24, 2010


Pharaoh passed over the rainbow bridge with Leigh by his side on Saturday, 24 April, 2010. Despite modern medicine and technology, Pharaoh was unable maintain a good quality of life.

Many combinations of medications were tried as well as an MRI and a CSF tap to rule out the possibility that brain disease could be causing his seizures.  All of his tests came back normal. His seizure disorder was very severe and after several appointments and conversations with his neurologist and primary vet, everyone agreed it was time to set Pharaoh free.

Pharaoh will be terribly missed, but we know he will never have another seizure and he is now at peace.  Run free with love, Pharaoh.






It is with a very heavy heart I inform you that Cotie Rosenbloom has gone to the rainbow bridge on April 14 2010. My wife Molly and I adopted Cotie on September 2, 2007 from MAGSR. He was the sweetest, gentlest, most lovable dog we could have ever wished for. When cancer took my wife he was there with unconditional love to help me over the hurt and pain. He was truly my best friend and he will be missed. I want to thank MAGSR for bringing such a wonderful friend into my family and for allowing me to live with him.



Maverick It is with much sadness and a very heavy heart that we are writing to tell you that our beloved Maverick crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on March 13, 2010. He was the most wonderful dog in the world.  It seemed so fast.  We went to the Vet on February 3rd because Maverick started limping.  The vet sent us home with an antibiotic because he came up positive for lyme disease.  By the following week Maverick seemed to be foaming at the mouth so back to the Vet we went.  They did testing on him and all they could find was swollen tonsils.  So we went home with more medicine.  A few days later we were in the kitchen boiling him hamburger and rice because he did not want to eat and he just fell to the ground.  He did it more and more so back to the Vet we went.  The Vet said I cannot explain what is wrong I am going to treat him for Vestibular Disease and off we went back home with more medicine.  Well Maverick seemed to be getting worse.  He would take a few bites of hamburger, chicken, or steak and he would just lie down.  No energy, no barking, just a lot of falling.  He would not come upstairs to go to bed with us anymore.  So we decided we would make a vet appointment with a different vet that had been highly recommended to us for a second opinion.  This was where we got the worst news ever.  Maverick had a tumor on his spleen which was the size of a softball and believed to be cancer.  He was also showing signs of anemia and his gums were white.  While listening to his heart she also heard a heart murmur that had not been heard before.  The vet felt with Maverick’s quality of life due to the tumor that the best decision for him was to euthanize, so he was no longer suffering.

Maverick will be missed greatly.  We adopted Maverick back in May of 2002.  He was one of “Queenie’s” puppies.  He was the most loving dog towards his family.  He wasn’t sure about strangers but he just wanted to protect his family.  He loved his 18 month old human sister and enjoyed playing with her.  He also loved his cat brother Harley and his dog sister Penelope.  They would chase each other, fight over toys and play tug of war but some days they could be found cuddled up together!  Maverick always knew how to put a smile on your face as he greeted you at the door with a wagging tail.  I remember like it was just yesterday, the ride home from MAGSR in 2002 with Maverick.  He was always by our side.  He loved to ride in the car and especially loved playing fetch.  We have many wonderful memories of Maverick that we will cherish for life.  In the winter months, Maverick looked forward to some snow.  When the snow would start falling he loved to run outside.  He would jump in the snow, catch the flakes, roll in it, dig in it and it was always a chore when we tried to get him to come inside.  In the summer he enjoyed his time sun bathing on the deck while we played in the pool.   We tried and tried to get him to go swimming with us but he just wasn’t sure about it!  He enjoyed doing anything as long as he could spend time with us. He always knew when we needed some love and would come running with his doggie kisses.

Maverick went to sleep very peacefully and was with his family. He is at peace now and no longer in pain.  We miss him so very much.  He was such a presence in our home.  He was really an incredible, kind, loving, smart dog.  Our heart is broken.  Just wanted you to know he is at peace.  We cannot thank Denise Gosnay enough for uniting us with the best dog in the world.   He was our best friend.  Thank you for bringing him into our life.


Courtney giving Maverick hugs and kisses

Maverick                   Maverick

The blizzard in February 2010…He had the chance to play in his favorite stuff…SNOW!!




In Memoriam
Nine Years with Jazz, until 2/8/2010

JazzJazz was large and handsome, and walked with the confidence of a big dog muted by a sense of elegance and uncommon grace. Her long-haired German Shepherd appearance with strangers could seem fierce but was belied by a quiet, meek and submissive nature. Loyal and protective, to be sure, she was a loving and a sweet nudge at heart. Jazz was the centerpiece of our home.

Jazz arrived at our home in April 2001. I had applied for an adoption through the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. A very nice gentleman named Bill approved my application/home inspection and even selected Jazz for me. I recall he wanted to get her out of the kennels because she wasn't doing well and was very afraid. He said she was very sweet and would be good for me as a first time dog owner-with four cats in the house. All anyone knew was that Jazz had been found as a stray in West Virginia and "underground railroaded" to Maryland. Her history was completely unknown and her 4 or 5 years of age was guessed. I went to pick her up at the rescue's kennel. Someone brought her outside to meet me. Exhibiting what later constituted normal behavior, Jazz immediately laid down at my feet, lowering her head and looking up at me with a look that said 'I'm not worthy'. I was to find out that look was her usual act. I noticed her beautiful long plume tail wagging. I soon realized all I had to do was look at her or speak to her and that tail would be wagging. JazzWe were both nervous on the ride home, but thankfully only one of us threw up in the car on the way.

I very quickly learned a few things about Jazz--most of them amazing and a few, well, not so much. She was not a "normal" dog. She showed no interest in my cats or their food (in fact, very little interest in any food), she had no interest in toys, treats, other dogs, or doing much of anything except watching me, getting petted and lying down on the floor. She knew immediately that the newly purchased foam dog bed was for her and we soon had one in just about every room in the house. She seemed to want to be as un-intrusive and unassuming as possible while she always kept an eye on me. Within 2 days of bringing her home, it was evident she could be off leash. She always stayed close, wouldn't go in the street and knew our front door when we returned from walks.

We bonded quickly. She definitely had the loyalty behavior of the German Shepherd and it melted my heart every time. For instance, if we were on a walk, and I handed Jazz's leash to a friend and they tried to move away with out me, Jazz would just refuse to go. She could firmly plant herself to the spot when she wanted to. She had her quirks but she had me wrapped around her paw. Jazz could be willful and stubborn and knew how to her way but we easily established a routine and a harmony. She was low maintenance, didn't seem to know how to play or get along with most other dogs, and seemed most content lying in tall grass in a quiet place.

JazzShe was a gorgeous animal. Jazz sometimes seemed to appreciate and know when she was showing off as she ran and leaped, or stretched or stood on point. Countless strangers would stop and admire her. In the car, she would sit in the back seat and so many times at stop lights people in another car would call out to me to tell how beautiful she was or ask "what kind of dog is that?" or "Is she part wolf?". Naturally, Jazz was aloof and unaffected by the praise.

After almost 9 wonderful and amazing years with her, I saw her slowing down and having trouble breathing normally. An x-ray showed a tumor on her heart and we were told it wouldn't be long. As hard as it was to accept, I have to believe she was ready to go over.

She was loved by all who knew her. I was extremely blessed to have had her in my life.

I'll carry the memories of the glint in her eye and the swoosh of her magnificent tail every time she greeted me; her rare play in the snow and on trips into the woods; her calm demeanor and steady company; her protection and comfort over the years; her unconditional love and loyalty. I miss her beyond measure. I can and do believe she is in a better place without pain.

To the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, Bill and all the volunteers, I want to express my gratitude for your organization - what you do for so many is awesome.

Thank you to the special people and fur-friends of Jazz's who cared for her and enriched her life. I know you miss her too.



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