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Heidi (FKA Jo Jo)

Heidi We wanted to give a update on our dog Heidi, formerly known as Jo Jo, who we adopted in April 2014. When we first adopted Heidi, she was very shy around people and canines alike but obedience classes and regular trips to the dog park helped her to adjust to her new surroundings. Heidi is a very affection girl and loves to play. Some of her favorite things include walks in the city, car rides, playing with her buddies at the dog park, string cheese, playing hide and seek and distracting her doggie friends to steal their toys. She has responded well to training, obeying basic commands and performing several tricks such as 'roll over' and 'high five'. This summer we took Heidi on the trip of her lifetime driving out to Jim's hometown in Northern Minnesota. Heidi was so excited to join us on this 3 day trek across part of the country. Once we finally arrived, she met her best friend Claire, a German shepherd rescue and new member of Jim's parents' family. Heidi and Claire played for a week straight running around together and swimming in the lake. Heidi realized that although shes a good swimmer, she wasn't a huge fan of the water. Luckily Claire was there to cheer her on and encourage her!

Heidi has brought a tremendous amount of joy to our lives. She is an amazing companion to Jim and I. We look forward to what our future holds with Heidi by our side. Without MAGSR we would not have met this wonderful bundle of love. Thank you to the wonderful people at MAGSR and all you do for these dogs amd their families

Jim, Cecilia and Heidi

Heidi Heidi

Rueger (Now known as Smokey)

Rueger (Now known as Smokey)Dear MAGSR,

It has been 4 years since I left for my new home with the Brown Family!! I figured it was about time to give you all an update on how it's going. These people let me sleep on the sofas and beds, give me tons of treats, lay with me tons, and let me go virtually everywhere with them. They even take me to the creek where I get put on the long leash and get to swim. My family calls me a "water horse"...whatever that means.

I even have cat brothers named Bandit and The Kitwin. They're pretty cool, especially when they chase me around the house. And there are these bird things that live in the backyard. My family calls them chickens. I love those things! They never wander to far from me and when I lay down, they like to huddle right next to my sides.

I'm happier than I have ever been. Having a family is great and my human mom promised me I'd never be hungry or roaming the streets again. I like that promise.

Love, Rueger (Now known as Smokey)Rueger (Now known as Smokey)Rueger (Now known as Smokey)Rueger



Ronny with his favorite toyI thought you might be interested in some photos of grown-up Ronny. He did not get as large as my vet originally projected. He weighs about 58 pounds and is very lean from playing and hiking. The vet said (and I quote) "Ronny is in perfect condition." Unfortunately, his perfect condition enabled him to jump over a section of my fence, which required an extension to 6 feet to keep Ronny from visiting everyone in the neighborhood. I believe that he could easily jump over the 6 foot fence, but don't tell him that.

Ronny in his hatRonny is still very much a puppy. Never stops playing or kissing all of his people. He especially loves girls and women, possibly because of all the attention he receives from my daughter and her friends (even though they put hats on him). I call him the kissing bandit because he has to kiss every woman he meets -- especially the soccer girls who swarm him after games.

I never have any trouble finding someone to watch him and Tobin for a few days. One woman I know even asked to borrow him after a break-up. His fur was wet with tears when she brought him back. He's a very tolerant boy.

I think his sunny, affectionate disposition contributes to his wonderful life. He has many friends and admirers. I told my kids to emulate him.

He's also very smart. Does not forget anything. He has become a bit of a character. He started "talking" about a year ago and now has a vocabulary of many different sounds. Did I mention that he is the most jealous dog in North America?

BTW - he is very protective of Tobin. They often sleep next to each other and he asserts himself if another dog is aggressive near her.

He has learned the difference between little kids and older children. He is very gentle with the little ones and usually lays on the ground for them. On at least three occasions recently, someone has greeted him on a walk with "hello handsome" or "hello gorgeous."

As Ronny's 2nd birthday nears, I could not ask for a better companion. He is one in a 1,000,000 dogs.


PS - I do wish to emphasize one issue -- Ronny is not spoiled. We would never spoil him. I think our neighbors are spoiling him. Or maybe the soccer girls. It's not us.

Ronny hiking in the woodsRonny tucked in by his kids

Hi Everyone!

I realized it has almost been a year since I've given you an update on Baker!  We have accomplished so much in 2013!

Baker earned his Canine Good Citizen, passed the ATTS Temperament Test, was herding instinct certified, became the 25th AKC Canine Partner to achieve the Coursing Ability Advanced (CAA) title and the 6th AKC Canine Partner (in the world) to achieve the Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX) Title!   He became Certified Therapy Dog.  We were interviewed by Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel.  We have performed in 3 talent shows. We educated a Girl Scout Troop about dog training and care.  Baker has been my training partner for 2 Ironman Triathlons and continues to be the best running partner. We are currently training for a half marathon.   We also biked 100 miles on the C&O Canal last May. (I had a special dog trailer on the bike so he could ride if needed.) Oh, and we have started playing agility too! 

I guess you could say we like to keep busy!

This year we are working on earning our Rally Obedience Novice title and still pursuing the Coursing Ability Excellent 2 (CAX2) title (only 9 more qualifying legs to go). We are also going to try Barn Hunt and K9 Nosework this year.  Thank you again for letting me bring this dog "who be the person at the party with the lampshade on his head" into my life!  We are having a blast and will continue to pursue fun dog sports!

Kate and Ingomar Di Mancini Torsione Pane CAX, CGC, TT  (Baker)
Baker Baker


Hi Everyone!

Buddy here, just wanted to update you all about my new life since I was adopted! I went home with my mom and dad at the end of November and right away it felt like I'd been part of the family forever. They got me a fluffy, comfy bed, tons of new toys, and TREATS! I love treats and we use them to practice all of the commands I learned from my good pal Monty when I was in the kennel. Nobody was really sure how I'd be around kids, but mostly I just ignore them. I learned really quickly that they're not gonna hurt me! I LOVE meeting new people! I'm super protective of my mommy and I always follow her around to make sure nothing gets her! I love to "play rough" with daddy, and he keeps trying to teach me that I shouldn't nibble on hands…I'll figure it out eventually!

My new backyard is awesome and has lots of room for me to run around. When it snowed, I didn't want to come inside! I love when my dog friends come over to play, too! After a long play session I like to go inside and find the antler that mommy and daddy got for me. I could chew on that thing for hours! Mommy and daddy tried to get me to like laying on my doggie pillow while they watch TV at night, but I just want to be close to them. I got mommy to share her blanket with me (but really I steal most of it!) and I lay on the floor by her. At night, I like to lie down in my crate when I'm ready to go to sleep. Mommy saw how much I liked her big fluffy comforter, so she let me have it in my crate! Now it's my most favorite place (which is a good thing since sometimes mom and dad have to go to work). One of them always comes home to play with me and feed me lunch during the day, and I'm always SO SO HAPPY to see them! I love them so much that I decided they can let me off my leash and I'll stay right by them. I like to explore, but I always turn around to check where they are! They're always rubbing my belly and saying how much they love me and how happy they are that I came to live with them…hopefully they know I'm so happy too!

I LOVE riding in the car. Whenever we stop at a red light, I like to make the people in the cars around us laugh by sticking my tongue out at them and licking the windows! I don't really like barking, except for when someone comes to the front door. Daddy's car is really loud and I can always hear it when it's a few miles away. As soon as I hear it I run to the front door to wait for him! Oh, I should probably tell you guys that I only had ONE accident in the house and I learned right away to go to the back door when I need to go out! Mommy and daddy were super proud of me. I wanted to say thank you to all of the amazing MAGSR people who helped me out along the way, and who helped me find my forever family!





Hi MAGSR! Wanted to send you Katie's Christmas pic and let you know that She has settled in to her new home and is enjoying spending time with her new sister and Mom and Dad. She loves her daily walks with her sister where she gets to explore and meet the neighbors, and her favorite thing to do is hang out with us on her new comfy bed. She's learning about stairs, hardwood floors and kitchens - all things we think she never experienced before, and she's starting to trust that were not going to leave her in the backyard when she goes out to go potty. She is an absolute joy to have around and she and my female Shep have bonded perfectly. We're looking forward to her first Christmas with us and hoping that her sister Taylor finds a home soon. Well be taking her to obedience training soon ( more for her Dad than for her - she's already well trained!) and know that this will help a lot to build her confidence. We'll keep you posted in her progress!

Happy Holidays!
Julie, Pete, Kahlua & Katie





Hello from across the big pond,
It has been a long time and I wanted to send some Greetings from Brett and his Buddy Darwin all the way from Germany. As some of you might remember, we moved back in 2007 and thus Brett and Darwin have been full-blooded german German Shepherds. Brett was a MAGSR Dog while I had been volunteering and after the death of our dog Rusty, we decided to add another canine to our family. Six years later, I would like to send some photos and let you know, that he is doing really well and has become the best buddy of my other GSD/ Husky Mix Darwin. They love hiking, riding in the car and playing with other dogs- of which there are many here. One of the photos was taken in our yard with the whole pack of visiting buddy dogs. After a nice walk or hike, we like chilling out at some of the famous german beergardens or restaurants. Dogs are allowed in most restaurants and bistros- as long as they are well behaved- and they both are! Brett likes snoozing at my feet under the table until it is time to head home again. I want you to know that you are all doing an incredible job and I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of MAGSR and having found another loyal friend here- however stinky, muddy and hairy he and his buddy might be sometimes- Brett has been a great companion to us over the past few years. I would love to read our little story with pics on your "Success Story Page". I wish you all the best! Keep up the great work!!
Take care now,
Birgit, Brett and Darwin from Germany

Brett & Darwin Brett & friends

Brett & friends Brett & friends



In 2 weeks and a few hours (but who’s counting), it will be 1 year that our rescue, Jaylen, came into our lives.  When her foster mom brought her to the house to meet us, the first thing she did was sit between my husband and me, lean against us, and turn her head over her shoulder and look at us to show us those beautiful, soulful brown eyes.  We melted right away!    

At first, she followed me everywhere….and I mean EVERYWHERE.  She has this adorable habit of walking and turning her head back to make sure I’m there.  We nicknamed her “Comma Dog” since she folds herself in half while she walks.  At first, she would come to each side of the bed at night to make sure we were still around.  She has now blossomed into a beautiful, confident girl who has a prance in her step.  She LOVES tummy rubs and is a sucker for stuffed animals.  She’ll pounce on them, grab them in her mouth, and shake them into submission…LOL!

She is a wonderful addition to our family and we are in the habit of saying that our lives have never been the same since she joined us and we can’t imagine what our lives were like before her!!  She is truly a blessing!

Jill & Mike Burkoff



SimbaHi There!

Just thought I’d share this good news and photo of Simba, the GSD that you cross-posted for me!

Here’s a photo of Simba and his new daddy! His new daddy found Simba on your Rescue's site!!

Simba went off to NJ today and headed to wonderful home with a retired police officer! He had a GSD for 11 ½ yrs that died of pancreatic cancer. They surely hit it off today and I’m sure they will be life long partners....

Couldn’t be happier. Thank you sooooo much for the help and for cross-posting him for me!!

Whitney Lycoming County SPCA

Zara (fka Nala)

Greetings MAGSR: 

We have been meaning to sit down and write an update for quite some time.  We were fortunate enough to happen upon your organization last year just after we lost our beloved Kobe at the age of 10.  Losing him hit us extremely hard, but devastated Kobe's dog brother, Barkley who was a very young and healthy 16 years old.  We thought we would never get another dog because the loss was too much, but seeing Barkley depressed (and us too) made me start thinking we should consider another dog.  Somehow, as these things tend to happen, I stumbled across your website and saw the picture of Nala (now Zara) and immediately feel in love.  I wasn't sure if we were ready to adopt or what I thought about a German Shepherd with two small kids, but we thought we should meet her quickly because she was so beautiful that someone was surely going to take her.

As it turns out, Zara was not treated well and was in fact used to breed.  She was two (ish) years old and had already had at least two or three sets of puppies.  She was seriously underweight (65 lbs) and her body showed the wear and tear of nursing those puppies back to back.  But there was something so magical about her in her photos, particularly her eyes that made us so excited to meet her.  One of your hard working volunteers, Ed, was kind enough to drive Zara from DC to our house in Woodstock, MD.  ZaraFrom the second she jumped out of the car, we knew it was love at first sight.  She had a tough couple of days and stayed mostly away from the family, but then one day she came up to our bedroom and slept right next to the bed on the floor.  I will never forget the moment when I reached down to touch her back before she laid down and she put her head right into my hand.  I knew then and there that she was just as grateful to have us as we were to have her. 

She is a family dog, loving each of us just as much as the other.  She is the most gentle, well behaved "little" girl and is now a robust 84 pounds!!  I can not imagine having missed out on this opportunity to have "ZZ" as part of our family. 

Thank you to everyone at MAGSR for all that you do!  We will forever be grateful to you for bringing our Zara to us! 

The Pastras Family -
Bob, Shannon, Alexa, Ava and Zara

Zara Zara


Hello MAGSR! I thought it would be a good idea to update you on how I am doing. I turned 6 years old this past Sunday and my Mommy and Daddy took me
to the beach to celebrate - and boy did I! I chased lots of birds, made new friends and even saw a fox on the beach - just like home. There was a costume contest where lots of dogs dressed up in funny outfits. I laughed!

Mommy lets me wash the car (with extra hair), water the flowers (in my own special way, of course) and just run around the yard being silly. There's always lots to do and I get lots of love and attention from everyone.

It's been only two years since my new Mommy & Daddy adopted me from MAGSR and I've never been happier.

Thank you to all for making this happen for
me. I'm a very happy puppy!

Love, Shadow

shadow shadow shadow


WarrenHi Everyone,
It's been awhile since we updated you on our wonderful Warren. He is 5 and a half now, healthy, and somehow acts more like a puppy every day. Despite the fact that he goes on 5 mile jogs a few times a week, he weighed in recently at 110 LBS and the vet instructed us to get his weight down by about 10 lbs.  Big boy is now on a diet with his mama.
He does an awesome job of protecting our chickens and ducks, and has now, while visiting other friends saved 2 other families hens from fox attacks.  Recently while at a friends house they looked outside in time to see a fox taking away a chicken, yelled to Warren who was downstairs playing with the children, and he managed to get outside, chase the fox, get it to drop the hen, and literally escorted the hen back.

He is a bit OCD. Our routine in the mornings is that he gets into bed with us --"SNUGGLE TIME!" and chews (flea bites) the pillows all around our heads for about 15 minutes straight.

He is a total celebrity with friends and strangers, and whenever we need a sitter, our friends "fight" over who gets to babysit. He has several dog buds and is great with new pooches.. Hilarious story, one friend has a dog that is (for real) mentally handicapped. The vet said it should be put down as it jumps on shadows freaking out all day long. Warren walked up to that dog slapped his paw on its back, growled, and the dog just stopped. The owners say the only time it has ever made eye contact with anyone has been Warren.
Our farm Is growing, in the photo below, Wwarren is sitting in the newly planted vineyard. And exciting news! On Friday he will meet his 2 new "sisters" - 2 adopted kittens from a local shelter. More photos will have to follow...,

Cheers to you all,
Sage, Kurt and Warren

Kaiser (fka Dewey)

Hi MAGSR: Kaiser

Linda and I have had many dogs including 2 German Shepherds. We were dogless for 3 years after our Sydney (German Shepherd) passed. We loved them all and now have Kaiser (FKA Dewey).

We adopted him 12-16-09. He weighed in at 49 lbs. Very skinny, not now. He is up to 85 lbs and is one happy dog.

We take him to the doggy park every day and he loves to play with all other dogs, big and small alike. Kaiser has given us so much and has really made our lives rich and full.

Linda has mentioned the possibility of adding another rescue to keep Kaiser company and become a playmate. Who knows, this may happen.

Thanks to you at MAGSR for helping out both dogs and owners alike.

Linda, Martin and Kaiser

Baily (fka Brittney)

BaileyDear MAGSR,

We just received the DNA testing back for Bailey – she is part Shepherd as we knew and part ‘Catahoula Leopard Dog’ which is interesting because they too, are prone to hip dysplasia. She has been having problems that were initally diagnosed as PANO.

We just had Bailey’s hip operated on 10 days ago due to the ball slipping out of the socket and causing pain for her; turns out it wasn’t PANO after all. Her other hip will need surgery later this spring as well.

The fact she is having this done now as a pup is allowing her to bounce back quickly; she was running in back yard this morning putting 60% of her weight down on her repaired leg. We hope that her brothers and sisters were blessed with better hips, however, thought we should share just in case. The procedure she had done is called an FHO surgery and the vet says it will last ‘forever’. Bailey remains a happy dog and makes our family complete!! She will continue with her swimming therapy once the stitches are removed next week; there’s an indoor pool for horses and dogs out in Middleburg which we had started going to to help build her thigh muscles.

John A. Bounds


skyla, FKA majikDear MAGSR,

I took my ride from my foster home in Manchester to Olney two years ago, and life hasn’t been the same for me since.  
I came to a neighborhood where almost every other household has one or two dogs. They call this large group of dogs, The Dog Patch, I call it Dog Dreamland. I have my daily run in a big open field next to my home. The group could be small as six to seven or big as 20 or more. All sizes, shapes and breeds, amazingly, everyone plays well, a little conflict with feesbie chase, that is all about it. After the run, I would invite them to my house and offer water, milkbones, sometimes, Frosty Paws!! 

When the dog patch party is over, I would be guarding my backyard from deer, squirrel and other wildlife creatures, so I am keeping myself quite busy during the day. At night, I would be resting  in my favorite spot, a soft and long couch next to my human dad. I have my own plush bed, human bed looks very tempting, in the beginning, I couldn’t help myself for not trying, I am doing a little better now, but I still got put into a dog house because I thought no one saw it then no one knew it, hmmmm, I was wrong on that account.









I am the luckiest dog on the planet, because you, MAGSR, you have re-written my life for many happy chapters, I owe
you a lifetime of THANKS.

Thanks again,

Skyla and the Chamberlin family

Danny (fka Bandana)

Danny, FKA BandanaWell, I finally got what I always wanted...A family!!  My very own "furever" and ever.  The boy called Billy is my very best friend..he has promised to love me always. We play, walk, run and relax by each others' side.  I really love my boy and he definitely loves me. I just had to share my story...what a Christmas this is going to be!!!! 


Love to all and Happy Holidays,
Danny Berger




It's been just under 4 months since we finally brought Duke (fna Luxor) home. As you know when he was about 3 months old he was pick up by Imminent Danger Rescue in TN by Debbie Lewellen from a high kill shelter. Little is known about him prior to this other than most of his body was covered in the non-contagious Demodectic Mange (aka Red Manage). His feet were swollen, infected and he was running a fever. Duke

Debbie being experienced with these kind of rescues wasn't sure if he'd pull thru the weekend. He was a very sick puppy that somehow managed to make his way right into an angel's care. The outcome is nothing short of a miracle. Within a couple weeks his skin started to turn from red to pink, the swelling went down, and hair started to grow back.Duke

Six weeks after she picked him up he was well on his way to a beautiful full coat of fur. No scarring. A transport request went out at MAGSR and one volunteer answered the request. Debbie personally made the long trip to Northern Virginia to meet with Duke's transporter who would then take him to a foster while he cleared for adoption.

I've been told more than once that you don't pick the dog, the dog picks you. This couldn't be more true. After weeks of looking at adoptable dogs on the website we narrowed our choice down to two dogs. However, after transporting Duke to the foster family, my son only confirmed what I was feeling when he said “I really want that one” on the way back home. DukeIt was an unspoken connection. The next day we got the news we were approved to adopt, our choice wasn't hard. DukeIt wasn't long before we were bringing Duke into his furever home! In a world were there is so much destruction and devastation, MAGSR has opened up the window to show how amazing the world is with volunteers, fosters and other rescues working together for a common cause. We are furever changed!

DukeDuke is now just over 9 months old and weighing just over 90lbs. He tucks his boy in bed every night, and LOVES his peanut butter biscuits! Worlds away from where he was six months ago. THANK YOU again for everything that you and Debbie have done to bring him home and make our family complete!Duke



Hello!  After a little over 7 months, we figured it was time we gave everyone an update on how Dolce was doing.  She is WONDERFUL!  I personally have never owned a dog with more personality and who keeps us laughing literally every, single day. 

In the beginning, Dolce was a true handful when we first got her and has done a complete 180 (and I mean, a total turnaround) since that day in late March when we picked her up!  Due to her back story of really having little to no time with her mommy and being thrown out in the cold on the street, she was a little coo-coo upon arrival to our home...she was quite nippy all the time, not always the nicest to us, still slightly agressive with her food and toys, quite bossy and mannerless.  I did extensive research on trainers who specialized in working dogs and could deal with a young but LARGE puppy who was a little, well, very stubborn.  Thanks to our vet we found an amazing group in Frederick, MD called Canine Obedience Unlimited (if anyone is looking for a great trainer, go to Morris "Moe" Lindesey).  After session one, we took home a different dog.  Dolce completed three private but intense sessions with him from June through July and has made amazing strides since then.  She sits, lays down, comes and places on her place board on command.  It was not only enlightening for her but for us also...we truly bonded with her and she nows fully trusts us as her owners which had made her behavior just turn around.  While she is still a little skittish of strange people and strange doggies, she loves anyone once she's met you once...she never forgets a face, or a smell I should say.  She will be starting group classes soon so she can learn more about interacting with people and other pups.  Our trainer even said if we kept up with her training she could potentially work on agility or some type of further command work! 

Dolce has become quite the cuddler at night and has gone from sleeping in her crate to now sleeping with us...she goes right to bed when we tell her too.  Well, sometimes she'll give you a small quiet bark and look at you like "do I have to?"  She usually falls asleep on the floor but ends up on the bed completely attempting to take over the entire thing.  Which is possible considering she weighed in at 76 lbs on her last vet visit...she has a slim body but is extremely tall! 

Shes loves to chew her bones, loves her "ring", her ball and just about any toy you could give her.  She's gone from not giving them up easily to "leaving it" on command and just waiting for you to pick it up to play.  She also has an obsession with the flashlight...we could have fun chasing that for hours and hours. 

So, to end this long story we just love her!  The cats love her too, even though they don't always act like it...she sees them eating her food and drinking out of her water and sometimes she'll just stand there and wait for them to finish.  All in all, she's like a daughter for us and we thank MAGSR for allowing us to be her parents!
Dolce Dolce




ripley ripley

Hello! We keep meaning to write in and tell you about how wonderful our baby is doing, but then she distracts us yet again and we forget. We adopted Ripley (fka Alice) back in March of this year and it has been a joy ever since. She is loving, friendly, smart, and wild; all the things a wonderful puppy should be! Ripley has graduated from puppy class and we still continue to work with her as much as possible so as to keep up with her newly learned skills. She was also quick to learn what breakfast, dinner, and night-night mean as well! Ripley has been a great companion for me, as Estefan travels often. Her fur-brother Sam, is still in charge of the house, and even though he only weighs 9.5lbs (in comparison to her 47), Ripley has no problem following his lead. Ripley has never met an adult, child, or dog that she doesn't like. She is still quite unsure about our cat, but we are working on getting them used to each other. Ripley loves to snuggle, play with her squeaky football and tennis balls, and chew on any bone she can find. Since she loves to chew so much still, our house has multiple bones on each floor so that she doesn't get bored and decide to chew on something else (like a wall again). We could not have asked for a better puppy and I cannot wait to see the amazing adult dog she is going to become. Thank you so much for providing us with the missing piece of our household!

We did a doggie DNA kit on Ms. Ripley too! It came back as mostly shepherd and share pei mix. Then there was part of her that was undetermined, but they detected small amounts (less than 10%) of five other breeds. Bernese Mountain Dog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Vizsla, Lancashire Heeler, and American Bulldog.

ripley ripley






We are so very proud of our Donna, the class was a breeze. We love her so very much and cannot thank your all enough for all you do for this wonderful breed,  the best breed of all time and we just love our Donna.  She is such an angel and brings so much joy,


Forever Grateful,


Duane and Daughter Jennifer.



Breezy: How a dog healed our family.

When my husband and I were first married, we adopted a 9 month old Lab-Chow mix and named her Maggie. Maggie was our baby for 9 years, until we welcomed our first human child into the world, Kai. Kai was very sick. She received a life-saving liver transplant at 4 months old, donated to her by her father. We spent more than a year constantly in and out of the hospital, which was 2 hours away from where we lived. Poor Maggie, who had severe separation anxiety, was sent to live with family in Ohio until the ordeal was over. When she came back, our sweet, gentle and loving 60lb lap dog was severely depressed and aggressive toward our young daughter. We were forced to gate her off in a different section of our home to keep both dog and baby safe. Additionally, Maggie had developed some health issues of her own. 

Time went by and, with the addition of our 2nd human child, Maggie was less aggressive but, still withdrawn and her health issues were increasingly worse. We decided that adopting another dog might help ease the pain of what we saw as her inevitable passing and, we hoped, give her a companion… even though she had not often been fond of other dogs in the past.

We adopted Breezy from MAGSR and brought her into our home, thinking the next few months would be a rough ride! To our surprise, it was like she had always been there. Even more, Maggie miraculously came out of her shell and has started socializing with the family and seeking attention… even snuggling with our children and playing with Breezy! Breezy has also become a close companion to our daughter, patiently wearing tiaras and suffering through "labs" when my daughter acts out her experience with routine medical testing. She is my constant shadow and just fits so well into our home. She is the missing link we didn't know was missing. 

Thank you, MAGSR, from the bottom of our hearts! Some might say Breezy was lucky to be rescued but, we feel like the lucky ones to have her!




brodie brodie

brodie brodie

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with  Brodie!  Remember reading about him when he was up for adoption? Manners: none, nada, zilch!! Guess who left a kennel , moved into a house with a “clean freak” and has never made a mess?! He spent the first few months sleeping at night with his head under the bed for whatever reasons! He never lost his disdain for other animals and flunked out of obedience training on the first day. What more could you ask for!!  He is a perfect fit for our family of 3! Two adults and one dog who will forever be trying to move up in rank!!

The Carmichaels


chance chance

chance chance

Good Morning to our friends at MAGSR!! Tomorrow our family will be celebrating our one year anniversary with our Chance.  He came to us as Edward and we are so glad he did! Boy has he grown! He is getting to be such a big boy with a lot of spunk.  Thank God we have four children who can keep him busy!! I am attaching a photo from his first day in his new home and a few of Chance E. DeFeo all grown up with his brother and sisters :) He loves to play with the kids, he has a lot of patience, he loves playing "super-dog" my 3 year old dresses Chance up as a super hero(see photo) as they run around the house together.  Thank you for giving us Chance.  He is loved beyond measure :)

Sincerely, Julie and Ron DeFeo -- Isabella, Mia, Gemma and Sebastian


This isn’t a question as much as it is a Thank You. I adopted Jackie in 2005 and she is a beloved part of our family. I have so many people tell me what a great dog she is, and I have you to thank! I’ve forgotten who made all the arrangements for us, but I’m grateful. Please share the attached picture with your staff. Thanks, Marc Koble


Hello MAGSR - So very sorry for the delay in a report on Adair. She is wonderful!!!!! Such a little sweetheart!!! She loves Ernie (her Shepherd companion) and her human family. From the first time we met, it was as if Adair had always lived with us. She and Ernie bonded immediately. They share their toys, play together, sleep together and behave as if they grew up together. She is our precious little pup and we love her dearly. You should see the way she gazes into my husband's eyes - - too cute!!!!

Adair and I go for walks daily and have been working with a trainer. She is sooooooo smart and just wants to please. It has been such a joy to be with her. I can see how much she has relaxed and has developed a sense of trust since she has come home with us. Everyone who comes through our door immediately falls in love with Adair.

I cannot say thank you enough to all of the people at MAGSR who took care of Adair before she came into our lives. It was obvious when we first met that she had been treated with great care and tenderness.

Thank you for the opportunity to adopt through MAGSR. We have shared our experience with everyone !!! What great dogs and what a wonderful organization !!!!
Mary G


RexHello Everyone!!

Rex here! It's been a little over 2 months, so just wanted to let everyone know how I am doing... I am doing GREAT!! These humans that I picked are really working out for me. There are two big ones and two little ones. There is another dog too!! He is very little, a dachshund, but older, so I give him some respect. I have a blast playing with the little humans and the big ones too. I am getting plenty of exercise, a nice long walk first thing in the morning, and another nice long walk in the evening. I get to go to parks almost everyday as the little humans are playing some sports, which is doubly good, as I love to ride in the truck!! During the time that the bigger ones are at work and the little ones are at school, I have a nice big crate that I am very happy with. I think it shocked them that I went right in it when they opened the door!!! I also have a nice comfy bed to sleep on at night. I am finally over my food allergies as they are giving me better food and some kind of oily pill to help my skin. I feel so much better!!! They also took me to a doggy doctor and I had a good check-up, got the pills for my skin, heartworm stuff, and some other stuff to keep the fleas and ticks away.
They have been giving me some training, which I really like. They didn't know I was listening, but I heard the trainer say that I was GREAT in training, very receptive, and learned quickly!! I have the basic commands down, and now that I know what is expected of me, my walks are AWESOME!! I walk on a loose leash and I am very focused. I am looking forward to some more advanced training.
So, like I said, just wanted to let you know how I was doing and how happy I am!! I'll be sure to stay in touch!

Take Care,


Rex Rex
Rex Rex
K9 Calypso (fka Brooke)

CalypsoHello everybody at MAGSR!!!  Calypso here!  Just wanted to share my success story with everyone. 

I was placed in my foster home back in April, 2010.  Well needless to say I was only there two days when my foster Mon knew she couldn't let me go!!  On April 11, 2010 I was adopted by my Mom and brother K9 Rocky. 

I would watch as Mom would do K9 training with Rocky and thought "Hey I can do that!!"  Sure enough, Mom started doing Explosive Detection training with me and wouldn't you know it--I'm really good at it. 

I have just been certified as an official Explosive Detection K9.  I will be working for the Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office helping K9 Rocky with his daily duties.  In addition, I will also  be working with Mom at the Port of Baltimore checking supplies that go on the cruise ships before they sail out.  I am having the best time!!!  Everybody at work loves me and tells me how pretty and smart I am.  Here are some pictures of me at work and at play!! 

Hugs and Kisses to all the MAGSR volunteers who made it possible for me to have this great life I deserve!!!
K9 Calypso

Calypso Calypso



TamuTamu is so happy to welcome spring 2011!  March has been a temperature roller coaster, and Tamu had to wear a coat one day to brace freezing temps, but the next day was looking for a cool drink in her 80 degree yard.  I adopted Tamu in 2009 -- a senior girl at 10 years.  Tamu will be 13 in three and a half months.  I think old dogs are the best!  Tamu agrees.  Thanks for rescuing such a great dog!

I've attached a few photos of Tamu taken in the last few weeks. She's slowing down, but still looks great for 12 3/4 years!

Thanks, Corey


KODA (fka Tahoe)

Hi MAGSR - attached are two photos of Koda (FKA Tahoe) who we adopted last August. He is our 2nd MAGSR dog. He is doing so well and now, at 10 months, is up to 63 lbs.! We are working with a personal trainer on his manners. He is a very quick learner and just wants to please. He loves his crate, Nylabones, our cats, nephews and neighbor's dog! His favorite pastime is to peel tennis balls like a banana and then chew on them. As you can see from the photo he also loves lap time and showing his "smile" (but only when upside down). He is still very lean, which is why we got him the outdoor coat for cold day walks. A typical Shepherd, he follows us everywhere. Usually he settles nearby with a chewbone to keep busy. We have trained him to go into his crate when the cats get fed, and then wait his turn. This is also to help him understand his place in our pack. Sometimes he is a true puppy and gets distracted, but a calm command usually gets him back on track. We are consistently teaching him "no chew" when he wants to gnaw on people. When the phone rings and caller ID announces, he roo-roos along. Very cute. We are so happy to have him as part of our family! Please send a tail wag and puppy kiss to Kathleen, his foster mom.

Best regards,
Jessica & Kurt


Season's Greetings 2010


Marrisa - Adopted 12/29/2006
by MaryEllen & Fred Ritzmann.
She lover her toys!








Nicole came from Dead Dog Beach.  MAGSR stepped up to the plate and said yes!  we will help.  And I am so grateful that you did because from that I have a loving and amazing dog.  You would think she would have some issues or such from the horror of her time on Dead Dog Beach but she doesn't - she shows her family unconditional love every single day.  The vets said she was 5 or 6 at the time I adopted her which would put her upwards of 9 or 10.

Nicole has Degenerative Myelopathy.  A horrible disease but only saving grace is it is basically pain free for her.  It has become progressively worse over that last month or two.  It doesn't allow Nicole much movement in her back end anymore and she basically pulls herself around.  Last Friday her new "wheels" arrived.  She is still getting used to them and she only uses them when we go out for a walk to get her some much needed excercise but I am excited at the mobility it has given back to her.  Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Nicole and her new wheels.

Thanks for all you do for the Shepherds that need homes.

Amy J. Hudson

Racy (f/k/a "hope")


MAGSR adoptee Racy ( the white shepherd in the photo) and her non-MAGSR brother Toby, both 4 1/2 years old, have been certified as therapy dogs under the auspices of The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. They live in Southern New Jersey where they visit an assisted living facility with elderly residents.

John Beckerman


Hello MAGSR,

In October, 2006. We adopted Cisco. He is such a fun dog. He loves to hike, run, eat, go fishing, and play video games too. He swats at the controller while I play x box. He loves to play basketball. He's more of a defensive player. When you score he howls. He likes to sleep on my bed and push me off to get all the room he can get. We got him trained a few months after we got him and he listens so well. He likes to have snowball fights because we moved to Stow, MA. He makes everyone smile and he loves attention. He wants to be part of the gang when my friends and I hang out, when we open the door to go to the basement he sprints down and lays down next to where we all sit and chill. He's also like an american express card, can't leave home without him. He loves riding in the car. Cisco has become one of my best friends. He has been a cricial part of my family and continues to be. We love him.

Thomas Matty



This is ‘Max’. I was able to adopt him from your organization in July 2009 and we have been best buddies ever since. We walk every day (when it’s not too hot!), he plays in the yard and with the kids next door and to be sure…almost everyone in Annapolis knows Max from our walks around town! Strangers will pull over, in their cars, just to tell me how handsome he is! Max is super well behaved, trained and obedient and we fit each other’s lifestyle and personalities perfectly! He is the most wonderful dog and friend a person could hope for. Thank you for rescuing Max and allowing him and me to take care of one another.

Michael E. Barrett
Annapolis, Maryland


Dear MAGSR Friends,

THANK YOU for Zoe - you could not ask for a better dog than Zoe to help us adjust after the loss of our most beloved shepherd/rottweiler Willemina a year ago. We are so lucky to have been the ones to adopt her.  After just weeks, her food obsession, her extreme fearfulness waned, she is thriving by running and playing with her new pal as much as she can stand (and I have the running tracks worn bare to prove it!), and then snoozing in the shade. Increasing her food intake to match her energy output let her put on some weight, and she has filled out beautifully, sleek and muscular. She is just full of love of life. Everything is of great interest to her, and she is most interested in life around her - boats on the water, water birds swimming and flying - everything, until it's snuggle time.  All the "flags" are gone - no fear aggression, she approaches strangers with interest and without fear (about 95% of the time, save for some "flashback" times she seems to have), can actually walk away from food when she'd rather play, and even goes to the Vet without hesitation. She has become the most affectionate, loving, tender, devoted, playful companion you could ever ask for, and we feel truly privileged to share our lives with her. She is a gem. Thank you again for having saved her for us and her new pack buddies, Beatrix and Juliana.

P.S. Zoe does not like the heat, is definitely a dog who likes her air-conditioning and cool tiles, and although she shows great interest in the water has yet to get in it past her elbows or swim.


Hello MAGSR,

I just wanted to drop you an update on Cooper (fka Fritz).
Cooper is doing great. We have him off leash on our property all of the time now which was one of our biggest goals through his obedience training. We have 8 acres and he is having a great time sniffing out critters, running like the wind, playing hide and seek with his people and wading in streams. I won't say that acclimating to country life was easy because he had much anxiety about most other animals and about being alone. My husband and I worked together with Cooper as we've never worked before with a dog and we continue to make progress every day. Of course we have long since fallen in love with him and I think about the individuals at MAGSR that helped us in bringing him home. Thank you all so much!!!

Tracey Hamilton
Paul Meisel

Cole & Melo


Hi, this is a follow up post for the 2 dogs we have recently adopted.

Cole (FKA "Nate") was adopted in October and has turned into a great dog! he is smart, loyal, and loving and a great big-brother to Melo (FKA "Aries) whom we adopted 2 weeks ago.

Melo is healthy and growing and as you can see in the photo, they love each other and spend all day playing. They both love to fetch although Melo likes Cole to fetch and then jumps on him till he drops the ball :) She is doing very well with house-breaking. They both love to go on walks and receive lots of attention from our 3 boys.

We are very grateful to MAGSR for providing us with our newest family members!!

Lisa and Mickey Abrams
Jake, Matt, and Bennett Abrams 

Tullia Ainbeal


Tullia Ainbeal in front - Keena Fiona in middle - Finnigan Brady in back

Tullia Ainbeal fka Tuesday joined our clan in June 2009. I sponsored her when she came into MAGSR. Several months later I had the opportunity to become her case advocate. I spent several weeks taking her out on day trips. I fostered her and adopted her a week later. She fits right in with my GSD's. She is one special sweet girl and we adore her. She loves to sing and we just sing along with her. Everyday with her is such an enjoyment. Thanks you MAGSR for bringing her into our rescue. Diane & Jack Hanson






Hey this is Maya. If you scroll into your way back pictures you will see that in 2000 my name was Mariah. I know that you post new adoption stories here, but I thought that you might like to know that this summer I am celebrating my ten year anniversary with my forever family. I have a new job too - guarding my new babies.







Greetings to everyone at MAGSR from Willow (f/k/n as Leah) the dog too aggressive to adopt.  As you can see I have found a warm loving family far away from those noisy kennels that caused me so much stress.   Although I have only been with my new family for about a month it seems like I have been a part of it for ever.  I am so thankful that Sandy, Ryan and Janice took a chance with me and found me a forever home. 

In a month I have learned sit, stay, down, come, speak, shake, roll, off, up and halt. I also love to howl when I hear a harmonica.  My mommy and daddy say I am the best healing dog they ever had!  I love to go for walks and guess what?  When we go out now—I am left off my leash to play and lay in the grass or leaves and just enjoy being outside.  I get to go everywhere with my family-- walks, picnics and I love truck rides although they make me very sleepy.  Except for a little fear of strangers—which I am getting over everyday, I have a great life and am far from the starving and scared little girl you all remember.    I just wanted to say thanks and never give up on any of your other kids—they just need your special help to find their forever home just like me.  Have to go, daddy just got out the ball and its time to play!







Hello to all of my friends at MAGSR,

It is my favorite time of year, my birthday, which also means it is time for my yearly update!  I am now six years old and have been with my forever family for four years - I can't believe how quickly time has gone by!  It has been a busy year for all of us and I am proud to say that I am a big sister!  Last April my mommy was huge, went away for three weeks, and came back a lot smaller and with two little babies.  I missed her so much and was nervous when she was gone and I was more than a little suspicious when my daddy kept bringing home little blankets and knit hats for me to smell.  One of the first things we did when my mommy and the babies came home was go for a walk, just the six of us.  I wasn't crazy about walking near this long stroller thing, but I have gotten used to it now. 

That was so many months ago and now these babies are moving around and are very interested in me.  I can't blame them, I am very soft and cute, but sometimes I just want my space.  Mommy and Daddy keep saying how proud they are when I get up and walk away from the babies when I want to be alone and feel nervous.  But I don't feel so nervous around the babies anymore, I even let Maya play with my feet! 

I still get two long walks a day, sometimes just with Daddy, sometimes just with Mommy, and now that it is getting warmer sometimes all six of us get to go out.  Those are my favorites!

I still have to go to the ophthalmologist for yearly check ups because my left tear duct doesn't work, but my doctor says I am the best case she has seen, no ulcers or damage to my eye and only a little bit of discomfort.  I am one of her favorite patients because I am so good, I let her check me out with weird lights and she puts these crazy drops in my eyes and I just sit pretty and enjoy the pets and kisses from my parents. 

I included some pictures of me and my siblings from this past year, I hope you enjoy them!

Barks and kisses,
Hilary Manger

Sassy Sassy




Hello from Sassy’s forever family!

It has been way too long since we have been in touch, but plan to change that!!  Sassy, who we adopted in August 2008, is doing great!  I’m finally getting around to sending pictures.  Sassy

The one on top of Mt. Champlaine was from our trip to Bar Harbor in September 2008.  Sassy was so much fun because she loves the car and was a great traveler.  The three of us hiked to the top of the mountain and took in great scenery. 

The snow picture is from the blizzard of 2010.  Sassy is not intimidated by big drifts – she just bounds through them like a deer. 

Finally, the picture with “Duck” is special because she still has the duck we bought from the store at the kennel the day we adopted her.  I had to do a little surgery once, but it is surviving.  We call it her “Happy Duck” because whenever Sassy gets excited when she knows, or even thinks, she is going for a walk or in the car, she grabs Happy Duck and runs around the house squeaking it.

Best to all of you and to you, Elizabeth (Sassy’s coach),
Rick and Deb Kahley






Reggae is doing good.  He has a very sensitive stomach and has to visit the vet often sometimes, but he has grown into one handsome little boy.  He is loved wherever he goes, and is very spoiled by all who comes into contact with him.  We were in wine country a few months ago and he went swimming, however, when a seal came to close to the shore, he ran back and sat near my feet :)

Obi Rogers





This is “little” Marlowe checking in from my new forever home. It is hard to believe I’ve been here more than two months! MarloweI’ve found out I love climbing snow plow mountains, and sometimes even sliding down the other side, if I don’t run down them! Yes, ME, climbing snow hills on all four legs! Mom says I’m a living snow removal tool-you should see me dig. I love playing in the snow so much, almost more than tracking all the birds, squirrels, and deer—but only almost!

The hair has grown back on my back right leg, and it takes a LOT to convince me I can’t play and walk all day yet because I feel so good, and I don’t limp at all, except when I overdo it!

I’m getting along better with the two cats, sometimes the boy Fetch will even keep me company when I sleep quietly out in the living room. I even see Shadow sometimes now, and she is a very shy cat, so we’re making a lot of progress. They both watch me play with my toys (from a distance), and I LOVE toys, especially the ones I can chase, chew, or that make noise!

I really have to thank all my friends at MAGSR for making my leg better, I LOVE being able to use all four legs, and not hop around on three legs, I have so much more playing instead of watching everybody else!

Thanks again—Marlowe and her family.


Elliott (FKA sergio)

Hello MAGSR!

During the Summer of 2007, my husband and I went to a MAGSR facility to find a companion for our very active Shepherd mix, Lance. Lance had the opportunity to meet several of the dogs and ended up picking an 8-month old Shepherd/Rottweiler mix called Sergio, who we named Elliott. Honestly, we were pretty skeptical of Lance's choice.

Elliott was beyond shy. Just about anything would send him running for cover. Any type of large movement scared him. Noises louder than a whisper scared him. elliotThe dishwasher, washing machine, and the doorbell scared him. Papers on my desk scared him. Dog toys and chewies really scared him. And men, particularly tall ones, were particularly frightening. For the first  month, we couldn't even look at him, never mind touch him without him "high-tailing" it. During the first six months, if we let him outside to play/potty, he would refuse to come back inside unless we left the door open and went to another part of the hourse where he couldn't see us (and it would sometime take hours of him standing by the open door and looking in but refusing to come inside).

Taking him to the vet was hugely traumatic. I dispaired that he would ever become anything resembling a "normal" dog. But love and patience and more love gradually made the difference. Here we are two years later, and Elliott is the most loving, gentle-spirited, obedient dog you could imagine. He is my velcro dog, following me every where I go and giving me hundreds of "drive-by" licks every day. He loves to be hugged and allows my husband to pick him up. He rough-houses and chases a ball (and brings it back!). Now when I'm washing dishes or clothes, he's right there with me "helping."

When it's time to go to to the vet, he's the first one at the door and the first one in the car. He knows many hand signals, as well as voice commands and is always happy to do what he's asked. His severe shyness has miraculously transformed to exuberant rambunctiousness. His favorite trick is to leap into the air (all 75 lbs of him) and plant a kiss on my check, without touching me with the rest of his body. He and Lance chase each other and wrestle for hours. As I write this, he is contentedly lying at my feet, looking up every so often to give me "love eyes." 

Thank you MAGSR for our wonderful dog!!  

Victoria Victor 




We are happy to report that Doug (Cindy's Good Ol' Georgia Boy) adopted in September 09' has adjusted well to his new family & occupation.  Doug is now a Legal Assistant at the Fury Law Center & goes to work with his father, mother, & sister, Rosalie (adopted in 02'), although he is still not too sure about wearing a tie!  Rosalie has been busy showing Doug the ropes around the home & office.  The two of them have become inseparable.  She is his Queen & he is her Jester!  They spend a good part of the day rehearsing for Wrestle Mania!  We enjoy their antics so much.  We are indebted to everyone who helped the Fury Fur Family to grow!   

Rose Marie, Andrew, Doug & Rosalie Fury 




Hello MAGSR!

Sorry you have not heard from us in such a long time! We( the ross family) adopted our Beau 5/25/08. What a wonderful 12 months its been! Beau is the best thing i could have ever asked for. He is completely different from the dog you probably remember.

The scared, skinny, timid little pup you matched us up with has done a complete 180! You wouldn't believe that his ribs are no longer visible, his coat now shiny and soft, and how he grew 4 inches taller! When we brought him home he literally inhaled is food. To battle this problem we purchased a chambered bowl to slow him down, many months later this food crazed dog was suddenly very picky.

In between multiple visits and calls to the vet, we switched foods trying to find the perfect flavor thinking that he was just a VERY picky eater. When nothing seemed to make him interested in ANY food (we tried hot water, wet dog food, plain yogurt), we got worried. Finally, we figured out that he had an acid stomach. This condition made his appetite disappear, when he didn't eat the acid level increased and when the acid level increased he did not want to eat. To counteract this vicious circle we started giving him costco brand acid reducers, the problem disappeared. We still had to deal with the mental barriers he was facing, he thought that it was his right to get a special dinner! Just recently he has started eating plain, dry kibbles. Currently he is Merrick Wilderness Blend.

His stool is still a problem, he takes an anti-diarrhea pill with each meal to keep that lovely stool firm! We also give him a cup of plain yogurt everyday to help his digestive system.

As far as training goes he is doing well. We immediately started going to arrowwood shepherds for training a few weeks after we adopted him. For 4 months Beau attended training nearly every Sunday. When school started up it was harder to get over to Wes's house every weekend, however to keep his mind fresh i worked with him on his recalls, extended stays, and 'heel' everyday. We plan to get started up again soon. Beau is doing terrific with his obedience.

His timid attitude toward life is receding. His fearful behavior is almost a thing of the past. Recently, he has started approaching strangers something he would never do. The cowering, tail tucked behavior is also gone. This Beau is nearly fearless.

On average, he gets about 2 miles of walking everyday. All this exercise gives him a lean, muscular build. He still eats the 4 cups a day he started out on! He definitely benefits from the time spent out of the house and the exercise. Every time I walk him people stop me to admire my 'BEAUtiful dog'!

All in all, Beau has blossomed into a rambunctious, curious, witty, intelligent, cuddly, friendly 2 year old. I wish you could see him now! Beau really opened our eyes to the world of scared dogs and their need for love and stability. We as a family are interested in helping other dogs of this nature. If you all get word of any skinny, scared dogs please do not hesitate to contact us as we would LOVE to help another shepherd overcome the fear and anxiety he or she may be plagued with. Thanks for everything!


Ellie, Nellie, Tony, Mae, Morgan, Tasha and Beau





Hi everyone,
Pete and I wanted to send you an update on Roscoe who we adopted on Valentine's Day.  Roscoe has settled very nicely in our home.  He gets along with the resident kitties and even plays with them when they let him!  He loves to play with his toys (especially the squeeky ones) and has a whole basket of them to keep him entertained.  He loves to go on long walks and especially enjoys hiking.  He loves the trails at the local park and even gets in the creek to cool himself off when he is really hot! 
Most of all, Roscoe is a big love bug!  He plays with all the neighborhood children and when I take him out for walks they all come over to pet him and play with him.  He also has many doggie pals in the neighborhood and especially loves his pug pal Winston.  The more people and doggies around for Roscoe to play with, the better!
Thank you so much for letting us bring Roscoe into our lives.  We couldn't ask for a better companion and we love him very much. 
P.S.  Roscoe is very camera shy and usually won't let us take pictures of him.  Too bad because he is such a handsome pup!  But, I was able to get one or two to share with you. 


Crystal and deisel



It's been a little over a year since we've met all the wonderful people and dogs in MAGSR. Since we brought home Crystal. The once very scared skinny 50 lbs lil miss is now an 80 lb confident brilliant and loving dog everyone new she could be.
8 months after Crystal joined our family, we fostered Deisel fka Dunn (with twin brother Brooks), who came into this rescue so sick the vet gave him 24-48 hrs to make it thru his pneumonia. My husband slept on the floor with him everynight for those critical 24-48 hours and then some. Once we knew Deisel was gonna make it, it was absolutely evident that he had already chose us as his family. He and Crystal have completed our family like no one ever thought.
Thank you all so much for all you do for these VERY SPECIAL pups.

Love & Peace,

Jamie, Mark, Conner
Crystal, Deisel





Gracie has completed her training and is adjusting well. She is so sweet and is very

affectionate and is getting very spoiled! She loves my husband and followers

him everywhere. We just love her and she is wonderful company.

Please know that we are taking very good care of her.



Dec, 2009




Dec, 2009


Thank you for bringing Sawyer and myself together. I am pleased to report that he passed his
obedience training class this fall. I plan to enroll him in agility training in the spring.







Dec, 2009


We adopted Sting in 2001 and he continues to be the love of our life!

We can not thank you enough!  Happy New Year!


Jerry & Peggy Calabrese






Shredder (FKA Trinket)
Dec, 2009

On her favorite boat on the bow


To the nicest people in the world:

We love Shredder to death. She is so much fun, so full of personality. Shredder loves frozen
peanut butter bones, long walks, squirrel watching, playing with other dogs, or us! 
Thank you so much for saving her.


The Grim Family







Dec, 2009


The Gargiulo Family




Naomi & Trevor

Naomi and Trevor playing in their back yard.
Dec, 2009


The Pools
Jeff,Sandy, Shawn
Naomi & Trevor


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