2023 MAGSR Calendar Contest

That's right! It's back! It's time for the 2023 MAGSR Calendar Contest.
Vote for your favorite pup TODAY!
It's your chance to make your favorite dog famous!

Photo Submission has ended. Time to vote!

Here are the candidates!

Voting will be open until Midnight, August 29th

  • $5 = 5 votes, $10 = 12 votes, $20 = 25 votes
  • Votes will be tallied and updated regularly
  • Indicate who you're voting for in the text box below when you submit payment 
  • The top 12 pictures will each get their full size picture on a calendar month of the year.
  • Based on vote totals, we will allow up to 1/2 of the photo winners to be pictures that do NOT contain MAGSR dogs. So even though we will accept an unlimited amount of Non-MAGSR dog photo submissions, we will only have 6 spots in our calendar for these... after all, it is the MAGSR calendar! ;-) .
  • Memorial Photos may be submitted until voting closes (see Guidelines).

You may pay for all your photo submissions and votes all in the same transaction below.
If just voting, leave the "# of pictures being submitted' value at zero.
If just submitting pictures, leave the '# of votes being purchased' at zero.

# votes being submitted: @ 5 votes for $5 , 12 votes for $10, 25 votes for $20
# Memorial Pictures being submitted:  @ $3 each
I'd also like to make a donation to MAGSR of: $

********* IMPORTANT *********

In the box below, include the #'s of the dog picture(s) you are voting for and the # of votes per picture (if splitting vote across multiple pictures). For Memorial photos, include the name(s) of the dog(s) you are submitting and a short (1-3 line) caption about each photo.
(Please erase the sample text in the box below before typing in your information!).

You will not be able to make changes to the amounts or message in PayPal, so make sure you update the message box above and enter the correct selections before clicking the PayPal button above.


  Photo Rules and Guidelines:

  • Photos should be clear, not blurry, crisp, sharp and in focus. Do not send resized, cropped or edited photos.
  • We will not be accepting any photos containing inappropriate objects such as beer cans or an image that could be interpreted as being an advertisement of a product.
  • Please, no humans in the photos
  • All pictures must be submitted in electronic format, in full size (do not resize the photo).
  • Due to decreased image quality as pictures are enlarged, some pictures may not be accepted.
  • Photos should not be edited with graphical frames/designs/icons/collages.
  • Memorial Photos can be for MAGSR dogs lost in 2022 and those lost late in 2021 that were not included in the 2022 calendar.

Photos must be at least 1650 x 1275 at 300 dpi. The preferred size is as large as possible. Do not resize photos or crop them before sending.

All pictures submitted become property of MAGSR. MAGSR reserves the right to edit the pictures as it sees fit. MAGSR also reserves the right to use the pictures on the website as well as following contests and promotions. All proceeds from the calendar contest go directly to MAGSR and the submitter of the picture has no legal rights or claim to this sum. Entry fees and voting fees may be tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please contact calendar@magsr.org