(Odetta is represented by: MAGSR)

Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Color: Brindle
Date of Birth: 12/23/2018
Date of Birth is estimated: Yes
Current Size: 55 lbs
Ideal/Potential Size: 55-60 lbs
Housebroken: Unknown
Obedience Trained: No
Living With: Kennel
History: Stray to Shelter

Good With Kids: Older kids, over 16
Good with Cats: Unknown
Other Dogs OK: Yes, with proper introduction

Foster ID:
Foster Needed?: Yes

Represented by: MAGSR
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NID#: 8164
Date Added:
Added to DB: Wed, 2020-12-23 00:05
Last updated: Sun, 2021-02-21 12:06

Not Ready for Adoption: No
Commitment Dog: No
Show as New: No
Special Needs: No
Dog Record Archived (1=Yes/0=No): 0



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Odetta is a survivor. She was found living on the streets of a large city protecting three fluffy puppies. Recognizing that they needed help, animal control was called to help Odetta's little family find safety. They were brought to a shelter where the staff quickly recognized that this little family would have their best chance if they were transferred to a rescue. Odetta's puppies, Benceti, Pavys, and Thorson, have found loving homes; however, Odetta has needed additional support adjusting to her new life.

An intelligent girl who is also a problem solver, Odetta thinks through situations well and loves to work her way through specialized toys for treats. Although Odetta has some clear strengths, she did not have positive socialization with people prior to her arrival at the shelter. As a result she is very fearful and uncomfortable around people. At this time she is a high flight risk and will require training, patience, and structure in order to learn that people are safe and will attend to her needs. Although our volunteers are working very hard to help Odetta adjust to her new life, this is a slow process. 

When Odetta is ready for her forever home, she will be best suited for a family that has experience with fearful dogs. A quiet home without children would give Odetta the opportunity to adjust slowly. Odetta does seem comforted by other dogs and enjoys their company. Her anxiety level drops significantly when another stable dog is present. Although another dog in the home is not required, Odetta may benefit from the confidence that a second stable dog would bring. 

Please watch for updates as Odetta further develops her socialization skills.