Kimbra and Axel

Posted: Wed, 2018-12-12 00:00

A little over a year ago, we met this very calm, very laid back, very friendly MAGSR pup named Kimbra. She was our second or third foster. It didn’t take long for her to become foster fail #1. Kimbra runs on Kimbra time which a little slower paced than most. She will do most any command you ask of her, but she’s going to make sure you know she’ll do it at her pace. At obedience training, we had to slightly adjust the time allowed to complete the commands. She enjoyed her leisurely lifestyle and got along fairly well with a string of awesome fosters whose path crossed through our home….just as long as they knew she was the alpha. She absolutely loved Olaf, Windsor, Berl (Bacon) and Ralph from day one. The others…well she agreed to tolerate them.

   Then one day last August, this little tornado showed up at her house and things got exciting. Axel had found his forever home after I had walked him for about five minutes at the MAGSR kennel. Axel does everything like his hair is on fire. He is a very good listener and does excellent with off-leash voice commands…Kimbra not so much, after she gets about 25 yards away, she apparently goes deaf….which has made for some interesting unscheduled field trips, especially at the beach. Kimbra was initially wary of this hyper little ball of energy, but his charm and playfulness won her over and she actually began playing with him….all day long and for as long as we can tolerant them at night. They are now best of buds.

   Axels loves to be as close as possible to his humans and his Kimbra. Kimbra on the other hand likes to be close but a little distance suits her better. This seems to amuse Axel a great deal as he will lay down next to her with some body part touching her and she will then have to move enough to create some space between them…which forces Axel to move to regain physical contact…and so it continues until one of them concedes to the other.

   They are inseparable. I don’t believe Kimbra likes to admit it, but I think she really likes him. She will even initiate play time, which she never did with any of the other pups that stayed here. Personality-wise they are polar opposites, but they look to each other for everything they do. These two are an amazing part of our pack and I couldn't imagine our home without them. Thanks MAGSR for adding them to our lives!


Dave, Kathy, Kimbra and Axel