Lukas & Riley

Posted: Fri, 2018-12-21 00:00

We adopted Riley May 25, 2015. He was infested with mange and has still has serious skin allergies. He is a sweet boy, very active and lives a nice life on the water in St. Michaels with his little brother Lucas. Riley prefers tennis balls to anything else, but loves to go down on the beach with his Mom and help find oysters! In summer, he prefers lounging in the swimming pool. He is 5 ½ years old and weighs 85 lbs. now.

Lucas is a tri-pawed mixed pup, who was also infested with mange at first, but which is all cleared up now (with exception of a few remaining small scars on his snout). Picture is of when he first arrived to us Oct. 7 2015. He had a little malformed wing where the leg should have been, and once it was removed, all was better. He is 3 ½ now and weighs 65 lbs.  Lucas runs amazingly fast, and loves to chase and herd his big brother. He really rules the roost! He also does love to chase our squirrels but the squirrels never seem to be too worried about him. Our challenge will be keeping weight off of him so that his legs don’t get over stressed.

We appreciate all that the good folks at MAGSR do and hope to continue to support you!

Lukie & Riley