Date of Birth: 

December, 2018

Date of Death: 

December 15, 2018

In July 2010, we adopted a very shy mild mannered girl from you. turns out, with a little love and confidence building, she was a HIGH DRIVE GSD! she was my heart. unfortunately, age cannot be defeated and we had to let her be at peace a few weeks ago. as you can see in the attached pics, she was spoiled and had a great life!

My husband is deploying soon. we plan on more doggos at some point after he returns.

For now, we have a new unopened 30# bag of Royal Canin GSD Adult kibble that needs a home. the Petco auto-ship worked well, with this bag arriving about 5 days prior to the last bag being emptied (we have a two-gallon Ziploc nearly filled with the last of that bag too). Petco refunded the food and asked us to donate it, which was the plan even without the refund! we also would like to pay forward her food and water bowls.

We now live in Glen Burnie just a couple miles up from Marley Station Mall. or, I work in Jessup. What are the best options for getting this food to someone in/with MAGSR?


Many thanks,

Wendy & Keith Shepherd