Birch & Kota

(Birch & Kota is represented by: MAGSR)

Gender: Pair
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Color: Black & White & Tan
Date of Birth: 11/27/2014
Date of Birth is estimated: Yes
Current Size: 57 lbs
Ideal/Potential Size: 70 lbs
Housebroken: Yes
Obedience Trained: Partially
Living With: Foster
History: Stray to Shelter

Good With Kids: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Other Dogs OK: Yes

Foster ID:
Foster Needed?: No

Represented by: MAGSR
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NID#: 7911
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Added to DB: Fri, 2020-11-27 16:06
Last updated: Sun, 2021-03-14 11:59

Not Ready for Adoption: No
Commitment Dog: No
Show as New: No
Special Needs: No
Dog Record Archived (1=Yes/0=No): 0

Birch & Kota are home!
Birch & Kota are home!
Birch & Kota
Birch & Kota
Birch & Kota
Bonded pair Birch & Dakota
Birch chillin'.  Kota's never far away
Kota chillin'.  Birch is never far away
Birch's glamor shot
Kota's glamor shot
Dakota, thinking about dinner
Birch, Working on a rawhide bone
Birch, Working on a rawhide bone
Birch, Working on a rawhide bone
Birch & Kota, just being together
Birch & Kota
Birch & Kota


Kota and her best buddy, Birch, were found wandering around in the south. Although the two dogs were wearing identification, when animal control contacted their family, they were told that the dogs were no longer wanted. As this friendly pair deserves to be loved and cared for in their golden years, our friends at animal control called and asked if we could welcome this pair into the MAGSR family. 

Kota and Birch are a bonded pair and rely on one another for safety and comfort. Although they were tossed aside by their former family, they remain sweet and loving dogs. Currently residing with a fantastic foster family, Kota and Birch are moving forward with the comfort of soft beds, good food, and the attention they deserve. Although we are still getting to know this lovely pair, it does appear that they have previously lived in a household and do know some of the general household expectations. As we learn more about Kota and Birch, we will provide updates. If you can provide this special pair with the loving forever home they so clearly deserve, please ask to meet them today. 


Kota and Birch aren't talking today but rather their foster mom thinks they are a blessing to their house....and will be to the family who is lucky enough to adopt them. can I begin to tell you about this sweet girl? When she came to us she liked affection but now she searches for it.  When Kota came to us we found a lump on her that turned out to be mass.  She had a biopsy done which confirmed it was cancer.  Kota has had 2 surgeries and the vet feels confident that the cancer removal was successful.    Kota sleeps every night in my daughter's bedroom on the floor on her dog bed (She NEVER gets on furniture of any kind). She is completely housebroken....not a single accident in over 2 months. If you lose track of time, she will come to you, whine and make you stop whatever you are doing to go out. If you are looking for a guard dog that barks, that isn't Kota. I work from home and she happily comes upstairs, lays on her mat and looks up every so often just to make sure I am still there. Toys have also evolved into something new. For Christmas she got crinkle and squeaking toys. The squeakers are really cool for her, until the resident dog decides that it shouldn't make that sound anymore. Then Kota will pull the stuffing out. Although it may make your living room, look like it snowed...her joy is worth it.   If any of this sounds good to you please reach out to us and my foster mom would love to talk to you and have you meet her.

Birch... He is such a different dog than he was at Thanksgiving when we got him. I have never seen a dog change so much. When he came to us he was a fine house guest. He left everything alone...including us. By Christmas he was starting to come around but still didn't believe he was always going to be loved and taken care of. In the last few weeks he is starting to understand the concept of a family. He will now come over for affection and frequently bathes you with his tongue. Although at times you don't want the bath, you just look at the love in his eyes and you don't care anymore. Toys are a little more important but not the same as Kota. At first, he skeptically chewed a bone. There have been so many milestones in the last two weeks with toys. He played tug of war with Kota and even went to the toy box. But he didn't just go there, he creeped up and did his adorable little bounce on them. We all had to laugh and smile at that milestone. When we first got him we needed a belly band because he would mark in the house. After a few weeks he no longer needed it. He is housebroken but you need to be trained too. They LOVE water. Therefore you need to watch him. His signs aren't as clear as Kota's but he has only had 2 accidents in the last few months. Birch even sleeps with the resident girl. He also doesn't get on any furniture. Just this week he has become an alarm clock at 6:30. Birch has found his voice and it is very funny. His voice isn't a bark and isn't loud. I can't describe what it sounds like but you can come hear it. Birch also comes to my office with me. At first I felt bad because he likes to lay under the desk on my feet and I would bump him. Now I am used to him being so close and love it because of the growth in him.


Kota and Birch are very calm loving dogs. They walk nicely on a leash and are house broken. Birch's favorite thing is to relax with his people and Kota loves ear scratches. Birch provides a sense of safety and Kota provides a sense of calmness for one another. They both get along with the resident dogs in their fosters house and are happy to hang out with them. Kota and Birch arrived at MAGSR from the south the day before Thanksgiving. It was a very special holiday for them because there was food in their belly and a warm soft bed to sleep on. Upon rescue they appeared older than they truly were. A MAGSR vet estimated Birch between 3-5 and Kota between 5-7 years old. They are currently working on gaining weight and strengthening the muscles that were not used as much as needed. Birch has tested heartworm positive as we are seeing more and more due to lack of heartworm preventatives, however MAGSR has already started him on his treatment program and will cover the entire cost. Please donate if you can. If you have room in your home and want a wonderful bonded pair, their foster would love to tell you all about them.


Hi there…It’s me Kota. My foster family has learned so much about me in these last few weeks. I had my first Christmas yesterday in a loving home. Stockings were the best. I got my favorite crackling and squeaking toy!! Of course, good girls like me also get treats. I can’t wait for Christmas in my furever home. Maybe New Year’s, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Valentine’s Day (I’ll give you lots of kisses) but I think you get the point. I have figured out my place in the pack with the resident dogs and we get along wonderfully. My foster parents love having us. My foster dad said we are so easy to love. Just a few…or many…ear scratches and I’ll sleep at your feet like I am with my foster mom right now. If I sound like your kind of dog ask to see me. I’m waiting for you.


Hi there…it’s me Birch. My foster family has learned just as much about me as they have for my best friend Kota. My first Christmas in a home was also yesterday. My stocking was pretty cool too but I am much more laid back about it. My favorite was the beef bone and the freeze-dried chicken. Of course, the new soft beds…now we have one in almost every room… they were a hit with me. I like to curl up on the bed and monitor the room. I haven't quite figured out affection like Kota has. I am happy to get affection, but I don’t always ask for it. So, my foster family comes to me and I do the loving lean in. I am getting the hang of excitement. I do this cute jump. There is nothing like a soft bed and a warm fire. Except maybe a furever home. Are you that for us? We will love you and be devoted companions forever. Ask about us and my foster mom can brag about us for hours!!