Chomper's Legacy - The MAGSR Medical Fund

Think about it, if you just buy a smaller cup of coffee every morning for a month you could easily save $1 a day. With that money you could make all the difference in the world to the dogs at MAGSR.

Chomper's Legacy:
The MAGSR Medical Fund

In Memory of Yaeger, Hanna, Haggaris, Sunny, and Dylan
(Made possible in part by a very generous gift from Chomper’s family)

MAGSR's medical fund has been renamed in honor of a special rescue fur kid named Chomper.  Chomper, the handsome boy to the right,  was a yellow lab (mix?) rescued in Florida in 1995.  He was an intensely loved and adored member of his new family from the very first moment they all met.  Chomper’s Legacy helps dent the senseless slaughter of dogs through negligence and irresponsibility and to help them find the love, kindness, caring and safety that he found with his very special family.  Chomper's Legacy pays special tribute to those dogs who have medical or other serious issues making them the "un-adoptable" dogs in shelters and thus the first to be put down.  Thanks to special supporters like Chomper's family, dogs like Houston & Persephone (see below) can be and are helped by MAGSR - often when no other rescue will even consider them - and despite leaving us before being adopted; they were loved.  Chomper has been watching over his family from the Rainbow Bridge and is so very proud of them for choosing this way to honor him.

Since losing Chomper on 2/13/05, his family has adopted two of MAGSR's wonderful dogs - Theo (aka Eros) and Sebastian (aka Rich).  They have established "Chomper's Legacy" in hopes of giving other families the true joy in life they have been given by having had their rescue dogs - Chomper, Theo, and Sebastian - part of their lives.  They also seek to help those most in need, like the MAGSR furkids on this page.

MAGSR is a 501(c)3. Your donation IS tax-deductable. Donation Receipts are sent by email.