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  • MAGSR Screensaver (EXE File)
    Here it is! The MAGSR Screensaver for PCs (does not work on MACs--sorry!). To install the screensaver, just click on the link above. When asked, select the option to save it to your computer. Once it has downloaded, run the EXE file to install the screensaver.
    After the screensaver is installed, your system shows the Display window. MAGSR should be selected as the default screensaver. You can adjust the number of minutes of delay until the screensaver displays. Then click OK.
    You can also copy the EXE file you download to a floppy or as an e-mail attachment to take to the office or share with friends. Enjoy!


AKC Downloads

  1. Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP) -  ILP registration is the AKC's registration for purebred dogs who do not have papers.  This allows your purebred rescue dog to become AKC registered so that he/she may participate in AKC sanctioned events (excluding conformation events) such as Agility trials, tracking, etc.