Pet Friendly Housing

Need an Apartment?One of the questions we hear often is "How do I find an apartment where I can take my dog?" Below are some links to more information on pet-friendly housing to help you keep your large dog when you move.  We also have some pet travel links at the bottom of the page. But first, let's start with planning:

  • Moving with Pets - This article gives great advice on how to adjust your pet to the area you're moving and how to keep them calm during the move.

  • Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Home - This post covers ways to keep your pet safe and comfortable before, during and after a move.

  • Pet Resume Guide - This helps you create a resume for your pet with fill in the blanks. This document can help when presenting pets to potential landlords.

  • Pet-proofing your home - Here are some tips on keeping your pup, and you home, safe from each other:

And here are links on more pet-friendly housing:

  • People With Pets - is a resource directory of pet friendly apartments and hotels  as well as links to pet related services and products.

  • - the world's first apartment-matching engine. For pet owners, the inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of animal abandonment. You can modify your search for just pet friendly housing on our website by checking the “Pet Policy” option from the “Advanced” tab at the top of the page.

  • Trulia
    Nationwide search that lets you specify "Pet's Allowed"

    You have to dig a little, but you come to a page when you can select "dogs allowed".

    Another large one, but you can specify pets

    This site also comes with a nifty Pet Resume Builder.  A resume can help with landlord requirements

    National "Pet Friendly" apartment search that promotes the rescue of animals.
  • PadMapper is a great free resource for anyone from college students to professors for looking to find an apartment.
  • Zumper is a free apartment rental search tool used by millions: 1 million apartments and homes across the country, you can instantly apply for an Apartment: Submit a rental application & credit report with 1 click, search with Advanced filters (pet-friendly, no-fee, property type, amenities) & more!

Finally, here are some pet travel tips:

If you know additional links, please pass them on! 


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