MAGSR Commitment Dogs

I'm beautiful to look at
And wonderful to hold,
But please don't adopt me
If you wont keep me 'til I'm old.
Good things come to those who wait.
The saying really is true.
Just give me a chance to be a good dog,
And I'll never stop loving you.


These dogs' stories are examples of our commitment to rescue.  It illustrates how we fight for each and every dog we get in, and how it is often a road filled with obstacles, both emotional and monetary.  Some of these beautiful dogs will be available for adoption after some love and rehabilitation.  We've taken in dogs and given over two years of care in some cases before allowing them to be here for shining examples of why we "bother" to help the helpless dogs.Despite not being available for adoption, these loving dogs still deserve a good life and MAGSR is committed to giving it to them.  In all cases, they were either neglected and abandoned and often times seriously abused, or just given up on, all of which has caused considerable emotional and sometimes physical trauma.  With the help of caring trainers, and probably more importantly loving and patient fosters, we have been able to rehabilitate many dogs in similar conditions.  With the help of generous sponsors, dedicated fosters, and lifesaving financial grants, MAGSR has been fortunate enough to care for even the most desperate of dogs.


The information provided is the best information we have on the dogs. MAGSR makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the temperament of the dogs or the information included in the profile.


Simba the Valentine's Pup Simba the Valentine's Pup SimbaSimbaSimbaSimbaSimbaSimbaSimbaSimba
MAGSR has made a Commitment to me! Will you?
Gender: Male
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Approximate Age: 2 years
Color: White
Current Size: 80 lbs
Ideal/Potential Size: 85 lbs
Housebroken: Yes
Obedience Trained: Partially
Living with: Foster
History: Owner Surrender

Good With Kids: No
Good With Cats: Unknown
Other Dogs OK: Likely

Simba and MAGSR thank these Sponsors for their generous support:


Stunning Simba is the father of the Fall puppies - Autumn, Cider, Ember, Maple, Pumpkin, and Sweet Potato (Tator). These babies were an accidental litter that was raised with their parents. Although his human family loved him, it can be difficult to properly train, care for, and provide adequate stimulation for a large number of dogs. Recognizing that this family would be most successful if placed within a breed specific rescue, their family contacted MAGSR. With a no family left behind policy, we did not think twice when asked to take dad along with the Fall puppies. MAGSR has promised to find every member of this family a safe and loving forever home that will cherish them for a lifetime. 

Simba moved into the rescue a few weeks ago. As he was not given the opportunity to socialize outside of his family and had been exposed to a child who was not treating him appropriately, we placed him with an experienced foster family. Not only is this family able to provide Simba with opportunities to socialize in controlled settings and with new people and animals, but they are also able to provide Simba with training. Training, as is true with all dogs, is key to Simba's success. One of our training partners, Mason Dixon K9, has already begun Simba's program. This is helping him develop the confidence and stability needed to move forward. As he continues to move forward with a family of his very own, MDK9 has committed to providing Simba with a lifetime of support. Simba is lucky to have so many people in his corner. 

Simba is a very intelligent and active guy. He's also a sweetheart who loves a good cuddle. He is looking for a forever family that will provide him with an appropriate balance of exercise, playtime, and snuggles. It is critical that Simba's family provide him with daily opportunities to exercise both his body and his mind. This will help him maintain a stable presence in his forever home. In addition, Simba's family will need to infuse structure, routine, and leadership into their daily interactions. This set-up is essential for the success of all GSDs. Simba is waiting patiently to find the right match, could that be with you?


While waiting for a forever family, his foster noticed that Simba was having some leg weakness and pain. After a trip to the vet, an exam, full blood work, and x-rays, it was discovered that Simba had spondylosis. Spondylosis is a degenerative condition in the spine that’s usually found in older dogs. It can also occur after a certain injury has taken place. It is possible that the abuse Simba suffered in his ‘former life’ is the cause of it.

Now that Simba is suffering from an irreversible, chronic, and painful condition at just 2 years old, Team MAGSR will be doing everything to ensure that he remains comfortable until the time comes. Poor boy never stood a chance, but there's no better place in the world for him than where he is right now. He'll get all the love and care possible. His care will be very expensive, but MAGSR has committed to making sure he never suffers again. Please consider donating to help achieve that goal.

The information provided is the best information we have on the dogs. MAGSR makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the temperament of the dogs or the information included in the profile.
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