MAGSR Commitment Dogs

I'm beautiful to look at
And wonderful to hold,
But please don't adopt me
If you wont keep me 'til I'm old.
Good things come to those who wait.
The saying really is true.
Just give me a chance to be a good dog,
And I'll never stop loving you.


These dogs' stories are examples of our commitment to rescue.  It illustrates how we fight for each and every dog we get in, and how it is often a road filled with obstacles, both emotional and monetary.  Some of these beautiful dogs will be available for adoption after some love and rehabilitation.  We've taken in dogs and given over two years of care in some cases before allowing them to be here for shining examples of why we "bother" to help the helpless dogs.Despite not being available for adoption, these loving dogs still deserve a good life and MAGSR is committed to giving it to them.  In all cases, they were either neglected and abandoned and often times seriously abused, or just given up on, all of which has caused considerable emotional and sometimes physical trauma.  With the help of caring trainers, and probably more importantly loving and patient fosters, we have been able to rehabilitate many dogs in similar conditions.  With the help of generous sponsors, dedicated fosters, and lifesaving financial grants, MAGSR has been fortunate enough to care for even the most desperate of dogs.


The information provided is the best information we have on the dogs. MAGSR makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the temperament of the dogs or the information included in the profile.


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I'm not quite ready for adoption yet but check back soon! I may have Special Needs but I'm a great dog! MAGSR has made a Commitment to me! Will you?
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Approximate Age: 8 years
Color: Black and tan
Current Size: 65 pounds
Housebroken: Working on it
Obedience Trained: Partially
Living with: Foster
History: Shelter

Good With Kids: Yes
Good With Cats: Unknown
Other Dogs OK: Working on it

Crimson and MAGSR thank these Sponsors for their generous support:


Lovely Crimson was a stray who fortunately got picked up by a good samaritan and brought to a shelter. Once there, she waited patiently for a family of her very own. Unfortunately, no one came for Crimson. When contacted by another rescue to bring Crimson in, MAGSR stepped up. 

Crimson is a beautiful and intelligent girl. She gains confidence from a calm and stable handler. Crimson, like all dogs, will benefit greatly from training as it will help her develop into a good canine citizen. At the same time training will also help Crimson bond to her new family. As Crimson is new to the rescue, we are still getting to know her. Please stay tuned for more updates.


Lovely Crimson arrived in MAGSR’s care with some medical concerns that warranted immediate support. Unsure what was causing continuous gastro-intestinal issues, MAGSR was fortunate to have Crimson's primary vet and internal medicine specialist collaborate to determine best practices to meet her specific medical needs. This process has taken several months as Crimson's amazing team worked through options, medications, dietary changes, and procedures. 

It has been determined that Crimson has megacolon, which can be best described as chronic constipation. As her colon is unable to efficiently remove the waste from her body, Crimson suffers from involuntary bowel movements. This can be uncomfortable as Crimson's bowel movements are directly linked to when her colon is overfull which forces the excess waste to overflow in order to release the pressure on her colon. If not kept clean, Crimson's back-end can become inflamed. Although she is able to produce some formed stool, Crimson does have residual leakage. She does have full control over her bladder and is able to wait to urinate until outside. In order to provide Crimson with some relief, she is on a prescription food with medication that is administered three times a day. Although this has reduced her symptoms a bit, unfortunately, this is not a cure all for Crimson's condition.  

Looking for all possible solutions for this sweet girl, MAGSR began working with surgical specialists to see if Crimson was a potential candidate. The hope was to provide her with a surgical option that would bypass her colon. Unfortunately, after meeting with specialists, they determined that due to the loss of muscle control in her backend a surgical option would not be successful. Crimson will always be a dog with medical needs.

Crimson is looking for a very special forever family. This exceptional household will need to administer Crimson's medication three times a day, provide daily cleaning of her back-end for sanitary purposes, and bathe her at least two times a week. Due to her specific medical needs, it is recommended that Crimson's household be carpet free or that she be contained to a few rooms that lack carpet as she is simply unable to control her bowel movements and will have accidents. Ideally, Crimson is looking for a safe and loving home that can provide her with attention, affection, and a supply of comfortable blankets to lay on that can be easily laundered. 

Crimson is a happy and loving dog. Her unique condition is not painful as long as she is provided with adequate care and kept clean. This lovely lady clearly loves life and is desperate for a family to call her very own. A big fan of people, the outside, and snow, Crimson's adorable personality quickly wins over everyone around her. As she is all about being the apple of your eye, Crimson would be most successful in a household where she can be the only dog. If your household is ready to love and support this sweet girl, please ask to meet her today.


Hello everyone this is Crimson...  Here's a little update: I've been with my foster daddies for 5 months now. At the beginning it was all new to me. I had a little trouble going up and down the steps but I quickly learned my zig zag move and have no more problems.  I'm excited to tell every one I have not 1 but 2 beds to call my own and I enjoy both of them very much. I love watching my big screen TV aka the windows, its always on and always interesting. I get to go on several walks a day in the park across from my foster home. I have learned how to potty in the back yard and I'm pleased to inform every one I have made a couple of friends. My foster daddies take very good care of me. I have learned a few tricks as well.  I'm so happy, I sleep wherever I want., especially beside my foster dad's chair and get plenty of love.  I want to thank everyone for the love and continued support and hope to find my forever home soon <3


Crimson adores kids, she will pull her foster towards kids at the park. She loves getting attention from the kids.

The information provided is the best information we have on the dogs. MAGSR makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the temperament of the dogs or the information included in the profile.
MAGSR ID: 7760