Pet Medical Links

The health of our pets is our primary responsibility. Here are some links to help you hold up your end of the deal.

Health/Veterinary Sites

Pet health care tips - Sites with suggestions on how to deal with a sick dog

Pet Insurance and Financial Assistance - Pet care can get expensive.  Here are some resources that might make it more affordable:

  • Vetary recognizes that pet care can be a costly affair to most households and that is why it offers simplified financing/credit for pet care. It has a simple online application process that ensures an instant decision with a flexible repayment plan.

  • Nationwide Pet Insurance - This is the insurance that MAGSR uses.

  • During medical emergencies and times of need, some owners may not have the financial means to cover the high cost of emergency vet bills. To ensure every pet gets the help they need, here's a a state by state guide that provides a list of the resources and organizations in each state that are offering financial assistance for pet owners in need.

  • How to afford a Service Dog