Sammy's Place Senior Fund

(Made possible in part by a generous gift from Sammy’s family)


My name is Sammy.  I am 14 ½ years old and I died on February 24, 2012.  


Please don’t feel sad for me.  I had a wonderful life with a Mom and Dad who loved me so much.  I had plenty of food, fresh air, a bed of my own and lots of family to give me presents on my birthday and Christmas.  In return, I gave them everything… my love and devotion.  I kept them company when they were sad.  Jumped and played when they were happy and protected them when they were alone. My life was good.


The reason I am telling you this is because there are so many senior dogs that can’t say this.  Most people think that these dogs are just too old to take home.  Speaking as an older “pup”, I can tell you that this is just not so.  By the time we get older, we are calmer and able to better read our parents. We’ll spend the day on the porch with you just enjoying the sun or sit with you and watch television. We might be a little slower but the love we have is still there.  We can listen better and not give any unwanted opinion.  We will keep you company on those days when you just have nothing to do and go for a walk if you need to exercise a little.  Somehow, with all these qualities, many of us still do not have a forever home and maybe never will.  Some may remain with the wonderful people at MAGSR for the rest of their life.  Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing, but care and medical attention are going to be needed, especially as one grows older.  This can cost a lot of money.  My mission is to ask you to find it in your heart to contribute to Sammy’s Place and give for the purpose of helping those less chosen to be able to spend the remainder of their lives here at MAGSR being financially independent.  Any contribution you give would be greatly appreciated and all the moneys will go toward the care of the Senior dog. Thank you for taking your time to listen to me.  Come back soon and often.



Donate today to help Sammy‘s family carry out his mission for all MAGSR senior dogs to live financially independent with their forever foster families.