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  If you know of a GSD who is in need of help,  

  please email us here:   Email us about helping


  If  you need to surrender your dog to MAGSR,  

  click on this link: Owner Surrender 


  If If you are trying to find your dog a new home, please click on the adopt a pet link to create a listing.


  If you wish to adopt from us... we must receive and approve your adoption application first.
  The adoption application form can be found here:  Adoption App 
  If it has been more then 2 weeks since you have heard from us about your application, 
  please email us here:  Email us about application


  If you have a question about volunteering, 
  please email us here:  Email us about volunteering


  If you have questions or problems with our website

  please email us here:  Email us about website

  If you have any issues or concerns that need attention
  please email us here:  Email the customer service team


  If you have a general question about MAGSR, 
  please email us here:  Email us with a General question


  If you need to contact the Vetting Coordinator,
  please email us here:  Email Vetting


  If you need to contact our Board of Directors with any other issues,
  please email us here:  Email the Board of Directors

  If you would like to mail us, please use the following address:
       Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue
       PO Box 353
       Mt. Airy, MD 21771

  The above address is for general information ONLY.  
  Please include your name and the city and state in which you live, to enable us to better assist you.


  If you don't have access to email and you wish to leave us a message
  you may call:  (410) 644-7763
  The above number can only take a message.


  If you have a lost MAGSR dog or an injured MAGSR dog, we have an emergency number for this purpose only,
  you may call: (301) 531-4477 
  The above number is for lost, found or injured MAGSR dogs only.


  If you have a non MAGSR lost or found dog,

  please be advised that we no longer post any lost and found dogs on our website. 

  Instead, please contact your local SPCA, Local Shelter, or you can contact the the

  many websites that specialize in this service, such as


We do our best to reply within 48 hours, but please understand we are an all-volunteer organization, so we  are doing rescue work in addition to maintaining our full time jobs and caring for our families and our own personal dogs and cats, etc.   Thank you for your patience and understanding that occasionally we may have other family or work related issues to attend to.  In those instances it may take a bit longer to hear back from us.                                 

MAGSR is a recognized charity under IRS Regulations 501(C)(3)