Daisy's Story

DaisyDaisy was turned in to MAGSR by her family. She was overweight with arthritis, as well as some other minor age-related medical problems--all of which added up to more than they wanted to handle. I want to thank them for bringing her to MAGSR, and to thank the rescue for taking her. Many other old dogs might not have been that lucky.

The rescue took Daisy to a vet, who put her on medication which cleared up most of her problems. She lost some weight and began to enjoy life again. But who would adopt a 10-12 year old dog?

Many people who think about adopting an older dog have misgivings: How will she adjust? Will she be set in her ways? Could she adapt to a new routine, new companions (including lots of cats)? Would she listen to us? Love us? Become part of our family? 

And, yes, could we let ourselves grow to love her, only to lose her in a few short years?

The answer to all those questions is a resounding YES! Daisy adapted quickly to her new home, new routines, and new companions. Yes, she chased the cats at first, but once the novelty wore off, she just accepted them as part of her new family, as she did our other two dogs. She has even made a special friend of our blind cat. She has learned our routine, and greets us at the door every night when we come home. She treats us to big sloppy kisses. 

DaisyShe doesn't chew or make a mess in the house. She is a loving, sweet, intelligent person with a mind of her own. We have grown to love her, and she has grown to love us.


No one lives forever, and life holds no guarantees. It gives us great happiness to know that, whatever her life was like before, her golden years will be spent in the comfort of our home and the love of our hearts. 


Anyone who loves a dog or cat knows that someday they will have to say goodbye. But we will enjoy her company with all our hearts for whatever time we are allowed, as we all do with our loved ones.

Thanks to MAGSR for saving her life, and bringing her into ours. 


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