(Mica is represented by: MAGSR)

Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Color: Black
Date of Birth: 08/10/2016
Date of Birth is estimated: Yes
Current Size: 36 lbs (underweight)
Ideal/Potential Size:
Housebroken: Unknown
Obedience Trained: Unknown
Living With: Foster
History: Shelter

Good With Kids: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Other Dogs OK: Yes

Foster ID:
Foster Needed?: No

Represented by: MAGSR
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Contact Phone No.:

NID#: 1638
Date Added:
Added to DB: Sat, 2017-03-18 22:11
Last updated: Tue, 2017-12-26 20:31

Not Ready for Adoption: No
Commitment Dog: No
Show as New: No
Special Needs: No
Dog Record Archived (1=Yes/0=No): 1



Mica has not had a good life up to this point.  She spent all of her time in a crate, most likely having never been outside.  She has no idea what a leash is which can make her uneasy.  She enjoys human companionship but can become overwhelmed.  Mica is a blank slate, she has so much to learn about people and the world.  She will need someone with patience to help her build her confidence and to introduce her to the world.  She is underweight but with regular, nutritious meals she will be in tiptop shape in no time.  Mica deserves the chance to know love,  proper care and to just be a puppy....won't  you give her that?


Mica was seen by a specialist as we noticed one of her hips was protruding.  Sadly, Mica sustained trauma prior to coming into our care and the hip did not heal properly.  She will require FHO surgery in order to correct the hip, for which MAGSR will pay.  Some good new is, her other hip is just fine.