(Riley is represented by: MAGSR)

Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Color: Liver and Tan
Date of Birth: 04/01/2014
Date of Birth is estimated: Yes
Current Size: 67 lbs
Ideal/Potential Size:
Housebroken: Yes
Obedience Trained: Partially
Living With: Kennel
History: Owner Surrender

Good With Kids: Unknown
Good with Cats: Yes, with proper introduction
Other Dogs OK: Yes, with proper introduction

Foster ID:
Foster Needed?: Yes

Represented by: MAGSR
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NID#: 1725
Date Added:
Added to DB: Sat, 2017-04-15 21:45
Last updated: Tue, 2017-12-26 20:31

Not Ready for Adoption: No
Commitment Dog: No
Show as New: No
Special Needs: No
Dog Record Archived (1=Yes/0=No): 1

Riley & Snowy
Riley & Snowy


Riley was surrenderedto us after her family could not longer provide for her. Initially, she was very concerned and anxious about what had happened to the world she used to know. But with time and patience, she has settled in to her new routine at the kennel and has become much better. She's bonded very well to two volunteers in particular and loves to please them.
She is extremely intelligent and loves to learn new things as we attempt to keep her mind stimulated. She appears to be very social with other dogs and we are working on learning about her in that regard. She loves to go on car rides, play ball and can be playful and slightly vocal when in play mode.
Riley lived with children and cats in her previous home. However, just because she grew up with children and cats from puppyhood, this does not guarantee that she will peacefully coexist with every child and/or cat she meets that are new to her. We will not place her in a home with children unless she appears to be completely comfortable with them.
In addition, because of hervery fearful behavior after being surrendered to us, her introductions to new people needs to be taken slowly as she seems to be wary of those she doesn't know. If you are interested in her, please be aware that your introduction may take place over more than one visit with her to help build a relationship with her. She had a difficult time with change but we are committed to helping her get to her forever home and this is a process that may take time.
She will require an experienced handler who understands the undesirable behaviors that fearful dogs can exhibit and how to deal with those behaviors should she be put into a situation that is anything less than completely comfortable for her.
We will continue to update you as we learn more about her.


UPDATE: Riley continues to do well! We recently introduced her to MAGSR alum Snowy, a well socialized, even-keeled, passive female. Riley was very inquisitive about her new canine pal. They got along extremely well during our long walk. In addition to her social interaction, we also introduced her to the in ground pool where she is currently residing. It didn't take her long and she was in the pool swimming like a champ! She seemed very comfortable in the water and quickly learned where the steps were to enter and exit the pool. She's also been on the agility equipment and has been seen following her handler across the catwalk.