Fall '21 Medical Emergency

We need your help!

MAGSR has taken on three costly but very deserving medical rescues.  Please help with a donation, below.

Sweet Houston was found wandering around a busy city. Unable to put weight on his front right leg, Houston was helpless and in need of immediate assistance.

When a plea for help went out, we welcomed Houston to the MAGSR family and immediately began planning his care. Houston has been moved to one of our amazing vets and has a surgical specialist waiting to help him move forward. Unfortunately, he has a severe upper respiratory infection that must be addressed before surgery. Once he is cleared for surgery, our surgical specialists will be ready to repair the fracture to his right distal radius and ulna as well as begin heartworm treatment.

Houston has a long road ahead of him. However, this loving boy is ready to move forward with the knowledge that one day he will have a forever family of his very own.

Zulu was picked up as a stray and brought to a shelter. It was obvious that he was in need of medical attention as he was covered in open, painful sores and was heartworm positive. Without MAGSR's support, Zulu would have been euthanized.

We knew that Zulu would need time, patience, and a significant amount of medical support; but this stable, confident, handsome boy deserved every opportunity to move forward. Zulu was moved to one of our amazing vetting partners who worked in conjunction with a specialist to support Zulu.

It was determined that he was suffering from deep bacterial pyoderma that had developed into a methicillin resistant staph infection. It has taken some time, testing, and a lot of patience to start the healing process. Zulu has made huge improvements and he has begun his heartworm treatment.

He is not yet completely healed, but this boy has made huge strides since first joining the MAGSR family. 

Little Summit was picked up on the side of the road and brought to a local shelter. It was very apparent that Summit was in need of help and fast. Lethargic, dirty, and emaciated, shelter staff immediately began putting medical supports in place. Once it was felt that Summit was stabilizing, shelter staff reached out to MAGSR. We immediately welcomed Summit into the MAGSR family and placed him with an experienced foster family. Although some improvement had been seen while at the shelter, unfortunately, within 24 hours of entering the rescue, Summit again required urgent medical care. He was rushed to the emergency vet where it was determined that around the clock care would be needed.

Currently, Summit is hospitalized and one of our incredible internal specialists is working hard to diagnose and treat his condition. Right now we are waiting on additional tests and blood work so that next steps can be determined. 

All three of these boys really need your help.