Sierra's Kennel Life Enrichment Fund

MAGSR has created Sierra's Kennel Life Enrichment Fund. This fund allows those dogs, who are currently not in foster homes, the opportunity to receive their own special gifts. The amenities available to them are varied, and can be anything, from "happy hour" (frozen peanut butter stuffed toys, aka Sierra's kongs), to special chews and beds, to bath or grooming sessions, to doggie daycare, which is particularly important for those youngsters who so desperately need to be socialized.

While not everything is suitable to all kennel dogs, there is something for everyone to make their lives in the kennel a little more enjoyable.

About Sierra Downs

Sierra Downs was just under 16 years old, when her soul mate and mom, Sue Downs, had to say good bye to her in June 2014. Sierra is a MAGSR alumna and was seven years old when she found her way into Sue's heart and home.

In Sierra's lifetime, Sue, one of MAGSR's volunteers, had always made sure that those MAGSR dogs who weren't living in foster homes, got special treats instead, while waiting for their forever homes. The peanut butter filled toys were affectionately called "Sierra's kongs" and are now available during kennel happy hour.