Posted: Mon, 2018-02-12 00:00

Hero (Adopted May 2016) – Hero has been with me over a year now. Whether Hero is running in the back yard, playing in the snow, or diving into the kiddie swim pool, he’s a complete trip. Hero even helped us locate a loose dog one evening, although we didn’t quite realize it at that moment, but is was exhausting for him - he likes to nap whereever he can, even in the truck in positions that look so uncomfortable. Hero doesn’t mind to be dressed up, even with antlers. Hero gives his fur-sister, Pretty, tons of confidence and likes to go out and represent MAGSR whenever he can. Hero is happy to meet whomever comes his way, as long as it’s not a rabbit, bird or butterfly. Best of all, Hero loves to cuddle – it’s all about timing in life and Hero sure found a way to help a broken heart move forward.