Ike (formerly “King”) & Cricket (formerly “Duke”)

Posted: Wed, 2021-06-16 00:00

My wonderful new GSD Ike (formerly “King”) came as a package deal with his best buddy, Cricket (formerly “Duke”)—a blind, deaf Jack Russell terrier.  I think I hit the jackpot. Ike is really my best GSD ever—charming, loving, and exuberant! Cricket is sweet and soft. I’ve nicknamed him “Bonkers” cuz that’s how he navigates—bonk, bonk, bonk.  Ike is very solicitous of Cricket,  giving him the big dog bed and his own favorite ball to sleep with.  Cricket totally ignores him if he can.  (Hard to do when your BIG big brother runs over, puts his nose under your rear end, and flips you up!)  The difference in pace is dramatic.  Ike loves to race like a thoroughbred across the 4 acre pasture at my country house;  Cricket moves about zero MPH. Love them both so much. 

Ike & Cricket