Posted: Mon, 2019-09-02 00:00

Today marks 6 months since we adopted our little girl. It's been a learing curve for all of us for sure. To say I wasn't apprehensive at all the day we brought her home would be an understatement. There were plenty of tough days with her and there still are sometimes, but we wouldn't trade her for the world.

Why are we so thankful we took a chance and adopted her? She is smart, sassy, sweet, snuggles on her terms, and she knows how to make her presence known.

She likes to be on her long lead, laying on the front porch with her big brother's Nate and Diesel. She will poop now when the trash man goes by on Friday instead of shaking and bolting to the house. She prefers just being around her brothers, my husband and I. We have left her crate door open over night a couple of times without issue. We also leave it open during the day when we leave, but won't be gone for a super long time. She picks at Diesel, but follows and learns from Nate. She has chosen my husband as her human, but she will love me on her terms and when it is feeding time for sure. She is all about her schedule and does not like it being messed with. She still barks at noises, but we are working on it. We still take her to the trainer, and she still has a way to go but the apprehension I once had has been erased.

If given the choice to adopt her verses a non GA38, we would choose her again and again.

Actually, if we didn't have 3 German Shepherd's already we would adopt another GA38.