Posted: Tue, 2020-03-03 00:00

A year ago today we brought our girl home, and we haven't looked back.  She has come quite along way, and still has some work to do but we have no doubt in time she will get there. She started playing with toys about a month ago. This makes us very happy!

She did great with our Christmas tree and totally ignored it. She did however, enjoy eating Christmas snow around our nativity.

Our first grandchild was born in December. Macklee takes a little bit each time she comes to get used to her, but once she does she never leaves the baby's side.

She still plays with her fur brother Diesel, and follows her Nate fur brother. She likes to crawl in our bed and snuggle, but she still sleeps in her crate. We let her crate open if we are going to be gone for only a little while, otherwise she is crated. She is all about her schedule, does not like things out of place, barks at really nothing and is happiest just being with Kevin and I. She still hasn't warmed up to anyone else in our family, but the baby.

She still loves to lay on my lap in the evening and to be pet on her terms. She's a busy girl for sure! When everyone else is here, she goes to her crate. We will continue to work with her because she is still scared. She walks around our yard and has gotten better with outside sounds. We love our girl and we are committed to giving her the best life ever! 1 year down and a lifetime to go! 

Thank you for choosing us to give our girl her forever home!