Macklee (fka Francis)

Posted: Sun, 2019-03-17 00:00


Week 2 for Macklee has her showing us a little more about her personality.

We have come to learn that she likes to play with toys, does not like not being able to get to her brothers and that she has a sassy side. She is also very loving and likes to give kisses. She also just goes into her "bed" with the door open and lays in there to rest.

Housebreaking took patience but she got it and we are so proud of her! She knows to go to the door to go out to potty. She goes out, does her business and comes in. We are very scheduled here and we are sure between that and following her dog brothers around, that's what helped her.

She is much better with the come and stay commands and we are working on sit and stay. Friday we will begin working with her trainer.

She is still skiddish and unsure but she is really coming out of her shell especially when her dog brother's are close by. She loves to play with Diesel and take behavior cues from Nate.

We are so happy she is part of our family and that her dog brother's chose her! 


March 10, 2019


I have been in my new house one week and it has been a busy week for me for sure.

I have 2 dog brothers here and they are helping me learn. I am very attached to my brother Diesel. My house is so much better then where I lived in Georgia for sure.

When I got to my new home, I had to get a bath because I got so nervous I got sick in my crate. My human mom was patient and gentle cleaning me up.

Since then, I have been exploring my new house and really like my safe spot behind the couch. 

I eat with my dog brother's and have done that since my first day here. My humans got me a slow feeder because I was gulping my food and it was really upsetting my belly. I like my slow feeder and my belly is feeling better.

As for housebreaking, I am getting this down thanks to my schedule and my brothers. My humans are working with me and they tell me good when I potty outside. This makes me happy.

I have learned to get on the couch with my human mom when she has her coffee in the morning. I lay my head on her lap beside my brother Diesel. I really like it.

I am learning through redirection that my human mom's slippers are not chew toys.

I have learned come, out and bed. The humans had to move my bed so I can see them and my brothers at night. I sleep all night in my bed (crate)and I spend a little time there in the daytime too or when my humans aren't home. I like my bed very much.

My first week here has been filled with exploring and learning, but I know already I like it here. My human mom and dad are very patient with me and I am very thankful to have such a nice family and forever home.