Crosspost Instructions

Request to Crosspost a Dog


If you are interested in crossposting a dog in which you are trying to surrender or a dog who is living in shelter or non-GSD specific rescue organization, please completely fill out the form below and send it to You may also look at the non-MAGSR Dogs page for an example of what we are looking for on the form.

We ask that you also send no more than two or three pictures with each posting that show the dog clearly.
Pictures that focus on the dog's disposition, playfulness, etc. are helpful too. Thank you.

NOTE: Due to limited resources, crossposts are only accepted from MD, DC, PA, DE, VA and WV
and can take up to a week to post.

Information templates for Crosspost Requests: Microsoft Word: Download Here
  Text file: Download Here

If you are placing your dog in a new home please make sure the home he/she is go to is safe, loving, and dedicated.  If contacted by anyone stating they are with any type of K9 department please contact your local police department K9 unit and inquire as to the reputation of that person/group/organization.  Not all people using rank titles are indeed with a legitimate K9 unit and you could be placing your dog at risk.

Please be sure to check out your potential adopters.  You can do a quick criminal background check (for Maryland only) at  You can see if your potential adopter has been added to the "Do Not Adopt" list at  It's also a good idea to get references and check with their current vet.

Also, consider some other avenues as well, like All Shepherd, and a site specializing in helping you find a loving home for your pet;