(Aria is represented by: MAGSR)

Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Color: Black and Cream
Date of Birth: 10/08/2016
Date of Birth is estimated: Yes
Current Size: 52.6 lbs
Ideal/Potential Size: 70-80 lbs
Housebroken: Working on it
Obedience Trained: Working on it
Living With: Foster
History: Owner Surrender

Good With Kids: Yes, older kids
Good with Cats: Yes
Other Dogs OK: Yes

Foster ID:
Foster Needed?: Yes

Represented by: MAGSR
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NID#: 745
Date Added:
Added to DB: Thu, 2016-12-01 10:18
Last updated: Tue, 2017-03-07 20:35

Not Ready for Adoption: Yes
Commitment Dog: No
Show as New: No
Special Needs: No
Dog Record Archived (1=Yes/0=No): 1


Beautiful Aria, like many before her, was brought home as a puppy but was dumped in a shelter after her family decided that the puppy they bought was not acting like a puppy anymore. Dogs are a lifetime commitment that require leadership, guidance, and an unending amount of patience. Without proper training and guidance a young, energetic shepherd will find inappropriate outlets for their energy. Aria is a young girl who needs to  be provided with both mental and physical stimulation. She bonds quickly with her handlers and wants nothing more than to please her people. Currently, Aria is living with both cats and dogs. She greatly enjoys pack life and seems very comfortable with her foster siblings. Typical of most young shepherds, Aria is playful and goofy but could use some refinement in the manners department. However, she is quick to develop new skills particularly when motivation in the form of toys or food is involved. Although Aria is a delightful girl, she does need extra time and patience when meeting new people. When provided with adjustment time, Aria's sweet nature quickly reveals itself. With patience, consistency, and training Aria will develop into the amazing canine citizen we know she can be. If Aria sounds like the right match for your household, please inquire about her today.