(Merle is represented by: MAGSR)

Gender: Male
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Color: Black & White
Date of Birth: 01/14/2017
Date of Birth is estimated: Yes
Current Size: Small
Ideal/Potential Size:
Housebroken: No, I'm a puppy!
Obedience Trained: No, I'm a puppy!
Living With: Foster
History: Shelter

Good With Kids: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Other Dogs OK: Yes

Foster ID:
Foster Needed?: No

Represented by: MAGSR
Contact Email:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone No.:

NID#: 1558
Date Added:
Added to DB: Wed, 2017-03-01 20:36
Last updated: Fri, 2017-04-21 19:46

Not Ready for Adoption: No
Commitment Dog: No
Show as New: No
Special Needs: No
Dog Record Archived (1=Yes/0=No): 1



Merle, one of mama Reese’s eleven “Country Pups”, was dumped at a shelter at approximately 3 weeks old prior to MAGSR stepping up to rescue them.  Merle cannot be any cuter and is absolutely a great little boy, happy go lucky and loves to give puppy kisses.  Merle has a lot to learn about going a good canine citizen and will require training.  Please remember that puppies are a lot of work and require a lot of attention from their family - puppies are a 10-12 year commitment.  Puppies are full of energy and can be mischievous – they will whine, have accidents, get into things, and chew on inappropriate things.  With time, patience, guidance and training, Merle will become even more of an amazing boy than he already is.  If interested and he sounds like a good match for your family, please submit an adoption application for Merle!  Merle will be available for adoption on March 11that 8 weeks old!