Date of Death: 

October 4, 2021

We wanted to let you know that today, our angel puppy grew his wings. Bear (aka, little Bear, Baby Bear, Pacifier, Frosty Paws, Wiggles, Fluff Butt) was special from the beginning. He had a magic about him that brought everyone human or fluffy joy and comfort. Over the past 10 years in our home, Bear welcomed countless foster dogs, he provided comfort and joy to 6 foster children, he joined us in celebrations, he stayed close when we struggled, and he brought endless smiles to family, friends, and people in the community. His wiggles, patience, and presence are already beyond missed in our home. Bear, we know that Kenya, Maggie, Izzy Bee, and Hyde are looking after you on the bridge. Know that you took a piece of our hearts with you.  You are loved. Fly high baby boy, until we meet again.
-Kate, Will, Ally, Nugget, & Hiccup