Date of Death: 

February 14, 2022

My husband and I adopted Benny on a cold, snowy day in Pennsylvania in Jan 2010. He lovingly welcomed our son home 7 months later. Since then and for 12 years, Benny has been family. We are so heartbroken. 

Benny has been the pillar of strength and health until last year when he was diagnosed with kidney disease and then degenerative myelopathy.  With a special diet and exercise, he's had a wonderful year. Covid gifted us all the benefit of lots of time together. He kept an eye on each of us even at home... always knowing what was going on and where we all were.

Benny was fiercely loyal and protective, but so loving, too. We really, really miss you, big boy.  Thank you MAGSR for all that you do and for sharing beautiful Benny with us.