Date of Death: 

March 24, 2022

Hello, It is with a devastated heart I inform you that the most amazing dog MAGSR ever adopted out was laid to rest 3-24-2022. i adopted Capri in December 2015 and the minute we connected we were as one. For 7 especially blessed years we enjoyed a relationship of loving kisses, a hilarious sense of humor and a dedication to my well-being that no human could touch. I loved her to the moon and back! Everybody, and I mean everybody, loved my sweet Capri, recognized her honesty and uniqueness and are shattered at her loss. She died when an abdominal tumor was seen on x-ray, she had hidden her illness for months until she no longer could. She was your finest example of a dog coming from a bad situation to shine her whole life through with courage, loyalty and a loving disposition that endeared her to many. She was my heart and life will never be the same.

With sincere gratitude,

Robin West