Date of Death: 

March 10, 2022

I wanted to inform you Falcon crossed the rainbow bridge last night.  She had a mass on her spleen. Had stopped eating and taking medication. She had bad arthritis that gave her a limp, therefore one of her nicknames was limpy Mclimps, but it didn't stop her from playing with her fur sister. She had a full life since I adopted her in 2009.  She had helped foster many rescue dogs and had two fur siblings who are still with us.  She welcomed two human children over the years and many cousins. She was an extremely smart, stubborn and mischievous girl and very loving to everyone.  She loved running in the ocean, hiking and visiting new places.  She was definitely the attention hog and loved to meet new people. She also loved to dig holes! We are heartbroken   She is gone, but happy she isn't in pain any longer. She was definitely a once in a lifetime dog.