Date of Death: 

September 7, 2021

Our beautiful, loyal, intelligent and loving girl Gretel went to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge on Sept 7th 2021. She was our friend and companion for almost
thirteen years spending the last eleven in the state of Maine, where she loved the snows of winter. She also loved playing with a tennis ball becoming a champion
fielder in the half dozen dog parks and school yards we visited throughout her life. Gretel was also extremely intelligent. She knew all of the basic tricks and would even retrieve a specific stuffed animal when asked. She knew how to weave through obstacles and receive a lateral pass. Unlike some shepherds, Gretel extremely friendly toward other dogs, even smaller ones, and especially tolerant of young annoying puppies. I have a memory of a pug lying on its back between Gretel’s huge front paws on a hot summer afternoon, batting at Gretel’s tongue as she patiently panted away. She was also loved to travel by car with us, especially once EZ pass eliminated the need to visit manned toll booths. While we owned a conversion van, she would sit in the front passenger captain’s chair, watching out the windows to the delight of other drivers and their young passengers.Thank you MAGSR for matching her with us. She was the perfect dog for us and I think she would agree
we were the perfect family for her. We miss our sweet girl ever so much. We will look for her at the
bridge. Wait for us Gretel!

Ken, Nancy, Jennifer, James, Elizabeth and Henry