Date of Death: 

October 2, 2021

Five days ago my otherwise healthy K9 partner Kylie developed a limp and was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer in her front leg that had spread to her lungs and abdomen.

Kylie died suddenly yesterday afternoon at Tridelphia Animal Hospital in Dayton, MD

Within a week I lost my best friend. My family and I are devastated. Kylie was the 7th Ryan and that is exactly how this feels…… like a member of our family is gone forever.

When Kylie joined our family; life suddenly got better for all of us.

As a team, Kylie and I went on some of the most epic adventures. Her incredible intelligence and world class sniffer helped speak for those who could no longer speak for themselves. No matter where we went……local, state, and federal law enforcement all knew of Kylie and her abilities. She got more gifts from strangers than my kids get at Christmas. She was so loved.

During Kylie’s short life….. she forever changed our shared world for the better.

My girl is gone and everything is not okay, but hopefully one day soon it will be again.

Gene Ryan

(Here's a story about Kylie's career -Ed)

RIP Kylie