Date of Death: 

January 6, 2021

Hello MAGSR –

It is with a very heavy heart and tear filled eyes that I inform you of the passing of my rescue baby, Maddie.

I visited your kennel on May 24th 2014. Maddie was the first dog brought out to me and we hit it off immediately.

We threw ball and she brought it back to me as if we were doing it for years. I took her home.

She has literally been at my side for almost 7 years, a true ROCKSTAR.

A few months ago I thought she was having hip trouble so I took her to the vet. Nothing seemed unusual so we had blood work done and results were not good. The vet said he never saw bloodwork so out of kilter on a living dog.  We went to Metro Vet in Norristown for X-Rays and Ultrasound. She had cancer. Masses on her spleen and an enlarged liver. She made almost two more months with the help of steroids and anti-biotics. I had to let her go last night. She was having trouble getting up and walking up a step into the house.

Thank you MAGSR for uniting us and giving both of us so much joy.

I will see you at the rainbow bridge my Sweet Pea. I love you.

Jeff Passe