Date of Death: 

October 23, 2017

Penny passed away on October 23, 2017. This is very difficult to write, so please bear with me.

I loved Penny with all my heart. She settled in immediately, and got along wonderfully with my 2 cats. She had regular vet visits, was caught up with all vaccinations. Had daily heart worm preventative. She stayed in her crate when I was at work for the first 2 months (total: 6-8 hrs/day when I was out.) By June she was out in the house 100% of the time, though she usually slept in her crate at nite  (located in my bedroom, w/ crate door open)— it was comfortable because there was a luxurious pillow bed in there. I had a trainer come to the house, and he was very helpful (though she was really well behaved, especially around people.)

Penny got at least 2 long walks each day, rain, snow, or shine. She loved rides in the car, and I could take her for visits at friends’ or my grown children’s’ homes. We’d occasionally drive over to places like Lake Montebello so she could have a change of scenery on her walks. Penny wore bandanas/collars for every holiday & season. I teach music lessons in my home, and she loved greeting my students & walking them to the door afterwards. She also loved to hang in my fenced backyard, with or without me.

The only issues thru-out were occasional bouts of severe diarrhea, which started a month after I got her. My vet placed her on prescription dog food (ID Science Diet). My previous shepherd (also from MAGSR) who I had for 10 years, was on the same food. Penny would be fine for a month or two— then suddenly have an “attack” of diarrhea in the house. It would come on very suddenly---she didn't have time to ask to go out. I usually took her to the vet ASAP; he’d give a shot to stop it, then she’d be on medication for 10 days. They attributed it to having a sensitive GI system. I never gave her people food—just an occasional dog biscuit.

Oct 21st 2017 she became very very sick and had to go to the emergency ER she deteriorated very quickly. While I couldn't think of getting another dog--now it's been well over a year--- I still miss the companionship.

Penny in the Spring
Penny relaxing in the yard
Penny comes home
Napping with a pal
Penny takes a snooze