Date of Death: 

December 22, 2020

We are writing to let you know that our precious, sweet Pete passed away Tuesday, December 22nd. 

Pete was known as "Chase" during the (very) short time he was with you.  We adopted him on August 29, 2010 when he was an 8-10 week old pup.  Puppy days are hard, but boy was he worth every second.  He evolved into such an amazing dog.  He always knew what we needed or what was expected of him before we even said anything.  If he didn't know exactly what you were saying to him, you could see in his eyes that he wanted so badly to. 

Pete went everywhere with us.  Massachusetts to visit family?  He was in.  The beach?  The mountains?  Tree farm to tag a Christmas tree?  Wherever we were going, he was in.  He was the absolute perfect dog for our family, and an amazing dog for our boys to have grown up with.

Unfortunately, he fell very suddenly ill in August, at which time we found out he had hemangiosarcoma.  He underwent an emergency splenectomy, followed by metronomic chemotherapy and a regimen of other medications and supplements recommended by his oncologist.  We had three amazing months with him, but then he fell ill again the day after Thanksgiving, and we learned the cancer had spread to his liver and possibly his heart.  The emergency vet said he wouldn't make it through that weekend.  Well, they didn't know our Pete.  He made it through not only that weekend, but a couple more.  Eventually, though, it became too much for him, and we had to make the awful decision to end his suffering. 

I'm sure in time there will be other dogs here at Casa Zanelli, but there will certainly never be another Pete.  He was truly our heart dog, and we miss him terribly.