Date of Death: 

May 10, 2022

Hi magsr folks,

Attached is a picture of our sweet Raven, formerly known by magsr as Monroe.  She took her last breath on earth on 5/10/22, she had nerve issues in her hind quarters that could not be repaired, so the decision was made to send her over the rainbow bridge....its been a week today and I still cry at the mention of her name.  I know that she is no longer in pain....but we miss her so very much.


Thank you Magsr for the work you do with these dogs.  When we came to your place on 1/20/13 we were looking for a black and tan shepherd, none seemed to fit. Then we met Raven (Monroe)...she picked us! We loved her so very much, she had some issues from being abused by her former owner but we loved her in spite of that and we know that she loved us...just as much!


Thank you again....blessings to all of you,

Jane and Tom Leech