Acadia (FKA Abigail)

Posted: Thu, 2019-04-04 00:00

Hi everyone, it's been a year since my mom and dad brought me home and gave me a 2nd chance at life and what a wonderful life it is!!! It took my brother Jordan a few months to really warm up to me but now he shares his toys and his favorite chair.  We have snacks together each night and sometimes share a frosty paw treat. Mom is a runner so I enjoy it  when she takes me with her.  We exercise together alot. I love meeting new people but am still a little hesitant to meet other pups. I love going for rides in the car and and playing fetch in my big fenced in yard. Mommy tells me I'm such a girlie girl.  I love to lay at her feet in the mornings when she's getting ready for work or taking a bubble bath.  She even gave me my very own makeup brush.  She keeps it in a special drawer and when I tap on the drawer she get's it out and tickles me with it. I also love the vacuum cleaner.  When mom does housecleaning, I love it when she vacuums my belly. It's been a year of overcoming some fears and anxieties but I'm becoming more confident in my self and my surroundings. As you can see in the photo below,  I have the brightest smile and the biggest heart. I love my family and I know that I will be loved and spoiled forever.

Warmest Regards,
Suzanne (and Acadia)