Apollo (fka Ellington)

Posted: Sun, 2019-03-10 00:00

Hi there!

Apollo, formerly known as Ellington, is doing amazing after only 1 week in his new home! We absolutely adore him and can’t wait to see his progress! He really is doing great and are so happy we found him. Here’s a little update on him...

Hi I’m Apollo, formerly Ellington, and I was adopted last Saturday. After only 1 week in my new home I am feeling more and more confident every day. I was one of the Georgia dogs and it was clear I had never been in a house before. My first night I was so scared I tried to push on widows to get outside, but calmed down once I was in my crate. Every day I’ve been making progress. I love my doggie sister and surprised my mom one night when I pulled out some toys on my own and was throwing them around. I am great at sharing and don’t like to play alone. I still haven’t been able to relax completely and lay down outside of my crate, I’m still very nervous and pace around a lot but I’m getting there. I wake my mom up crying all night because i don’t like being in my crate alone. I especially don’t like to be in my crate when mom is at work and takes my sister with her. I got caught trying to slam apart my crate by the downstairs neighbor. Mom works for a vet and animal rescue and brings my sister to work every day, and she wasn’t planning on trying to bring me for a couple weeks, but when I tried to hurt myself in the crate she decided to give me a chance. I’ve been going to work for a couple days now and I’m so happy there. I have my own room with a crate, but I like the noise of talking and other animals it makes me feel better. I don’t like people touching me other than my mom, but they can say hi and I don’t get as scared anymore. Mom says I’m doing great and she can’t wait to see my progress, but I still have a long way to go.

Thanks again for helping us find our newest family member, we love him so much!