Posted: Sat, 2019-01-26 00:00

April and Piper have formed an inseparable bond. These two are are rarely not right next to each other.  Piper loves to read to April and I'll often find them circled up together with a book or staring out the window together searching for squirrels!  If Piper is doing it -April wants to do it too!   The most stressful part of her doggy life is watching her kid struggle with difficult homework while she is learning something new.  If Piper stresses it, April is RIGHT there by her side offering comfort.   She enjoys the comforts of living in a home, finding a soft bed and begging for treats!   We've taught her a few tricks such as "shake", "High five", "Wave" and "crawl". Paw tricks are her favorite.  You just have to be careful if there are small kids visiting because that is a BIG PAW coming through the air. lol.   April constantly talks, making little noises all day long telling us who knows what most of the time.  She does what she can to "protect us" from that shifty squirrel that lives in the tree behind out house.  Any time she she it, she goes into FULL ALERT mode sliding across the kitchen floor to get to the back glass door.  She recently learned that FETCH IS SUPER FUN and begs to play constantly.  She has a couple favorite toys that are her babies and are NOT to be played with.  They are for holding or snuggling ONLY.  She is so funny.   She knows she is supposed to be on her bed while we eat but she thinks she is being super smart when she gets off it search for crumbs on the floor to magically find herself at the table - very well knowing that dad is a sucker for giving her a little treat if she goes back to her bed.  She says mom gives the best ear rubs and will groan and lean in anytime I rub her ears.   If someone else rubs them she will tell them they are not doing it right and come to me.  She has mastered the arm flip.  If you are relaxing on the couch or in a chair she will walk up to, stick her nose under your arm and flip it so it perfectly lands right on top of her head.  She LOVES her head and face rubbed.   It took her a while to fully adjust into our home, but now that she has -we can't imagine our lives without her.