Posted: Tue, 2017-11-28 00:00

We met Bella on September 8th at the home of her foster mom, Rosemary, and instantly fell in love. She was such a happy thing despite healing sores from her skin allergies and being overweight on a hot day. She was also very happy to go for a car ride but when we got home she immediately started looking for Rosemary.

Thankfully Bella immediately started to bond with us and started to feel at home quickly. And almost three months later she is extremely comfortable at home with us and with our frequent guests. She's getting back down to a healthy weight and we're working on discovering what's the cause of the skin allergies and the best way to manage them. 

One picture is from the end of October.  The other two are from the weekend before Thanksgiving when we went to a local tree farm where Bella was thrilled to explore, visit with new dogs, and play with a young toddler for a bit.

Bella at the tree farm
Bella at the tree farm
Bella at home