Bella (formerly known as Belair)

Posted: Thu, 2020-11-19 00:00

Bella (formerly known as Belair) was adopted on July 2, 2020.  She was a little nervous in her new surroundings, was very cautious, and was not ready to fully trust that this was her permanent home.  She gave me the feeling that she had experienced some harsh times somewhere in her past. We showered her with love and patience and as each day went by, she became more trusting of us. Now she follows me everywhere. When I leave the house, she waits at the door until I come home……so cute.

Bella loves to play “keep away”.  She will grab her favorite toy and run around the house and wait for me to come after her. When I come around, she will take off running in the opposite direction.  In the back yard, she has trained me to fetch.  Seriously, when I throw the ball, she runs to it and stands over it until I come to fetch it.  When I get close, she takes off with the ball and drops it again, waiting for me to try to get it. Eventually she gets tired and walks away from the ball and I have to fetch it……funny dog.

Bella loves attention. When my son and his family come over, she gets so excited. Her tail and whole body is wagging a mile a minute until I get her to settle down.  I’m actually a little jealous that she likes them so much.  I’m pretty sure she would go home with them if I let her. Not going to happen!!

We are so happy with Bella.  I can’t imagine our home without her now. Thank you to MAGSR

Jim and Judy Cocchiaro