Bucky (fka Buck)

Posted: Fri, 2019-02-01 00:00

Bucky was such a cute spotted puppy - look how he's grown up! 

Bucky is such a joy wrapped in a 90 pound body. The kids love him and he loves the girls too. He is playful yet gentle, intelligent yet naughty, restless and calm. He enjoys peanut butter and loves to play fetch. Over the summer, he loves to play in the yard especially when the sprinkler is on. And when it snows, he definitely would rather be outside having fun with his fur brother.

The Duenas Family

Then: November 2017 (A month after the adoption)
Now: December 2018 (A year plus after the adoption)
Bucky loving the snow (January 2019)
The Duenas Family
The Duenas Family