Posted: Mon, 2021-03-15 00:00

We adopted Dakota (MAGSR name Aba) in August 2018 and cannot imagine our lives without her! We have bonded so much.

Dakota came to us as a very timid and quiet puppy and that continues to be her personality for which we love her immensely. She did gain a lot of confidence through AKC Basic Obedience training and, later on, AKC Canine Good Citizen.

She continues to blossom into a very happy, well-behaved, and obedient dog with more recall training and heal training that we try to keep up on a daily basis. She enjoys road running (up to five miles long) and trail running (hoping to stretch it out to longer distances on the trail) and knows when her running partner is getting ready to go for a run. Dakota immediately sits right in front and looks straight in the eyes, as if to ask, “Am I going? I’m ready! Pick me!” Even if she is tired and spent from a morning run, Dakota will perk up at the word "run” or “ready” a few hours later and will never pass an opportunity to go outside.

Dakota overcame a huge fear of lawnmowers. Although fear of loud noises (thunderstorms, fire crackers, gun shots, etc.) continues to terrify her, she learned that when we are near to give her a squeeze and a firm pat on her side, she is going to be okay. Her crate continues to be her safest place, she prefers to be in her locked crate when experiencing bouts of fear.

As timid as she can be, Dakota never fails to alert us of clear and present danger. She will growl and give a couple of warning barks at someone approaching with a big walking stick or an otherwise big object being carried in a particularly menacing way. However, she is able to de-escalate quickly upon command and a re-affirmation of “non-existent danger”.

Dakota is great with kids. She learned her place on our family's totem pole and now listens to even our youngest, seven-year-old daughter, especially when watched closely. However, sometimes Dakota does get out of line and might treat her youngest human sibling as an equal pup but that happens less and less now.

Dakota is friendly with other dogs and has occasional play-dates with her dog-neighbors.

We could not be happier with Dakota and we’re pretty sure she is in the same place. Looking forward to many more years of continued bonding and happiness! Thank you, MAGSR, for putting Dakota in our lives and hearts!