Posted: Tue, 2019-10-29 00:00

We adopted miss Frida (Fka- jenga) back in March, 2017 and wow has she been a pleasure to have.

At first she was quiet, shy, afraid and reserved. But now you wouldn’t know that. She isn’t quiet-talks without permission especially when it’s belly rub time or due for a feeding (which to her is all the time).

Rarely shy, but treats warm her up. She has learned that not all humans are bad and can be lots of fun.

She enjoys being a dog, and being part of a pack. She knows that her pack (Paloma and Winnie) will protect her and look out for her.

Frida, is a bed/couch hog, loves human food- and has earned the nickname “Frida the Bandido” because of talent to take ppl food without you knowing it.

Oh, and loves to see herself in the mirror, she is mesmerized and has realized that she is a beautiful doggie-something she is told on a daily basis by her humans and/ or ppl that she meets when out on walks or shopping adventures to Petsmart.