Posted: Thu, 2020-05-07 00:00



We just completed our update survey from MAGSR as it has been one year since we adopted our GSD and we were encouraged to write an update and send pictures for Facebook.


Our family adopted Fritz in February 2019. Fritz was estimated to have been around 1 by the time he was transferred to MAGSR. He was found at the side of the road and never reclaimed. Sadly, we think Fritz escaped from a good home as he came to us fully house broken and with an understanding of most commands. We decided to adopt Fritz as he was a bundle of energy when we met him; smart and curious, yet showed a healthy amount of fear and respect for our then 12 year old cat who really runs the house! We were a little worried after Fritz was with us for more than a month doing little more than sleeping, playing ball, never barking and carefully crawling into our laps like a 10 pound lap dog as we watched TV at night. Now....a year later.....Fritz has grown into his personality and what a personality it is! He alerts, fetches, places, shakes his paw, and gives kisses. Fritz opens doors (we recommend you replace all door handles with knobs!), sweeps the perimeter of the yard, counts members of the family-seeking those who are missing (even from the forbidden master bedroom)- and has been known to fit all 3 tennis balls in his mouth when we play! He is an absolute love.