Posted: Tue, 2021-03-09 00:00

Hazel turns heads everywhere we go. Anyone who speaks to us says she's beautiful. You'll notice the irony of the contradiction between her name and the color of her coat: silver. Her human didn't realize how especially beautiful and unique she looked, getting too busy getting attached to the dog inside, so the name stuck and even feels perfect now. When you get to meet her, you see how beautifully complex her personality is. She's brave, energetic, fearful, playful, powerful, obedient, naughty, and so much more. She is the dog you want by your side when you are in a dark alley or taking a walk in the woods. She bolts, and comes right back with a huge smile when you call her name and she trusts you. She's also the perfect house dog, with phenomenal manners and respect for everyone's space and things. No one could ask for a better forever companion.

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