Posted: Thu, 2019-12-05 00:00

Johnny is not used to being in a house - poor guy.  He is learning how to do the stairs and learning how to potty train.  He’s doing great with so many new things.  Our five year old female GSD, Corporal, is showing him the ropes, lol.  He looks to her for guidance.  They did awesome yesterday walking the trails.  He found out what a ball is and loved watching her run for it.  

He loves to eat and we gave him a treat last night that he absolutely enjoyed!  He does get nervous when he can’t see us, so we have very large crates in the living room and bedroom.  He did belly rubs with us last night and we were thrilled .  

He tried out a dog bed today and playing with a stuffed lamb and loved it.  He walks slowly around the house since there are so many new things but we have a quiet household so I think that helps.  

He’s going to go to the vet tomorrow just for a checkup and get established with the vet here.  He is also going to start his doggy training tomorrow evening at Blue Line K9.  

We are so thrilled to have him and help him along, he will be celebrating his first Christmas with us....we were laughing when we put up our real tree last night.  He peed on it!!  

Mike & Sara Walczak