Juno, aka "Primrose"

Posted: Wed, 2019-07-31 00:00

Juno, aka "Primrose"  - Adopted September 3rd, 2013


Juno has been a blessing in my life. After the loss of my first German Shepherd - Juno came to the rescue and made my life complete again. We now live in Florida where Juno enjoys swimming in the ocean and catching frisbees. She even has a feline adopted sister she loves. She is spoiled beyond belief!!! I work from home so she is with me 24/7 pretty much. Juno is sweet as can be, affectionate, loyal, loves people, smart, and is behaved and obedient off-leash. Not sure what she is a mix of - but, something very unique. 100lbs of awesomeness! Juno may be the most beautiful dog in the world. She gets attention and stopped everywhere she goes with me. 


Thank you MAGSR for everything!!!